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Headquarters | google. Headquarters | instagram. Headquarters | nsa. Headquarters | tumblr. Headquarters | twitter. Headquarters | evernote. Headquarters | foursquare. Headquarters | lego. Headquarters | pinterest. Airbnb unveils new headquarters in a disused Dublin warehouse. Airbnb has revealed its new headquarters in Dublin, which mark the first time the company has been able to determine the architectural layout of one of its offices.

Airbnb unveils new headquarters in a disused Dublin warehouse

The new headquarters, dubbed The Warehouse, was designed by the company's in-house environments team in collaboration with Dublin-based practice Heneghan Peng Architects. Set inside a disused warehouse, the new headquarters have been completely designed from scratch – a first for Airbnb – and will become a blueprint for other campuses across the world. Following feedback from staff at the Airbnb Portland office, the environments team were keen to create a space that made it easier for employees to find each other. This led to the "neighbourhood" concept, which involved dividing the space up into a series of primary and secondary workspaces. The primary workspaces consist of 29 neighbourhoods each filled with identical components – one large table, personal storage, one or two standing desks and one lounge spot.

Airbnb's tokyo office provides respite from hectic city life. Aug 15, 2016 airbnb's tokyo office provides nature-themed respite from hectic city life airbnb’s new tokyo office has opened in japan, with a design that seeks to unite both local and global cultures. the 500 square meter interior project, which was developed in collaboration with suppose design office, is located in the city’s busy shinjuku district. from the reception and café area, a wooden path leads to a series of building-like meeting rooms, designed using distinctive exterior cladding and interiors based on existing airbnb listings. a double-height atrium welcomes natural light from aboveall images by PERIPHERY the workplace offers respite from its chaotic surroundings employees are able to utilize a range of work configurations, including communal tables nature has been heavily incorporated throughout the design height adjustable desks and semi-private phone booths are provided rooms are influenced by real airbnb listings from around the world Save philip stevens I designboom.

airbnb's tokyo office provides respite from hectic city life

COBE completes new headquarters for adidas in southern germany. Danish architecture firm COBE, led by dan stubbergaard, has completed adidas’ new corporate headquarters in herzogenaurach, a city in southern germany. the building was officially opened in 2018, with the first images, taken by rasmus hjortshøj, now revealed to coincide with the sports brand’s 70th anniversary. named ‘HALFTIME’, the multi-purpose structure contains meeting rooms, a conference center, and a showroom where the company’s brand ambassadors can stop by to see the latest designs, collections, and ideas. the 15,500 square meter building also includes a canteen for all employees. all images by rasmus hjortshøj – COAST covered in glass, the rhomboid roof structure comprises V-shaped concrete beams. the beams, each 16 meters long and weighing 28 tons, add up to a total length of 3.2 kilometers. to ensure that enough natural illumination enters, a third of the roof consists of skylights.

COBE completes new headquarters for adidas in southern germany

Project info: philip stevens I designboom. Les détails déments du "vaisseau spatial" d'Apple. Beats by dre headquarters by bestor architecture in culver city, california. Jul 22, 2014 beats by dre headquarters by bestor architecture in culver city, california beats by dre headquarters by bestor architecture in culver city, californiaall images courtesy bestor architecture the new HQ accommodates working environments for three CEOs, four executives, and 650 employees the renovation was completed before apple acquired beats for $ 3 billion USD.

beats by dre headquarters by bestor architecture in culver city, california

Inside Candy Crush Office. Christie's tokyo office. Jan 05, 2013 hiroshi sugimoto designs christie's tokyo office the gallery space of the new christie’s japan office designed by hiroshi sugimoto© hiroshi sugimoto / courtesy of christie’s japandesigned by hiroshi sugimoto / tomoyuki sakakida, new material research laboratory 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of christie’s japan, and with this, they have relocated to a pre-war stone building designated as an important cultural property in marunouchi – one of the country’s most prestigious business districts – located between tokyo station and the imperial palace. designated gallery space© hiroshi sugimoto / courtesy of christie’s japandesigned by hiroshi sugimoto / tomoyuki sakakida, new material research laboratory ‘in harmony and respect…what manner of design might befit the tokyo office of christie’s, to best reflect its leading role in the booming world art market?

christie's tokyo office

Andrea chin I designboom. eBay Istanbul Office by OSO Mimarlik. Commercial design can seem so daunting when you look at an overall project, but with this most recent office for eBay in Istanbul, designer OSO Mimarlik likely spent more time planning the materials and finishes than the open office layouts.

eBay Istanbul Office by OSO Mimarlik

Overall this space is a visually stimulating work of art that incorporates various languages, colors and the striking line combinations to keep the place abuzz. The complete 200,000 square foot space is divvied up into multiple use spaces, with a vast overview being social, open offices, meeting areas and technical areas. The open offices are outfitted with Herman Miller’s Resolve product– a 120 degree system that leaves the space light and airy in order to make the most of space and collaboration.

While there are also 12 meeting all sized differently. Seven of these are used externally. Fendi. IA designs LinkedIn offices in the Empire State Building. Social network LinkedIn's offices in New York's Empire State Building include a room lined with vintage telephones that leads to a secret bar (+ slideshow).

IA designs LinkedIn offices in the Empire State Building

International firm Interior Architects (IA) was tasked with creating a "fun and vibrant" workspace for LinkedIn's sales team on the 28th floor of the iconic Manhattan skyscraper – the highest of the levels the company occupies in the building. "LinkedIn requested a range of informal lounge and collaborative spaces, a cafe, a fitness room, and better circulation paths to separate work areas," said IA designer Lauren Helman Foley. "They also wanted opportunities to personalise the space, as well as creating a 'destination floor' through the addition of amenity spaces. " Mozilla ¦ Les nouveaux bureaux de Mozilla à Paris. Voilà, cette semaine, juste à temps pour les 15 ans de Mozilla, les équipes parisiennes de Mozilla vont déménager vers de nouveaux locaux superbes dans le centre de Paris.

Mozilla ¦ Les nouveaux bureaux de Mozilla à Paris

La façade. Crédit photo : Gecina C'est un soulagement pour tous : jusqu'à présent, la forte croissance de Mozilla nous avait obligés à prendre des locaux temporaires en plus des locaux principaux, sans pour autant offrir l'espace que nous espérions pour la communauté. Exclusif : visite du siège mondial de Netflix en Californie. Bienvenue à Los Gatos !

Exclusif : visite du siège mondial de Netflix en Californie

Petite bourgade californienne de 30.000 habitants, Los Gatos est située à tout juste une heure de San Francisco (si vous échappez aux embouteillages). Cette petite ville parmi les plus aisées des Etats-Unis (classée 33ème d’après Bloomberg Businessweek) mélange l’architecture victorienne des maisons aux bâtiments aux inspirations plus latines.

Pathe Foundation Headquarters. Brewery transformed into SoundCloud's berlin headquarters. Jun 18, 2014 brewery transformed into SoundCloud's berlin headquarters brewery transformed into SoundCloud’s berlin headquartersphoto by christian wernerimages courtesy of kelly robinson / SoundCloud online audio platform SoundCloud has moved into its new offices in berlin, a 4,000 square meter transformation of a former brewery adjacent to the berlin wall. completed by german architecture practice KINZO, alongside kelly robinson, the conversion sees the preservation of much of the structure’s industrial charm, with flexible workspaces promoting the company’s culture of continuous and creative exchange. flexible workspaces promote the company’s culture of continuous and creative exchangephoto by christian werner open-plan volumes are punctuated with smaller work stations and meeting podsphoto by christian werner a variety of different spaces encourage informal meeting and discussion photo by christian werner.

brewery transformed into SoundCloud's berlin headquarters

Design blitz: skype headquarters in palo alto. Aug 11, 2013 design blitz: skype headquarters in palo alto design blitz: skype headquarters in palo altoall photographs by matthew millman and hoffman chrismanall images courtesy of design blitz at the hands of san francisco-based architecture firm, design blitz, a vacant warehouse with several layers of renovations is stripped down to the bare essentials to form a clearly organized work space for skype’s palo alto headquarters. the layout supports concentric spaces for collaboration, concentration and contemplation. a central corridor runs through the building, off of which the most noise-intensive program is located in pods. these structures have self-supporting ceilings with corrugated metal deck typically used in long-span applications. enclosing the space, the architects asked, ‘what else can this do?’

Movable furniture allows employees to arrange seating as necessary to facilitate productivity. Automattic ( Headquarters in San Francisco. The Cool Muppet Chalk Art Murals at the Sesame Workshop Offices.

The Cool Muppet Chalk Art Murals at the Sesame Workshop Offices – agnesdelmotte

Office Snapshots - i know where you work. Top 16 des plus beaux bureaux de boites web qui donnent méchamment envie. Des beaux bureaux, ça peut paraître anecdotique, mais ça compte dans la stratégie de communication d'une boite. A ce petit jeu, les domaines de la pub et du design se défendent, mais l'informatique est toujours bien placée, oscillant entre la coolitude des start-ups de la fin des années 1990 et les moyens d'un nom coté sur les principaux marchés : des locaux classes, mais dans lesquels on se promène en bermuda le vendredi. Et idéalement dans un coin dans lequel on pourrait passer ses vacances.

Les bureaux les plus cools de France. Le 23 octobre 2015 - par Eloïse Trouvat - ELLE Maison Le coworking, ce vocable anglais que l’Hexagone commence à bien maîtriser depuis quelques années, nous vient directement de la Silicon Valley en Californie, premier lieu à avoir fait l’expérience de ces bureaux à partager à plusieurs dès 2005. Depuis, la révolution numérique a démocratisé partout dans le monde ce type de lieux conviviaux et stimulants. En France, la tendance se confirme clairement avec plus d’une soixantaine d’espaces de ce genre partout sur le territoire.

Paris fourmille de ces lieux tour à tour branchés, connectés et créatifs. La province suit activement le pas et répond elle aussi à cette demande des start-up créatives comme des travailleurs freelances et indépendants en quête d’un local cool et adapté à leurs besoins.