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One Community - One Community is a nonprofit and for The Highest Good of All organization creating open source and free-shared blueprints for a global cooperative of sustainable communities, villages, and cities. Ten Tips for Leading a Multicultural Team. Member-Contributed Article iStockphoto One of the primary talents international leaders need today is the ability to manage and leverage cultural differences.

Ten Tips for Leading a Multicultural Team

Today’s manager has to work in both international and cross-cultural environments. Consequently, managers are required to deal with challenges, friction, and misunderstandings stemming from intercultural communication differences. Therefore, successful management in a modern environment demands cross-cultural competency. Face Time Try and communicate with your team face-to-face as much as you can. Crystal Clear Be clear about your own cultural profile. Less Is More Cultural differences can create obstacles to effective teamwork, especially with multicultural teams.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Achieving team cohesion and shared vision means encouraging dialogue and communication. Build Trust Trust builds over time and with every action. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes State the Rules of the Game Identity Crisis.


SHARING. ONLINE COMMUNITY. BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. BUSINESS AFRICA. BUSINESS CHINA. Oxytocin: could the 'trust hormone' rebond our troubled world? Listening to Paul Zak extol the virtues of oxytocin, the "love hormone", is like hearing a preacher sing the praises of the Promised Land.

Oxytocin: could the 'trust hormone' rebond our troubled world?

His idea of a harmonious oxytocin-fuelled society is so seductive you find yourself almost praying it were true. At the same time, you cannot help but wonder if it might be an illusion. Oxytocin is best known for its use in inducing labour. The Hub. Loosecubes.


How 3 Cities Are Crowdsourcing For Community Revitalization. The Global Innovation Series is supported by BMW i, a new concept dedicated to providing mobility solutions for the urban environment.

How 3 Cities Are Crowdsourcing For Community Revitalization

It delivers more than purpose-built electric vehicles — it delivers smart mobility services. Visit or follow @BMWi on Twitter. Cities are beginning to benefit from crowdsourcing methods to gather input from residents and apply the information they receive to make tangible improvements to communities and neighborhoods. Some cities participate cooperatively in initiatives led by the private sector through web-based platforms such as SeeClickFix and Revitaliz. Others are taking the initiative to license tools and apps that bring local residents into the ideation and decision-making processes that lead to developments and actions to improve communities. Creative Community Collaboration One city that is seeing the power of collective community input is Bristol, Connecticut. There are currently more than 900 people participating in the project.

A Love Still Supreme, but John Coltrane's House in Ruins. Nikolay Georgiev - Exploring within and without. Deployed The Sharing Birthday – share and celebrate what you Love.

Nikolay Georgiev - Exploring within and without

Transform the Culture of Birthdays from indifference to love, from consumption to creation, from taking and holding to giving and sharing. The search for completion, happiness, love, bliss, peace, money, relationships, enlightenment, visions, values, meaning, acceptance, recognition, achievement, etc will continue forever, until you turn the search around a look into the One searching. When you start recognizing the Absolute Acceptance and Freedom in Yourself in the midst of every experience, you start recognizing the Absolute Acceptance and Freedom in everyone around you We are living in perfection! I couldn’t find an Open Source alternative to Flicker/PhotoBucket and decided to donate to the further development of MediaGoblin – open Source and decentralized content sharing. Previously I thought: “There is nothing more powerful in the world than developing yourself”.

Listen to the mind and you will choose forever. Main Page. 10 steps to a thriving online community. By CyberMummy co-founder Sian To 03 May 2011 The great playwright Henrik Ibsen once described community as "like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm".

10 steps to a thriving online community

The equally great (if slightly easier to digest) wordsmith Neil Tennant of The Petshop Boys, agreed, saying, "I think the world should be one community". Though neither was referring to the internet, they're both right – community can affect your business for better or worse. The growth of social networking like Facebook and Twitter has affected the way businesses large and small now reach out to their customers.

Baked In. #109: Seth Godin – Building a Musical Tribe. About « CrisisCommons. CrisisCommons seeks to advance and support the use of open data and volunteer technology communities to catalyze innovation in crisis management and global development.

About « CrisisCommons

CrisisCommons is a global community of volunteers from technology, crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens that are working together to build and use technology tools to help respond to disasters and improve resiliency and response before a crisis. CrisisCamp CrisisCommons actively supports CrisisCamp, a barcamp event, which seeks to connect a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis.

History CrisisCamp began in March 2009 as a barcamp event to connect crisis management and global development practitioners to the technology volunteer community. In 2010, the Alfred P. CrisisCommons Today CrisisCommons collaborates through several communication channels. A mind map of 100+ tips for using Linkedin more effectively. Mar 18th, 2011 | By Chuck Frey | Category: Resources is one of those networking tools that can be overwhelming.

A mind map of 100+ tips for using Linkedin more effectively

So I did a little research and discovered a treasure trove of tips for using it effectively, which I compiled into a mind map of over 100 of the best. There are so many nuances to building an effective profile, networking with others and finding opportunities on this fast-growing (90 million+ people) business networking site that it’s all more than a little overwhelming. Partnering With People of Potential.

Resource Guides to Careers, Academic Programs, Networking, Events, Research, Funding (and more) in Peacebuilding, International Development and Related Fields. Home. The Mosaic Project. Stepping Stones Project. Green electronic bidding, is your one stop green network for all your green needs from recycling yard waste to ecological engineering. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Redistribute, minimisation, Environment, Green Bidding, Green, Green Industry, Environment, Greb.

ANIM. Weber Shandwick Social Impact is a global agency team that works with nonprofits and foundations. Create a Social Networking Site with Ning, the Best Social Site Platform. How to Move Your MySpace Friends to Facebook. MySpace is in trouble.

How to Move Your MySpace Friends to Facebook

Harlem Children's Zone. WHA, World Hands Alliance - Mission To Haiti. Welcome to Urban Habitat.