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Instantanés de bureau - Je sais où vous travaillez

Instantanés de bureau - Je sais où vous travaillez
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12 des bureaux cool du monde Some offices can be boring and stifling, but definitely not these – we made a list of the coolest and most well-designed office spaces in the world. Not all work spaces were created equal – some can reduce workers’ morale while others can keep them happy and inspire them to be more energetic and creative. For companies like Google, which require smart, creative and in-demand workers, such offices offer a competitive edge when trying to attract young and intelligent employees. [Read more...] There are many different ways to make an office cater to its workers. Some of these offices feature athletic equipment that helps workers reduce stress or get their blood flowing (which is always important if you sit behind a desk all day). Some of the ideas used in these offices overlap with the list of amazing home design ideas we’ve written about, while others are specific to a work environment. Did we miss your office? Selgas Cano Architecture Office Image credits: Google Pallotta Teamworks

Top 16 des plus beaux bureaux de boites web qui donnent méchamment envie Des beaux bureaux, ça peut paraître anecdotique, mais ça compte dans la stratégie de communication d'une boite. A ce petit jeu, les domaines de la pub et du design se défendent, mais l'informatique est toujours bien placée, oscillant entre la coolitude des start-ups de la fin des années 1990 et les moyens d'un nom coté sur les principaux marchés : des locaux classes, mais dans lesquels on se promène en bermuda le vendredi. Et idéalement dans un coin dans lequel on pourrait passer ses vacances. Petite visite guidée de vos prochains bureaux. Source photo : officesnapshots Maintenant, vous pouvez pleurer. Source : Office Snapshots

Greenstyle | O que está acontecendo no universo eco-friendly Free Wood and Glazed Wood Textures Feel free to use all the textures. A small donation would be appreciated Thank you. Tip: Glazed edges need to be stretched to fit click on the category of choice click on images to enlarge burl 01 texture 45x45 click on thumbnail to enlarge burl 02 texture 65x65 You will find many wood textures to serve your purpose. Glazed wood textures must use "stretch to fit" on your symbols. Included: glazed , distressed, burl wood, rustic, log cabin siding, marquetry, hand painted, art deco, inlays, pickled wood, wood stain QR Mania: создание QR-кодов, предметы с QR-кодами

Réservoir d'images : spécialiste reconnu de la décoration murale des entreprises christie's tokyo office jan 05, 2013 hiroshi sugimoto designs christie's tokyo office the gallery space of the new christie’s japan office designed by hiroshi sugimoto© hiroshi sugimoto / courtesy of christie’s japandesigned by hiroshi sugimoto / tomoyuki sakakida, new material research laboratory 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of christie’s japan, and with this, they have relocated to a pre-war stone building designated as an important cultural property in marunouchi – one of the country’s most prestigious business districts – located between tokyo station and the imperial palace. designated gallery space© hiroshi sugimoto / courtesy of christie’s japandesigned by hiroshi sugimoto / tomoyuki sakakida, new material research laboratory ‘in harmony and respect…what manner of design might befit the tokyo office of christie’s, to best reflect its leading role in the booming world art market? andrea chin I designboom

keiko maita architect office: house J may 13, 2013 keiko maita architect office: house J ‘house J’ by keiko maita architect officeroof terraceimage © yoshiharu matsumura situated in yamaguchi, japan, ‘house J’ by keiko maita architect office provides privacy and seclusion within a small narrow plan footprint. surrounded by different residences, the dwelling implements three floors that are built around a small inner garden, which include a dining room, study, kitchen and family space. connected together by a roof terrace, the areas open towards the inner green space. exterior viewimage © yoshiharu matsumura inner gardenimage © yoshiharu matsumura dining room, kitchen, family spaceimage © yoshiharu matsumura connections of roof terrace to the inner garden and interior space. image © yoshiharu matsumura conceptimage © yoshiharu matsumura 1st plan 2nd plan 3rd plan section project information

Home Redres is dé erfgoedexpert van Nederland. Redres adviseert en bemiddelt voor particulieren, bedrijven, organisaties en overheden die op zoek zijn naar bijzonder erfgoed. Wij werken landelijk en taxeren bijna dagelijks bijzonder erfgoed. Bent u op zoek naar een bijzonder gebouw voor uzelf en uw gezin, bedrijf of organisatie? Mocht u niet vinden wat u zoekt, dan kunt u bij ons een zoekopdracht plaatsen.

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