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Abandoned Web Apps Found as a Core Cause Behind High Profile Data Breaches. Insecure, legacy, and abandoned web apps are among the critical security issues that lead to data breaches of FT 500 US and EU companies as found out by High-Tech Bridge, a provider of Application Security Testing (AST) services.

Abandoned Web Apps Found as a Core Cause Behind High Profile Data Breaches

High-Tech Bridge's study analyzed the 1,000 largest global companies from the US and the EU to collect data for their research, via a "large-scale discovery and non-intrusive assessment of their external web and mobile applications, SSL certificates, web software and unprotected cloud storage. " The research is based on information collected from systems accessible via HTTP/S protocols and not from network components that could be discovered with the help of IoT search engines such as Shodan.

As uncovered by High-Tech Bridge, the 500 most important US companies have 293,512 systems accessible via an Internet connection, out of which 42,549 Internet-facing systems have been found to run active web applications with dynamic functionality and content. Gpr report. The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century - Air India reveals passenger data stolen in hack attack. Air India, India's national carrier, has revealed that the personal data of about 4.5 million people were leaked in an alleged cyberattack on the airline's passenger system operator, SITA.

Air India reveals passenger data stolen in hack attack

The airline said credit card, passport, booking details and other personal data had been illegally accessed in the "highly sophisticated" attack. The carrier did not specify how many of its passengers were impacted. Air India said that credit card CVV numbers — that give increased card security — had not been revealed to the hackers as the information was not held by the data processor. The carrier advised customers to change their account passwords as a precaution. The airline was apparently notified of the breach in February, but the identity of the hackers was only provided to them by SITA in March and April. CNA Financial Paid Hackers $40 Million in Ransom After March Cyberattack. CNA Financial Corp., among the largest insurance companies in the U.S., paid $40 million in late March to regain control of its network after a ransomware attack, according to people with knowledge of the attack.

CNA Financial Paid Hackers $40 Million in Ransom After March Cyberattack

The Chicago-based company paid the hackers about two weeks after a trove of company data was stolen, and CNA officials were locked out of their network, according to two people familiar with the attack who asked not to be named because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly. In a statement, a CNA spokesperson said the company followed the law. She said the company consulted and shared intelligence about the attack and the hacker’s identity with the FBI and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which said last year that facilitating ransom payments to hackers could pose sanctions risks. “CNA is not commenting on the ransom,” spokeswoman Cara McCall said. Video Player is loading. Decision quant au fond n 56 2021. Www.techradar.

Using Microsoft 365, the software giant’s cloud-based communications and collaboration platform, could be a security liability for many organizations, a new report from Egress seems to suggest.


The data security company’s new Outbound Email: Microsoft 365’s Security Blind Spot paper, based on a poll of 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote-workers in the UK and US, claims businesses who use Microsoft 365 suffer more email data breaches and have to deal with more difficult consequences in the aftermath. Were it not for the pandemic, however, things would probably have been different. Here’s our list of the best online collaboration software right now We’ve built a list of the best Windows 10 VPNs on the market Check out our list of the best firewalls available. Massive Facebook Data Breach Has Even Larger Consequences. Amp.ft. Fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. 2021 DBIR Master's Guide. Hello first time reader, and welcome to the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

2021 DBIR Master's Guide

We have been creating this report for a while now, and we appreciate that all the verbiage we use can be a bit obtuse at times. We use very deliberate naming conventions, terms and definitions and spend a lot of time making sure that we are consistent throughout the report. Hopefully this section will help make all of those more familiar. VERIS resourcesThe terms ‘actions,’ ‘threat actors’ and ‘varieties’ will be referenced often. Piratées en décembre 2020, des données de l’Agglomération d’Annecy diffusées dans le darkweb. Japan’s Rikunabi Scandal Shows The Dangers of Privacy Law Loopholes. Special thanks to former legal intern Hinako Sugiyama, who was a lead co-author of this post.

Japan’s Rikunabi Scandal Shows The Dangers of Privacy Law Loopholes

Technology users around the world are increasingly concerned, and rightly so, about protecting their data. But many are unaware of exactly how their data is being collected and would be shocked to learn of the scope and implications of mass consumer data collection by technology companies. For example, many vendors use tracking technologies including cookies—a small piece of text that is stored in your browser that lets websites recognize your browser, see your browsing activity or IP address but not your name or address—to build expansive profiles about user behavior over time and across apps and sites. Tim Kirsininkas | Capitol News Illinois A data breach reported by Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office nearly three weeks ago was a ransomware attack, according to a Thursday news release.

Raoul’s office has launched a new hotline to provide information to residents following the data breach first reported on April 10. A Thursday news release stated that the office “continues to evaluate the full extent of the compromise,” including what specific data may have been compromised in the breach. More: Illinois Attorney General computer system breached early Saturday morning “While we do not yet know with certainty what was compromised in the ransomware attack, we are working closely with federal law enforcement authorities and outside technology experts to determine what information was exposed, how this happened, and what we can do to ensure that such a compromise does not happen again,” Raoul said in the release. Gmail, Netflix, LinkedIn... Plus de 15 milliards de comptes piratés, êtes-vous concernés ?

Protecting Legal Privilege in a Data Breach Response. Responding to a data breach is a complex and fast-moving process involving a range of participants.

Protecting Legal Privilege in a Data Breach Response

Throughout this process, organizations will have communications and documents that are subject to legal privilege. Legal privilege is an important substantive right and a bedrock principle of our justice system. Businessinsider. Personal Data Breaches in a Nutshell. Skip to main content An official website of the European UnionAn official EU websiteHow do you know?

Personal Data Breaches in a Nutshell

All official European Union website addresses are in the domain. 21 05 06 databreaches factsheet final en 0. Data breach. Data breach. Data breach.