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Doodle vs Zentangle

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Zentangle. Terem13's Photostream. A doodle, doodle, doodle. Zentangles and Such. Share Your Best. Zentangle. Oodles of Doodles. A little lime: Step-by-steps & patterns. Examples of this and alternative method here I draw string a lot so it's all over the blog.

a little lime: Step-by-steps & patterns

See also here and here. Livre zentagle. Examples of Zentangle Project. Zentangle Tutorials. Zentangles, Mandalas, Doodles and Drawing. Zentangle. Examples of Zentangle Project. Zentangles and Doodling Art. My zentangle book "All the Zentangle Patterns in the World (that I could find and draw)". Basic RGB. Zentangle patterns and tutorials. Tangle Patterns & Instructions. Pinterest. Art: Zentangles, Doodles, Patterns. Free Stuff - Zendoodle Art. Tangle patterns. And so the mask is completed!

Tangle patterns

Click the image for a larger view I’m am grateful for those who gave me feedback on my question regarding the background. I got several good tips, but according to the poll the majority voted for no background. And I think it might be the best choice :) And here are the tangle patterns that I used: Parch, Pugion, Corner Box, Footlites, Peaks Border, Hibred, Daggerly, ZigZag Border, Arrowheads, Loops and Moving Day. Edited: I forgot to mention that this was a project drawn without having to shade anything. It’s progressing, slowly but surely :-) Click on the image for a larger view. Pinterest. Zentangle Tutorials. Zentangles, Mandalas, Doodles and Drawing. Doodle Addicted. No, there are no bees in this doodle drawing. It’s me that’s been the busy bee! We recently had a big business event which had been consuming all of my time. But it’s done now (and was a huge success!) So I give you another flower doodle. Because you can never have enough flower doodles. Like this: Like Loading...

Yay! Also I just want to add… Sharpie has developed quite a reputation with this kind of art. Every time I visit family and stay with our good friend, Shannie, my doodles take on her style. I had no plan to draw a dragon but after the first curl, it hit me. Yay! Doodles & Patterns. Pinterest. Pin by Monique Arthur on My Zen-Doodles.

Step-by-steps & patterns. The Artist's Toolkit. Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing. By Maria Popova If greater creativity and more mental balance are among your new year’s resolutions, look no further than Zentangle — a type of meditation achieved through pattern-making, created by artist duo Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.

Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing

Each pattern is built one line at a time, organically combining simple patterns into complex zentangles in unplanned, unexpected ways that grow, change and unfold on the page as you enter an immersive state of flow. Totally Tangled offers a fantastic introduction to the relaxing and beautiful practice through step-by-step instructions and over 100 original tangles. We’re particularly taken with Zentagle because its basic principle — building on simple shapes and combining different patterns into complex creativity — is such a beautiful visual metaphor for our core philosophy of combinatorial creativity. Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month.

Doodling How to get started. Step-by-steps & patterns. Doodling How to get started. Zentangle® Hi All, I know this isn't watercolor, although I do combine it with watercolors sometimes, but I'm answering the question that was raised in this morning's "WASH" as to what zentangle® is.


I've become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, or CZT, since I used to hang around here in WC and I just wanted to post this somewhere where those who asked the question as to what zentangle® is would see the answer. (My making anywhere near beginning of the "Daily Wash" thread is a rarity.) I imagine this would normally be posted in a "Mixed Media" forum. Please accept my apologies for this one-time breach of WC etiquette. Yes, as someone said, and to put it simply, zentangle® is a meditative form of art using repetitive patterns. Tangles are basically done on 3.5" X 3.5" tiles with a micron pen, no artistic talent needed. And here is a zentangle® inspired piece of artwork, or as it's called in the tangling world, a ZIA, that I began by dropping watercolors onto Strathmore bristol paper. Tangle.

Dramatize Your Ideas. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pin by Monique Arthur on My Zen-Doodles. Pin by Monique Arthur on My Zen-Doodles. Patterns that I have developed. My step outs are sometimes crazy, I usually find myself using a new pattern in a zentangle and then try to figure out how someone else could do the same.

Patterns that I have developed

My mind isn’t always logical but this is what happens. I will share all the patterns I have given steps to in this post. I apologize for some of the photo quality in my earlier postings. A Bed of Roses. Zentangle Templates. My Zen-Doodles on Pinterest. TangleTangleTangle's blog.

Doodling How to get started. Tangle Pattern: Zuan Shi. Doodling How to get started. Zentangles and Doodling Art. Zentangle. What is a Zentangle?


In a word, a doodle. A structured, contained doodle. The term 'Zentangle' was coined by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas when, one day, Maria described her experience, as she created her art, as "feeling timeless, free and engendering a sense of deep well-being". Rick recognised that she was in a meditative state and so Zentangles were born. I use the technique of Zentangle in my own artwork, incorporating them into sketching, art-journalling and collage. On this page, I will describe how to draw a Zentangle from scratch, what materials are required for Zentangles and also show you how to use the techniques imaginatively in your own work.

Tangle Tangle Tangle. ZENTANGLES and STUFF. Zentangles and Doodling Art. Tangle Tangle Tangle. ZENTANGLES and STUFF. Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing. Zentangle. I have a new obsession - Zentangles.


Basically, it is like doodling, but with intention. It looks much harder than it is. I made myself a little book, just for my zentangles. It is 6 inches square, made from Strathmore Bristol smooth paper, bound with my bind-it-all. I made it this size so that I could put a CD envelope in the back with an old CD to trace around to make circles. Zentangle. Zendala Templates. Here are previews of my mandala/Zendala templates; new ones are added at the top.Click one of the images below to download the full-size PDF templates.

Zendala Templates

If you would like some more detailed designs for colouring, check out my colouring book, Geneviève's Mandalas. Template #52 Template #51 Template #50 Template #49 Template #48 Template #47. Weekly Challenge #21. Happy Monday everyone!

Weekly Challenge #21

First of all, as always - a few house keeping items:If you're NEW here (and there've been a lot of new additions to the party!) I'm working on creating some tutorials to help you out. You can click on the links above or: See "Getting Started" and "Tutorials" Last week's challenge slideshow is late, my apologies. Cameo - New Pattern. Life Imitates Doodles on Bloglovin. Tangled icosahedrons - Enthusiastic Artist. Editing Tangleling With A Touch of Zen on Squidoo. Untitled. This is Wheelz. I just put it on our blog - ... Tangle Tangle Tangle. The book I co-authored with three other artists has been released, The Art of Zentangle.

Tangle Tangle Tangle

You will find 40+ pages of my work in the book (I am the "yellow" section.) It is hard for me to believe that my first publication is a Walter Foster book. They have been around for 90 years. Tangle Tangle Tangle. Art Print, Felicity/Composition 2, Black and White Ink Drawing. Zentangle. Zentangle Patterns. Create a Japanese Pattern with Adobe Illustrator CS6. Tangle of the Week - Drupe. Zentangle Patterns. This would make a great tangle. Zentangle Patterns.

Ellen Wolters. How to draw tanglepattern Bunzo. Tangle of the Week - Finery. Zen moment with Boo*Kee - Tekenpraktijk De Innerlijke Wereld.