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Year-round Schools Don't Boost Learning, Study Finds. Students in “year-round” schools don't learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools, new research has found.

Year-round Schools Don't Boost Learning, Study Finds

A sociologist at Ohio State University found that, over a full year, math and reading test scores improved about the same amount for children in year-round schools as they did for students whose schools followed a traditional nine-month calendar. Some Schools Adopting Longer Years to Improve Learning. Joshua Lott for The New York Times Garvin Phillips helped his children, Garvin, 9, and Bethany, 11, get ready for the first day of school at Griffith Elementary in Phoenix, which reopened on July 30 after adopting a 200-day school year instead of 180 days.

Some Schools Adopting Longer Years to Improve Learning

While other children around the country readied for beach vacations or the last weeks of summer camp, Bethany, 11, and Garvin, 9, were preparing for the first day of the new school year at Griffith Elementary, just six weeks after the start of their summer vacation. Year-round school gains ground around U.S. - US news - Life - Two days before Thanksgiving, the Indianapolis School Board will make a decision sure to heat up discussion around the turkey in just about every home with young children.

Year-round school gains ground around U.S. - US news - Life -

That's when board members will vote on whether to adopt year-round classes. If the board approves the measure, Indianapolis pupils would go to school in cycles of eight to 10 weeks, with three to five weeks off after each, throughout the year. That would put them among the growing number of children around the nation who are going to school on so-called balanced schedules. Indianapolis Superintendent Eugene White said the schedule would add 20 class days every year, giving pupils more time to learn and shorter periods away from the classroom to forget what they've studied. For both teachers and students, the shorter but more frequent breaks will "give them some kind of relief and (allow them to) come back more invigorated," he said. 10 percent by 2012? Six years ago, that number was up to 2 million.

We need year-round school to compete globally. Drop summer vacation, raise test scores? LZ Granderson: U.S. students ranked 17th in science, 25th in math in study of 34 nationsOnly 8 of the 34 countries have a lower high school graduation rate than U.S., he writes Reason for summer break, so kids could help on the farm, is obsolete, he says He says for U.S. to compete globally, we need year-round school, with mini-breaks Editor's note: LZ Granderson writes a weekly column for

Is Anti-Intellectualism As American As Apple Pie? - Paul Nevins. Cross-posted at The New York Times reported today that Republican Congressmen in a House sub- committee have voted to strip the EPA of its ability to regulate the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Is Anti-Intellectualism As American As Apple Pie? - Paul Nevins

It was also reported that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann introduced a bill last week to roll back efficiency standards for light bulbs, which include a phasing out of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more energy efficient bulbs. In a similar vein, the legislation proposed by Congressmen Markey and Waxman last year to regulate carbon emissions was defeated in the Congress. In all three cases, the Republicans - along with some equally Neolithic Democrats from the coal and oil states - deny that global warming is a serious threat to our environment or to human civilization. Part of the explanation for this phenomenon problem has to do with general levels of literacy.

Deformed: Authoritarian undercurrents in education. When education scholar Harold Berlak paid a visit to a Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) charter school in San Francisco he was shocked.

Deformed: Authoritarian undercurrents in education

Corporate Education Reformers Plot Next Steps at Secretive Meeting. February 5, 2012 | Like this article?

Corporate Education Reformers Plot Next Steps at Secretive Meeting

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Thursday, hundreds of state legislators from across the nation headed out to an "island" resort on the coast of Florida to a unique "education academy" sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). There were no students or teachers. What is ALEC Scoring on Its Education "Report Card? " Gifted Students Deserve More Opportunities. BARACK OBAMA and Mitt Romney both attended elite private high schools.

Gifted Students Deserve More Opportunities

Both are undeniably smart and well educated and owe much of their success to the strong foundation laid by excellent schools. Every motivated, high-potential young American deserves a similar opportunity. But the majority of very smart kids lack the wherewithal to enroll in rigorous private schools. Current Work « NCEE. NCEE has returned to its original goal of analyzing the world economic and educational scene to identify the best course for American education policy and present its proposals for change in the education system to the American public.

Current Work « NCEE

Specifically, it decided to follow up on the work of the first Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce by creating another, the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce, to examine the workings of the current global economy and their implications for education and training in the United States. U.S. Education Reform and National Security. Order Report Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press Release Date March 2012 Price $15.00 paper.

U.S. Education Reform and National Security

The National Center for Fair & Open Testing. If students designed their own schools... 5 Things It Turns Out You Were Right to Hate About School. For many of you, school was 12 or more years of teachers and administrators deciding what was best for you, dictating exactly how you spent every minute of every day -- the result being that you absolutely hated each and every one of those minutes.

5 Things It Turns Out You Were Right to Hate About School

But as you reached adulthood, you probably came to the realization that it was all for the best. You were just a stupid kid, after all, and your elders did things a certain way for a reason. That reason being that they were full of shit. Science is just now taking a closer look at these centuries-old school practices, and they're finding out that ... A veteran teacher turned coach shadows 2 students for 2 days – a sobering lesson learned. The following account comes from a veteran HS teacher who just became a Coach in her building. Because her experience is so vivid and sobering I have kept her identity anonymous.

But nothing she describes is any different than my own experience in sitting in HS classes for long periods of time. And this report of course accords fully with the results of our student surveys. My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me - Karl Taro Greenfeld. What happens when a father, alarmed by his 13-year-old daughter's nightly workload, tries to do her homework for a week Charles Gullung Memorization, not rationalization. The Coming Revolution in Public Education. Chicago Is Focus of National Debate on Schools.

At stake are profound policy questions about how teachers should be granted tenure, promoted or fired, as well as the place standardized tests will have in the lives of elementary and high school students. One of the main sticking points in the negotiations here between the teachers union and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a new teacher evaluation system that gives significant and increasing weight to student performance on standardized tests. How to Fix the Schools. Education solutions from abroad for chronic U.S. school problems. What The US Could Learn From Finland About Education. How Finland Keeps Kids Focused Through Free Play - Tim Walker. 26 Amazing Facts About Finland's Unorthodox Education System.

Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship. Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain. Number of the Week: U.S. Teachers’ Hours Among World’s Longest - Real Time Economics. How Computerized Tutors Are Learning to Teach Humans.