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Learning Space Toolkit. Conversational Space - Chapter - Conversational Leadership. People are more productive when they’re alone … but they’re more collaborative and innovative when they’re together.

Conversational Space - Chapter - Conversational Leadership

Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together. Credit: Marissa Mayar [Status: stub – I plan to write a lot more about conversational space. This will be the introduction.] Last updated: 28th July, 2017 Continue reading Conversational space The London coffeehouses of the 17th & 18th centuries were the engines of creation that helped drive the Enlightenment – the European intellectual movement of the time that emphasized reason and individualism rather than tradition. I was driving into town recently and switched on the car radio and caught the last few minutes of BBC Radio 4 programme called Making History and was gobsmacked at my serendipitous discovery of a so-called “Conversation Society” founded in 1752! The word Stammtisch is German. The dewaniya – a form of Kuwaiti Knowledge Cafe? Make Space — Stanford

Learning Creative Learning - MIT Media Lab. Blog» Blog Archive » MIT Media Lab: architecture as a living organism. (The following architecture report was written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) Either resembling to a museum, or having the apple-store corporate look, the modest, metal-glass box, almost 2 years-old MIT Media Lab Complex, is a live example of architecture’s power to affect many aspects of one organization, from social life among community to scientific and technological innovation.

blog» Blog Archive » MIT Media Lab: architecture as a living organism

Media Lab Upper Lobby. Photo credits: Sam Range/ The Tech As Dimitris Papanikolaou, a recent Media Lab alumni, describes: “The Media Lab is an enormous beehive of radical creativity and unconventional learning that brings together ideas, people, technology and resources to collaboratively materialize the craziest projects. When thinking of a campus as a brand, Bill Mitchell would believe in reinventing the architectural style through each new design. The Media Lab Complex designed by Fumihiko Maki. “There was no competition, no string of interviews. The Wiesner Building (Old Media Lab) designed by I.M.Pei. Lifelong Kindergarten - MIT Media Lab. Hal Abelson, Eric Klopfer, Mitchel Resnick, Andrew McKinney, CSAIL and Scheller Teacher Education Program App Inventor is an open-source tool that democratizes app creation.

Lifelong Kindergarten - MIT Media Lab

By combining LEGO-like blocks onscreen, even users with no prior programming experience can use App Inventor to create their own mobile applications. Currently, App Inventor has over 2,000,000 users and is being taught by universities, schools, and community centers worldwide. Life at IDEO. Microsoft in Schwabing: Neue Arbeitsumgebung fördert Work-Life-Balance. ‘PITCH' - where adidas Group employees create the future workplace.

Lernräume gestalten – Bildungskontexte vielfältig denken; Klaus Rummler (Hrsg.) Microsoft und die Arbeitswelt von morgen: Bunt und lässig, aber stressig - 18.10.16. Art 6. Aix — Anticafé. Anticafé Aix en Provence (via kawaa) Learning-research. Adidas - Physical Locations for the New Way of Learning and the personal Future Workplace. In the third part about our adidas Group Learning Campus, we’ll focus on the physical campus concept.

adidas - Physical Locations for the New Way of Learning and the personal Future Workplace

Adidas Learning Campus - Building a Learning Framework for the Future. Home - JOSEPHS. Innovative LernOrte (ILO) - Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden. Die Strategie der OTH Amberg-Weiden, keine Außenstellen zu gründen, sondern die Kompetenzen auf dem Campus in Amberg und Weiden zu bündeln, ist ein Erfolgsmodell.

Innovative LernOrte (ILO) - Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden

Learning Lab der Technischen Hochschule Nürnberg

Innovative Konzepte für Pädagogen - Lehren im Flow. LERNORTE. Lernorte in der Erwachsenenbildung. Unter einem Lernort versteht man in der Erwachsenenbildung eine öffentliche Einrichtung oder eine private Situation, in der sich Menschen aufhalten, wenn sie lernen.

Lernorte in der Erwachsenenbildung

Lernort umfasst den Lernprozess an sich und die Umgebung, in der dieser stattfindet. Learning Spaces (educause, 2009, pdf) QUT - The Cube. NEUE LERN - UND ARBEITSWELTEN. Beyond Active Learning: Transformation of the Learning Space. The next generation of learning spaces will take all the characteristics of an active learning environment—flexibility, collaboration, team-based, project-based—and add the capability of creating and making.

Beyond Active Learning: Transformation of the Learning Space

Mark Valenti is President/CEO of The Sextant Group. The past decade has seen exciting developments in learning space design. All across the United States and around the world, across seemingly every discipline, there is interest in creating new, active, project-based learning spaces. Technology-rich and student-centric, the new learning spaces are often flexible in size and arrangement and are a significant departure from the lecture hall of yesterday. These developments are not the result of any one factor but are occurring as the result of changes in student demographics, technology advances, and economic pressures on higher education and as the result of increasing demands from employers.

A tua sala na U.PORTO. Future Learning Environments. 3 Key Factors for Creating a "Maker Culture" at Your School. 3 Key Factors for Creating a "Maker Culture" at Your School By Lisa Yokana, Blake AuchinclossSeptember 18th, 2015 As the way we learn and work has evolved, teaching styles, curriculum and classroom spaces must change as well.

3 Key Factors for Creating a "Maker Culture" at Your School

Our students need to think “like innovators” in order to solve increasingly complex, global and multi-disciplinary problems. These problems require skills like flexible thinking, resilience and curiosity — skills that are not nurtured in today’s traditional educational models. Bringing the adidas Group Learning Campus to Life! – Learning in the 21st Century! At an All-Employee Meeting in November 2011, our CEOThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company is the highest-ranking corporate officer and in charge of total management of an organisation.

Bringing the adidas Group Learning Campus to Life! – Learning in the 21st Century!

Herbert Hainer announced that the adidas Group will invest further in our employees by building a Corporate University for all our employees to learn and develop. A team was formed in HRHuman Resources (HR), is the organisation within the adidas Group which is responsible for the management of our workforce. Future Learning Environments. Psychosocial Value of Space. Home > Psychosocial Value of Space by Judith HeerwagenJ.H.

Psychosocial Value of Space

Heerwagen & Associates, Inc. Design Thinking and Learning spaces: Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice. Work - Espaço Criativo - Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship gGmbH : Creative Hall. Learning Space Toolkit. The chemistry that makes up a successful learning space consists of right technology, good service support and the well-balanced space design concept that meets the needs of the users. This section provides insight in how to best plan them by providing: Good practice guiding principles in planning for learning spacesMethod to successfully translate the user needs into tangible solutionsA palette of exemplary cases of various learning space types accompanied by detailed information on the attributes of the space that makes it successfulTaxonomy of learning spaces that organizes the space attributes as guide to check where the gaps are with the spaces you provideAnd a list of tips to help you through the planning process It’s important to note, a particular space type that works well in one place, may not be the best solution in the context of another.

Learning Space Toolkit. Arbeitsraum. Der Professional Tarif Dein Arbeitsplatz in der Community die unternehmerisch und gemeinwohlorientiert arbeitet. Dynamische bis fokussierte Arbeitsplätze, inspirierend und wirkungsvoll, professionell ausgestattet und global vernetzt. Ob Vollzeit oder zum gelegentlichen Meeting. Wir finden gemeinsam den passenden Tarif. Für Teams ab 4 Personen gibt es auf Anfrage Büroräume. Lernorte Vielfalt von Weiterbildungs- und Lernmöglichkeiten - Faulstich. LILA ~ Learning Innovations Laboratory at the Harvard Graduate School of Education – Locations: San Francisco. MIT Media Lab - Building. The Media Lab has expanded into a new, six-floor structure with approximately 163,000 square feet of laboratory, office, and meeting space designed by the Tokyo-based architectural firm of Maki and Associates. Together with the existing Wiesner Building (designed by MIT alumnus I.

M. Pei), the complex will serve as a showplace for new concepts in design, communications systems, and collaborative research. The goal is to ignite a new energy and connectivity within the two-building complex, and then extend this energy beyond our walls—to our sponsors and to the world at large. The complex also houses the List Visual Arts Center, the School of Architecture + Planning's Program in Art, Culture and Technology, and MIT's Program in Comparative Media Studies. Learning lab. Das Labor dient der Ausbildung von Studierenden und Lehrenden im Bereich Konzeption und Entwicklung mediengestützer Lernangebote. Die Studierenden können die Konzeption und Implementation technologiebasierter Lernszenarien erlernen und dabei auch Kompetenzen in der technischen Umsetzung aufbauen. MIT - Lifelong Kindergarten. Moderne Lernumgebungen für den Campus von morgen. Rede de Bibliotecas de Cantanhede.

A Biblioteca de Praia é um serviço descentralizado e gratuito, de cultura e de informação, que o Município de Cantanhede disponibiliza desde o ano 2000, à população e veraneantes da Praia da Tocha. Educação - Portugal testa salas de aula do futuro. Setúbal já tem um espaço a funcionar há um ano e meio e serve de modelo a 24 salas em preparação. Südpunkt Nürnberg: Lerntreff. Bei uns erfahren Sie, wie Sie das Lernen lernen können und welcher Lernweg für Sie der Richtige ist! Wir können Ihnen das Lernen zwar nicht abnehmen, aber wir können Ihnen dabei helfen: Entdecken Sie im Lernpunkt Ihren Lernweg, Ihr Lernarrangement, Ihren Lerntypen. Unsere Lernberatung hilft Ihnen, Ihren persönlichen Lernweg zu finden. Im Rahmen eines Lerntypentests erhalten Sie individuelle Lerntipps und Trainings zu den für Sie passenden Lerntechniken.

The HP Garage. The Museum of HP Calculators In 1938 David and Lucile Packard got married and rented the first floor of the house at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto. The simple one car garage became the HP workshop and the little shack out back became Bill Hewlett's home. In 1989 California named the garage "the birthplace of Silicon Valley" and made it a California Historical Landmark.

The Idea Factory. All technological comfort is not a substitute for fresh air and ... space.