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To articulate information needs, to search for data, information and content in digital environments, to access them and to navigate between them. To create and update personal search strategies.

Tipps und Tricks für die Suche – Alles über die Suche – Google. >> The collection of picks starts with Google Search << Google: Filter your search results - Search Help. Google: Search operators - Search Help. You can use search operators and other punctuation to get more specific search results.

Google: Search operators - Search Help

Except for the examples below, Google Search usually ignores punctuation. Punctuation & symbols Even though you can use the punctuation marks below when you search, including them doesn’t always improve the results. If we don't think the punctuation will give you better results, you'll see suggested results for that search without punctuation. Get More Out of Google: Online Research Tips (Infographic, 2012) Tips & Tricks for Searching Google Like a Pro (Infographic, 2015) Sometimes, I wish Google would just read my mind.

Tips & Tricks for Searching Google Like a Pro (Infographic, 2015)

I usually have this thought after trying variation after variation of pretty specific search terms, like "recent social media statistics," without finding what I'm looking for. You'd think those search terms would return relevant results -- it's not like I typed in "cool shoes" and hoped for the best. But they don't -- and after a few attempts, I just want to hand over the reins to Google and say, "Can you please just find me what I'm looking for? " Alright, so Google can't quite read your mind (yet ...), but they do have lots of operators in place to help you find more relevant search results.