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17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use in 2015. Creating content for multiple platforms each and every day can be taxing for even the most skilled copywriter.

17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use in 2015

5 Highly Effective Tips for Curation Success. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today we’ll talk about the steps for curating success and this really comes from our own experience from content curation but also helping other people, our clients and other people, have tremendous success with content curation.

5 Highly Effective Tips for Curation Success

So that’s what we’ll talk about today. Before we jump in, here’s the recording of our latest webinar, How to Drive Traffic and have success with Content Curation. Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies. Curation Tools. Share your own uses of curation tools or other great examples here: --Ideas for Using Curation Tools Curation means to select, collect, preserve, maintain, organize and archive.

Curation Tools

One dictionary definesa "curator" as someone in charge of a museum or library! So in that sense, librarians have always been curators. Today much of the information our students need and use is digital: websites, blogs, wikis, tweets, videos,podcasts, images, ebooks, databases, slideshows, graphics, reports, articles, illustrations, clipart and moreis found online and/or in digital form and accessed through our computers, on our smartphones or other mobile devices.. Our role as teacher librarians has expanded to helping students and teachers access, evaluate, use and generate information and resources far beyond the walls of the school library media center. so it follows that we would want to find ways to curate information in digital form and help teachers and students learn to do the same.

Content Curation Techniques. Podcast: Play in new window | Download In today’s show we’ll talk about the different techniques in content curation and specifically how do you employ some of these techniques.

Content Curation Techniques

Curation as Digital Literacy Practice. I have been writing my PhD so haven’t updated this blog for a while.

Curation as Digital Literacy Practice

Thesis writing is taking up a lot of my mental space as I get the ideas, storyline and contentions to ‘coalesce’ and cohere in a manner suitable for such a piece of work. I’ve been mulling over a series of ideas in my analysis of digital literacies, and one of them is the concept and practice of ‘curation’ as a digital literacy, and what the implications are for curation practices to be better understood, theorised, and subsequently harnessed for educational purposes. My PhD thesis (Bhatt, forthcoming) is not fully completed yet, but some ideas are worth throwing out to collide with others as part of what I believe is a public conversation (#impact #engagement). [Aside: see this brief lecture by Steven Johnson on the ‘collision’ of ideas and the sharing of half-baked hunches] Back to the topic: Making Curation Easier With @IFTTT. There is simply no end to the flow of information available on the Internet.

Making Curation Easier With @IFTTT

When it comes to trying to organize it and do something with it you may run into some challenges. I know I regularly am looking for ways to make that process better. Thank goodness for IFTTT. I've written about If This, Than That (IFTTT) in the past. The Best Content Curation Techniques. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today we’ll talk about content generation techniques and what are the specific techniques that you should be employing in your content curation and what are some of the the best content curation techniques around those actions.

The Best Content Curation Techniques

When talking content curation techniques of content curation there is a couple of things to keep in mind. Number one start with your monetization is something that has a lot of people excited about content curation and about how to monetize easily. First, you’re spending time and effort or your team is spending time and effort, figure out how you get on monetize your efforts at least have a plan of attack on your monetization down and and because this do it plays a factor in a lot of the techniques around content curation. 3 Reasons Why Journalists Should Practice Content Curation.

Whether you’re a freelancer fresh out of college or a Pulitzer-winning pro, you should be curating content. 1.

3 Reasons Why Journalists Should Practice Content Curation

Exposure All Over the Web Let’s face it, the constant push to be a “multimedia journalist” can be exhausting and overwhelming. Did you remember to post your last story on Twitter? The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process. 841 Flares 841 Flares × Museums curate works of art.

The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process

We digital marketers curate blog posts. Everyone is a curator in a digital world. Curation.

Everyone is a curator in a digital world

When I was growing up this word had a specialised connotation attached to museums, galleries and any other kind of collection. Not any more. I believe that with the explosion of digital resources today everyone needs to be a curator. As an iPad 1:1 school the conventional school desk is no longer for us the sole repository of learning resources. We are in the middle of a resourcing revolution and it is somewhat incongruous that students have virtual resources which they can access through their iPad whilst they continue to cling to their traditional desk. This challenge is a very real one for teachers and students. 5 Highly Effective Tips for Curation Success. How to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process.

Do you want to share helpful content, but don’t know where to find it? Are you looking for tools to speed up your content curation process? In this article I’ll show you how to find and share relevant content in a snap. Why Content Curation? If you want to be the go-to expert in your niche, you need to provide more value than the other guys. Content curation—sharing relevant articles from several sources—is an important way to provide that value to your clients, fans and readers. Modern marketing has changed significantly. Content Curation Is the New RSS.

Perfect Example of Curation in Action. One of the biggest requests I get it is to show more and more examples of what a successful curation looks like. So that’s what I’ll share today: Here’s the highlights: It took me 7 minutes to create this curated post (using the Curation Traffic Plugin)So far it’s created 478 unique visitorsThis post has added 16 people to our email lists3 people who have visited this post have converted to one of our offersSocial Shares: 16 likes, 10 G+, 8 LinkedIn, 63 TwitterWhere did the traffic come from: social media & search traffic.

Added note: our site is running the CurationHue theme and set up to convert. The CurationHue theme is part of the Curation Traffic Theme bundle or the All in One Bundle. Now let’s break down of how this curation is put together (there’s images in this email so to see everything you’ll want to click “show images”): The Find, Fill, Follow, Focus, and Frame Curation Skills. I came across a good post from JuastAdandAk the other day. it covers many of the the things we talk about on the blog and podcast. What I really liked though is their break down of the five core steps of curation (also the graphic is great as well) 1. Find : Track other digital curators to emulate / learn from. I had a call the other day with someone asking if we had a what I consider a listening platform in our tool. We don’t and we haven’t built on for 2 simple reasons. De textos: Pro-Curando contenidos. Cómo crear estrategias de Marketing de Contenidos [Incluye presentación]

Imagen: ShutterStock. Mapa del ecosistema de herramientas para el tratamiento de la información. Infografía sobre curación de contenidos. Herramientas que no debes olvidar en la curaduría de información. La cronología de Twitter no tiene descanso y seguir el ritmo de las conversaciones en la red social puede ser agotador. Para lograr seguir los temas más interesantes se recomienda el uso de herramientas de curación gratuita para todo el contenido de la red de microblogging. Hay que tener en cuenta estos recursos para mejorar nuestra experiencia, como periodistas o usuarios interesados en algo en especial y tuits de calidad. 1. Curation Tools for Education and Learning.

Curation Tools for Education and Learning. EduClipper Launches Its “Pinterest For Education” To Bring Better Crowdsourced Curation & Sharing To The Classroom. Back in 2007, Adam Bellow launched a site called eduTecher to aggregate and surface the best educational resources and content on the Web. A high school teacher himself, Bellow set out to highlight new technologies and educational tools that could be used in the classroom to improve the learning experience. When a new generation of community curation tools began to take hold on the Web, like Pinterest, Bellow decided to leverage the increasing popularity of crowdsourced curation to take eduTecher to the next level.

After a year in development, this week the teacher-turned-entrepreneur officially launched eduClipper , a platform that allows teachers and students to explore, share and contribute to a library of educational content. In both function and design, it’s essentially a Pinterest for education, with one notable difference: Because eduClipper is built exclusively for teachers and students, unlike Pinterest, you probably won’t find it blocked by your local school. 55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content.

Curation for schools. Tutorial en español paso a paso. My Top 10 Web Curation Tools as A Teacher. Hi everyone. This is a post I am supposed to publish last night but my laptop crashed on me because of a virus and I spent the whole night figuring out how to fix it. My screen was black with a white cursor in the middle, it was really a stressful night but finally I got it fixed.

Be careful with the links you click on. I got some emails from some of you asking for the some curation web tools I use so here is a list of my top 10 in no particular order.This selection is subjective and there are several other tools out there but from my own experience with content curation I find the ones below the best performing web tools. Check them out and share with us what you think of them. 1- Curation: Beyond the Buzzword - Resources shared at #ASTDTK13. At the 2013 ASTD TechKnowledge conference, I am conducting a concurrent session entitled Curation: Beyond the Buzzword. The session is taking place twice on Friday February 1st at 9:45am, so if you’re attending the conference, please feel free to attend. Here’s a description of the session: Public Diagram - Curation workflow. Curación de contenidos: Cómo separar el grano de la paja. « Oscar Cornejo.

A diario se vierten al medio online ingentes cantidades de información, lo que supone un volumen imposible de asimilar por ninguno de nosotros. Sin embargo, el contenido es la base de toda estrategia de marketing online. Por ello, se hace necesario gestionar la información, clasificarla y extraer los elementos más importantes, con una doble finalidad: Estar informado. Conocer puntualmente las novedades del sector y tendencias, con el fin de aplicarlas en nuestro trabajo diario, y por otro lado, enriquecer nuestra estrategia de marketing de contenidos con información de calidad. 5 Steps of Effective Content Curation. Steve Rosenbaum video: Best Practices for Planning A Content Curation Strategy - YouTube. ¿Qué es un curator? + 100 en innovación educativa. Los métodos y herramientas del proceso de curación de contenidos.

Por Tristán Elósegui. Blog de Tristán Elósegui. Llevo tiempo escribiendo sobre la “curación de contenidos” (2009, 2010) pues me parece una de las piezas fundamentales en el ecosistema 2.0. Sources of Inspiration. 7 herramientas e ideas para hacer content curation. ¿Sientes que, gracias a Internet, dispones de toda la información que necesitas pero no sabes muy bien cómo seleccionar la que de verdad te interesa?

¿Sabes que existen herramientas que te ayudan a hacer una buena selección de contenidos relevantes tanto para tu uso personal como para publicar en tus redes sociales? A continuación verás 7 herramientas e ideas que te ayudarán con esa selección y planificación de contenidos, pero antes entendamos el punto de partida. Seis herramientas para realizar "content curation". When Educators Become Curators - keynote slides #moothr12. The Best Online Tools for Content Curation. 7 Ways to Organize Your Content for Curation. Quince sitios y herramientas para la curación de contenidos. Hublished. - Curation is the new search: seven tools you may not know you can search with. Make students curators. Breaking Down the Steps to Content Curation. Understanding Content Curation. 5 Ways to Use Content Curation for Marketing and Tools to Do It.

Content Curation Tools - The Newsmaster Toolkit by Robin Good. Del caos al orden: encontrar, filtrar y coleccionar contenido educativo. Adding Value Curated Content - Content Curation Desktop. 30+ More Content Curation Tools. Effective Content Curation for Higher Ed.

6 rasgos que distinguen al buen ‘content curator’ Bookmark and discover amazing content. Search Engines To Find Similar and Alternative Si... Content Curation: Are You Doing it Right? by @sueyoungmedia. Content Curator: filtrando y distribuyendo contenidos digitales relevantes. Una nueva e imprescindible competencia en la web 3.0. El Content Curator – Víctor V. Valera. Content Curation World. Curator's ǝpoɔ. Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web. La Importancia de la 'Curacion de Contenidos' para el Community Manager.

Content curation is King. ESIMAD - Cursos Community Manager Redes Sociales y Master en Marketing Online en la Escuela Interactiva de Marketing Digital de Aulaformacion centro colaborador de UEMC. Effective Content Curation in Higher Ed. Introducing Content Curation Guide for SEO - What, How, Why. What Is Content Curation? The New Auto-Blog?

Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012. Are You a Content Curator? 5 Great Tools for Content Curation and Sharing. 30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use.