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Puzzling Stickers - Wall Decals Pixel Art - Stickaz. HOW NOTEBOOK CAN HELP TO CREATE ICONS (iconote) METROID : le cosplay en pixels. Space Intruder Multitool. Very Important Pixels : des célébrités en Pixel Art. Les villes pixelisés d’eBoy. Documentaire sur le Pixel Art. Trexels, personnages de Star Trek en pixels. Morceaux de monstres en 8bits. INTERNATIONAL - Eboy Paris : BLOG SHANE - graphiste freelance. Digital Trash Can Made Of Paper. Codeco has transformed the classic trash can computer icon into a paper cut project that brings the digital image to life. the design uses a single sheet of paper, which is cut-out, folded into form and glued together.

Digital Trash Can Made Of Paper

The template for the design is available for download through their site and could easily be scaled to make a tabletop version or a life size trash can. [via] I Love Pixel : Thomas Dedry. T-shirt visual submitted to, accepted and silkscreen by Sehubabe.

I Love Pixel : Thomas Dedry

I chose a pixel font with serifs to be close of the original one made for I <3 NY by Milton Glaser. (Thanks to PLMD for giving me this advice) Pixel Pour 2.0.