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Français. Princess Seams. I’ve been entrusted with the task of making a dress for my friend Julie.

Princess Seams

Julie is tall, slender and not unlike Princess Aurora, so it’s only fitting that the dress I’m designing her is to have Princess Seams! The princess line travels either from the shoulder, like in Aurora’s dress, or from the armhole as in Julie’s sleeveless bodice and it’s a curved seam that contours outwards towards the widest point of the bust then inwards to the narrowest part of the waist. Often, the line can continue below the waist to the dress hem, curving outward to accommodate the hips. The technique for construction is the same whether the seam starts from the shoulder or the armhole, and is the same for the back as for the front.

Having said that, the curve at the back is less radical that at the bust, so if this is your first go, I recommend that you get a little practice by doing the back first. Drafting Pleats. The story so far: in March, I made myself a top with a pleated neckline, drafted with lots of help from my pattern-cutting tutor.

Drafting Pleats

Whilst far from perfect, Nicotine Surprise proved very wearable and since then, others have asked me if I’d show them how to draft something similar. And I said: “(Gulp) Yeah…?” In preparation for the humbling feat, I redesigned the top and made Version 2 with 6 pleats instead of 8 and with facing instead of bias binding. The pleats radiate outwards instead of heading towards the bust. Also, I didn’t stitch them down as before, only forming them at the neckhole.

Having made Version 3, I’m still not an expert but I’ve laid out a how-I-done-it for those who’re familiar with the bodice block and want to have a bit of an adventure adapting it into a top with some design interest and no closures. This is by no means the definitive method of drafting neckline pleats - in fact, I’m already experimenting with another…. Tutoriel du patron de la jupe de base. EmailShare 164EmailShare Le patron de la jupe de base va permettre de faire de nombreuses formes de jupes différentes: jupe trapèze, plus ou moins évasée, jupe droite, avec empiècement, fronces, plis… Pour réaliser le tracé de la jupe de base, on a besoin : Indispensable: Une grande feuille (papier kraft en rouleau par exemple)Un crayon de papierUne règle de préférence de 50 cmCiseauxUn mètre ruban Pour plus de facilité : Une équerre ou une règle japonaiseUn pistoletPapier de soie ou calque.

Tutoriel du patron de la jupe de base

Tuto#1. A la demande de certaines, je vous ai fait un petit tuto de la pochette doublée avec fermeture éclair de la semaine dernière, n’ayant pas réussi à en trouver un sur le net (j’ai pas trop cherché, j’avoue, j’ai eu la flemme) je vous livre donc mes petites photos où l’on ne voit rien, et mon how to perso, peut-être pas très compréhensible, mais on fait ce qu’on peut!


J’espère qu’il y en aura au moins quelques unes à qui ça parlera uhuhuh! Allez pitié hein! 1- matos: 1 fermeture éclair, de la taille de la pochette que vous souhaitez avoir au final4 rectangles de tissu, 2 pour l’extérieur (ici le liberty Wiltshire Berry), 2 pour la doublure (ici le tissu Petit Pan), pareil, taille que vous souhaitez, le grand côté des rectangle doit être long comme la fermeture éclair1 petit rectangle du même tissu que la doublure si vous souhaitez faire la petite patte d’accroche Repérer avec des épingles les limites du zip à chaque extrêmité. 8- admirez votre wonderful pochette!!!

Robe Aubépine ● Deer&Doe - Jolis patrons de couture. 3189. Notes You asked for it, and here it is!


The Coffee Date Dress pattern now comes in standard BurdaStyle sizes 34-42, based on JJ’s fantastic bodice sloper. It has a simple silhouette with a ruffle detail and just enough swing in the A-line skirt to make it dainty and feminine. It’s quick and simple to make and very versatile- try it in a neutral with a cardigan for work, in navy silk for dinner out, in a fun print with a big belt for weekends, or in black or fuschia satin for a festive cocktail party. This is my first time making a graded pattern, so I apologize for any errors or inaccuracies and suggest making a muslin of the basic bodice to test the fit :) IMPORTANT NOTES: unlike the original size 32 petite pattern, this pattern does not include seam allowances.

NOTE: I HAVE HAD PROBLEMS GETTING THE INSTRUCTIONS TO UPLOAD. Fiesta Résistance - a party + DIY online magazine: {Guest Post} DIY Napkin Tutorial. Mange ta soupe. Tom et Lulu's blog. Make It and Love It.


Coupe Couture. TOUS les PATRONS et tutos GRATUITS. Ce blog est un bazar !!.


J'ai donc essayé de classer les patrons et tutos, voici donc la liste par catégorie (cliquer sur la catégorie pour tout voir )et la liste par modèle avec les liens qui correspondent aux modèles pour lesquels j'ai mis en ligne des explications et/ou des liens vers des fichiers. Ces modèles ne représentent qu'une petite partie de ce qui se trouve sur ce blog, pour tout voir en photo: allez sur les albums photos (pas encore fini de ranger non plus !! ..). *Explications pour le jupon. The Convertible “Infinity” Dress: How it almost defeated me, and what you need to make one.

The Convertible Dress. DIY Convertible Dress. I immediately fell in love with pictures of the Butter by Nadia dress, but at $250, I knew I could DIY it for less.

DIY Convertible Dress

I started seeing the same design being offered by lots of different companies, and figured it must be something great! This convertible dress can be wrapped in an infinite number of ways to create different style. Rostitchery: convertible/infinity dress. (this post was originally published on 29 june, 2006, with the title "one seam convertible dress".) have a question?

rostitchery: convertible/infinity dress

Please visit the convertible dress FAQ's. have you made a convertible dress? Do you want to see other convertible dresses, share ideas on how to make them, and find ways to make your convertible dress even better? Then hop over to flikr and join the convertible dress group! PLEASE NOTE: the instructions for making this dress are available for free but are not to be used for commercial purposes. please do not sell dresses made using these instructions, and do not make copies of the instructions without asking my permission first. thank you! But the version i liked best was the one by monif c., a plus-size designer who makes AMAZING clothes that non-plus size girls can envy.