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Communities. Examples. How to build. Resources. Videos. Earthships - Passive Solar Houses. EarthSips Existants. Earthship. Earthship. Wp-content/uploads/Biblioteca/Arquitectura/EarthShip_Plan_Option_Book.pdf. Earthship. Un article de Ékopédia, l'encyclopédie pratique.


Les Earthships (ou Vaisseaux terrestres) sont des habitations inventées par l'architecte américain Mickael Reynolds dans les années 70 avec comme perspective de créer des habitations totalement autonomes à moindre coût. Exemple de construction Earthship autonome Pour atteindre ses objectifs, Mickael Reynolds s'est basé sur : la récupération de matériaux (pneus usés, des canettes, des bouteilles en verre, chutes de bois...), la production d'énergie à l'aide de panneaux solaires, d'éoliennes ou d'autres sources d'énergies renouvelables, une orientation au sud, une construction de mur isolante massive, la récupération et l'épuration des eaux de pluie. Le but ultime des Earthships étant l'auto-suffisance, on peut également trouver des toilettes sèches, et autres installations, afin de recycler les déchets humains pour rendre le raccordement aux égouts inutiles.

Concept Le concept de l'Earthship est donc basé sur trois idées: Module-U Module Serre. New Code Approved Earth Ship Alternative Taking Shape. New Earth Homes is a code approved alternative to an Earth Ship.

New Code Approved Earth Ship Alternative Taking Shape

Andy Hickman has been developing this project for the last 5 years and is close to finishing. "For people interested in living off the grid, the main key components for this home, an earth home is taking full advantage of what comes to us naturally in terms of the sun the wind for energy, the rain for your water, and taking advantage of thermal mass as natural insulation. What we're trying to do here is to create a model that is less radical and more socially acceptable. We're taking the fight out of pulling a permit in order to build off grid homes, and here we are five years later. " Andy Hickman Check out their Facebook page and support his idea!

Other Great Stories From Philippines. Water. Water Water is precious, treat it as such.


We live in a time when many parts of our planet are experiencing water shortages. The volume of water on this planet is finite while human population increases. As we gauge the depletion of our aquifers and the increase in population, we are able to predict serious water shortages in the near future. We must begin now... learning to harvest water in each individual home. To further compound the water problem on this planet, we have polluted and contaminated most of our easily accessible surface waters and are beginning to contaminate the more difficult to access aquifers beneath the surface of the our planet.

If there are energy shortages, individuals will have water problems. Almost anything that happens in the future can result in questionable availability of fresh water. We are simply adapting our needs to the already existing activities of the planet. Why have a corporate or political "middle man" between us and our energy needs? Earthships. An Earthship is a radically sustainable building made of recycled materials, such as earth filled tires.


An Earthship is defined by 6 key principles: – Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling – Solar & Wind Electricity – Contained Sewage Treatment – Built with Natural & Recycled Materials – Water Harvesting – Food Production. An Earthship is a new kind of building and a new kind of architecture. An Earthship is a building that will take care of you – at it also happens to be sustainable, affordable, and meets all your local building codes. Earthships are built to utilize and maximise all available local resources, in particular energy from the sun.

For example, windows on sun-facing walls give access to light and heat, and the buildings are generally shaped like a horseshoe to increase natural light during colder times of the year. By Brendan Giles This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Earthship/Underground Architecture and Interiors/Exteriors. Koe in de Kost w: Heeten. During your stay you overnight in a special Grondulow (max. 5 persons or max. 8 persons), a kind of earth house.

Koe in de Kost w: Heeten

A unique place in the meadow between grazing cows. It's a real farm experience. You can help milking and feeding cows, enjoy your time with the tractor on the field, play with animals, gardening and survival across the farm. Every Grondulow (Earthhouse) has his own livingroom with a view on the grazing cows. If you stay in a 5-persons house you'll have 2 sleepingrooms, a private toilet and a bathroom with bath.

Earthship the Best Sustainable House Design. Earthships can be built in any part of the world and still provide electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production.

Earthship the Best Sustainable House Design

The Most Versatile and Economical sustainable green building design in the world. Earthship Biotecture video A earthship house is made up of rammed earth and tires. The tires are stacked (staggered) like bricks. Each tire has earth pounded into them until firmly packed. Sources: earthship daycreek earthships.