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Medley + Noir Blooming Tea Set on Provisions by Food52. We're awestruck by the beauty that these blooming teas have brought to tea time.

Medley + Noir Blooming Tea Set on Provisions by Food52

Each box contains six posy blooming teas, all made with silver needle white or black teas scented with fresh jasmine with the addition of a unique flower. The varieties include: Another Kitchen Tablet Holder. A couple of days ago I wrote a post about a very simple kitchen iPad / tablet holder using a vintage potato masher.

Another Kitchen Tablet Holder

After writing that post I was browsing through the Pottery Barn website and came across a tablet holder they are currently selling for $34.50. (Pottery Barn) Since I had this old cutting board that had a similar look ($1.00 thrift store purchase), I thought I would try and make my own version of the Pottery Barn holder. In addition to the cutting board I also used a Scrabble tile holder, and a child's building block. I used wood glue and attached the Scrabble tile holder to the bottom front of the cutting board. Trasparente (Transparent) Carafe by Andreas Trenker. For Bologna Water Design at Cersaie, with the aid of parametric software, a series of localized bottles were created to visualize the specific characteristics of different sources of water.

Trasparente (Transparent) Carafe by Andreas Trenker

(Click the images below for full sized images) The feeling of nyhyvlat the woodwork room is ... Brent Rourke Cabinet Maker Jewel Boxes Shaker Boxes Handmade Cherry Wood Containers Inspired by Craftsmanship Of Shakers. Brent Rourke Carpenter Brent Rourke's fascination with wood began in junior high.

Brent Rourke Cabinet Maker Jewel Boxes Shaker Boxes Handmade Cherry Wood Containers Inspired by Craftsmanship Of Shakers

"I couldn't wait for the next shop class to come around," Rourke says. "For me there was, and is, no greater pleasure than taking a shaving from a piece of pine with a freshly sharpened hand plane. " After high school, Rourke continued to advance in both skill and educational training, finishing his training at the college level and becoming a master woodworker. Urban Billy Tea System by Elliat Rich. The essence of campfire sharing with the traditional billy can for making tea is abstracted in glass with the Urban Billy by Elliat Rich, an elegantly simple tea set for two, in hand-turned borosilicate glass and mountain ash, with an integral spirit burner for boiling water.

Urban Billy Tea System by Elliat Rich

(Click the images below for full sized images) Rich designs for the Elliat brand from her own remote corner of the global village, Alice Springs, Australia. Via MOCO Submit. Printmeneer. I’m going to keep it real- I never bake.


Like, ever. The closest I’ve ever gotten was a batch of half-cooked brownies that has sort of become my specialty. It’s delicious if you are someone like me who enjoys the taste of batter. I know, gross. Thankfully my lack of patience with baking doesn’t mean I’m not constantly intrigued and interested in baking supplies. Pinterest. Bamboo Skewer Holder Holds 120 Slots - 1 Pc Pack - BioandChic. Say Cheese! Creating the Perfect Cheese Board. Have you been to the gourmet cheese section at your local market?

Say Cheese! Creating the Perfect Cheese Board.

You know there is a crazy amount of varieties to choose from and personal preference plays a big part in whether you will like that $12 Gruyere or not. Putting together the perfect cheese board can be a tricky thing. Certainly it can be overwhelming. Not only for you, but also your guests. Cheese, much like wine, can make a person feel unknowledgable and unworldly. Country Road - Tableware. Country Road - New In Online - Britta Oak Trivet. Il_fullxfull.165332158.jpg (Immagine JPEG, 667x1000 pixel) - Riscalata (73. Doublefacette by Postfossil. Florian Hauswirth of Swiss studio Postfossil has designed a set of salt and pepper mills that fit together.

Doublefacette by Postfossil

French Style Cutting Boards. Fresh Terracotta Carafe. Fresh Terracotta Carafe Buy $98.00 Fresh Terracotta Carafe.

Fresh Terracotta Carafe

Marble & Wood Cheese Board in House+Home KITCHEN+DINING Tabletop Serveware at Terrain. Acacia Wood Mason Jar, Large in House+Home KITCHEN+DINING Prep+Utility Storage at Terrain. Kiyokazu Tsuda / Yoshiyuki Kato - Glass Jar with Lid. Artist: Kiyokazu Tsuda /Yoshiyuki Kato Country: Japan After graduating from design school, Yoshiyuki Kato apprenticed as a "Miya Daiku" or shrine carpenter, an arduous training in the traditional carpentry techniques used in the construction of shrines and temples in Japan.

Kiyokazu Tsuda / Yoshiyuki Kato - Glass Jar with Lid

Kato has recently began to utilize his skills in the small scale production of wooden utensils and tableware. The influence of Japanese temple architecture is evident in the lines of Kato's designs. All of his work is handmade and finished with small tools using techniques to create subtle textures and enhance the inherent beauty of the natural material. Glass artist Kiyokazu Tsuda collaborated with Yoshiyuki Kato to produce these elegant hand -blown glass jars. Material: hand-blown glass / cherry /walnut Dimensions: Dia11cm×H17cm Weight: 850g.

Takeovertime. Bottega Veneta Japanese Pop Up Shop. *notcot in home+decor , 16:15 On amazing surprises, i never expected a quick rush out to the Bottega Veneta launch between a cocktail appointment and dinner would prove to be one of the most inspiring experiences this trip! Also… totally tempt my shopping gene… Bottega Veneta featured a pop-up store store filled with unique, pleasing and travel ready items, which are apparently not readily available outside of Japan, as well as a small collection of Bottega Veneta products designed exclusively for the occasion by their creative director Tomas Maier. Simple, beautiful, and irresistible… housed in their new Milan office near Lido… and sadly only open for a few days! The products were absolutely stunning! Smitten - wood bento bowl. Grain Salt Cellar a modern wood salt dish di fixstudio su Etsy. Provisions. PRESIDENTIAL GLASSES - SET OF 4. Keru Keru. Written by Katie on November 7, 2008. Permalink I’m not one to claim I know my way around the kitchen, but I can honestly say that this looks to be pretty handy.

Just transfer your liquids into the bottle, a flick of the wrist has the liquid in the cap and you are perfectly positioned to transfer perfect amounts into what ever you are cooking up. Whether it’s hot or cold, they work like a charm and because they are glass and silicone, they love your dishwasher and exit in pristine condition… Colors: Soy Brown, Chili Red, Kalamata Olive, Milky White. Valentine’s Day Cupcake Stencils. Written by Katie on February 13, 2009. Permalink That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day, and for that reason only do you get bombarded with red and heart shaped things that you must purchase in order to appease the gods. Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast. Written by Katie on September 17, 2009. Permalink For those of you that keep up with the various other design blogs, you might remember when this first hit the stands.

These caps fit onto your own saved jars, enabling you to re-use them in various ways. Glass Dairy Bottle. Gin Rummy Glass. Cut and Paste Cutting Boards. Written by Simon on January 4, 2011. SpiceCare Modular Spice Storage. Dip-Dyed Baguette Boards. Written by Katie on March 20, 2012. Kitchen Accessories — Better Living Through Design. MINOTAKE Bamboo Collection Written by Katie on June 20, 2012. Small Products. Small Products. Juuri Storage Jars. Written by Katie on April 24, 2012.

KINK Vinegar Bottles. Written by Katie on May 8, 2012. Permalink Just when you think your kitchen needs nothing more, someone goes and makes a vinegar bottle beautiful. Abeego Food Storage. Written by Katie on May 20, 2013. # 1, #2, and #3 trays by west chin. I sure do like the look of these trays…they could be used anywhere- kitchen, bath, office, etc…(a bit above my budget, but maybe they’re within yours.) Soma biodegradable water filter and carafe now available.

Sep 16, 2013. Kitchen addition. Jasper Morrison has designed a range of kitchenware that brings everyday pleasure to chefs and diners alike. Morrison collaborated with Oigen, a Japanese cast iron manufacturer that has been producing objects for 160 years, to create the Oigen Palma kitchenware collection. Oven to Table. Earthenware & Glass. Catalog. Atelier NL › Polderceramics. Google.