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The Surprising (Content) Future of Google+ I have been spending time on Google+ since its launch, and though people on Google+ are talking a lot about Google+ (isn't that breaking the first rule of fight club?) every day I begin to see its potential take it into different directions -- not based upon the platform itself, but rather based upon its interoperability with Google's other properties. Seamless YouTube video integration. Real-time photo sharing via Google Photos. Music library streaming via Google Music. The Surprising (Content) Future of Google+
7 Content Curation Tools to Keep up With (and Share) Industry News Guest post by Courtney Seiter Show of hands: Who has enough time every day to read up on your industry’s news? Oh, and everything new you need to know to market your business? Yeah, me neither. But knowing what’s going on in your space is critical for content creation, competitive intelligence and social media efforts. 7 Content Curation Tools to Keep up With (and Share) Industry News
The world's first Content Logistics Platform | Vertical Acuity Outbrain Select (formerly Scribit) empowers you to select from millions of articles and videos produced by the world’s leading publications and instantly publish them on your site and in your social channels to drive engagement with your brand. Get Started Now Quality Content Content marketing strategies consist of earned, owned and paid media, but it’s hard to create a consistent flow of content to keep customers engaged and coming back. Outbrain Select solves this, with millions of articles and videos from the world’s leading publications that you can instantly publish on your site and in your social channels. An Engaged Audience The world's first Content Logistics Platform | Vertical Acuity
Intel AppUp and the problem of content curation Intel AppUp and the problem of content curation Home » News Intel held its annual AppUp Elements conference in Seattle last week. Amongst the announcements including that of Tizen , one of the more relevant topics touched upon was content curation. The session led by Peter Biddle , GM AppUp Products , was a fresh look at the app curation model and how AppUp could innovate. The problem of app discovery is not one to be overlooked.
Subjot: A Twitter alternative that lets you curate content Do we really need more social networks? Looking at New York based Chris and Becky Carella’s latest venture, Subjot, the answer could well be ‘yes’. Twitpic founder Noah Everett just launched his own Twitter clone, Heello, which has been met with raised eyebrows and confusion. Heello feels far too much like a barebones version of Twitter, at least for the time being. Subjot, on the other hand, makes a decent effort in terms of setting itself apart. Subjot is not just another Twitter clone. Subjot: A Twitter alternative that lets you curate content
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Exclusive first look: Pearltrees iPad app enables new kind of content curation launches new design and visual bookmarking to help discovery launches new design and visual bookmarking to help discovery Curating and sharing links on the web is a hot space. Delicious has relaunched, and services we’ve written about like are trying to get you to share all of your links on its service. Utopic goes a step further in helping you discover and share links, videos, music, and pictures that are relevant to you with its brand new gorgeous design and visual bookmarking launch.
Curation tool adds topic discovery and Tumblr-style following We first covered back at the very end of 2010. The site lets you create topic-based pages, pulling in content from around the Web and featuring submissions from other users if you choose. Since then the social curation service has opened up support to a wider variety of content and now its rolling out new discovery features. Curation tool adds topic discovery and Tumblr-style following
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For years, I’ve been looking for a serious online research tool that would let me not just add to the ratnest of bookmarks and “favorites” I have, but really control, annotate, correlate, tag and source online material. Last week, as I was gearing up to join WWD, I found an awesomely deep, free, open source and innovative tool in the form of a super-stable FireFox 2.0 extension: Zotero. Zotero is a brainchild of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, well funded thanks to several grants, including $1.2 million from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The money shows – Zotero is as slick as any commercial product, the documentation is deep and tasty with lots of nicely done screencasts and the developer info is some of the best Open Source project docs I’ve seen. Zotero: A Serious Online Research Tool — Online Collaboration Zotero: A Serious Online Research Tool — Online Collaboration
Send the Trend, a recently launched e-commerce site that brings personalization to the world of fashion accessories, is launching a new way for shoppers to curate their favorite items and make money at the same time, MyStyle. For background, Send the Trend offers its customers personalized, affordable accessories such as fashion jewelry, sunglasses, scarves and more. The site takes you through a very short survey of what kind of accessories you may want, and it then provides stylist-curated customized recommendations for five different accessories for you. SendTheTrend Allows You To Create A Curated Online Store of Accessories SendTheTrend Allows You To Create A Curated Online Store of Accessories
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Microsoft FUSE Labs releases CompanyCrowd – a social content aggregator for businesses Microsoft FUSE Labs just released a brand new project – called the “CompanyCrowd”. This new research project is aimed at businesses or individuals which helps them easily aggregate social and media content from around the internet about a particular company or topic they’re interested in. Below is a description from the official project page: CompanyCrowd automatically collects stories, media, and social content to create a living newspaper about the companies that are most important to you and your business. It’s fast, easy, and crowd-curated.CompanyCrowd makes this easy by first finding all the social data into one search index and then leverages the wisdom of the crowd to curate the right topics, experts, and personalities for the company or product in question. We gave CompanyCrowd a try, and while it is primarily aimed at businesses, it works perfectly fine for individuals as well who may be interested in a particular business or topic. Microsoft FUSE Labs releases CompanyCrowd – a social content aggregator for businesses
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Add a Personal Touch To Any Webpage With BO.LT BO.LT BO.LT is a platform that allows anyone to copy, edit, comment on, endorse, share and socialize any webpage. Add your own personal touch to the webpages you share.
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In Eli Pariser’s recently published book, The Filter Bubble , he outlines the syndrome which makes Google and Facebook inherently addictive, the lock-in effect. Lock-in is the point at which users are so invested in their technology that even if competitors might offer better services, it’s not worth making the switch. Google has lock-in with search, and Facebook has lock-in with social networking. Neither companies seem have a strong lock on the engineers who are guiding the astronomical growth, but their users keep coming back despite many competing services. Ingenic - Save and share useful information.
Flockler Bookmarklet is now available for your favorite web browser. Bookmarklet automatically finds title, description and picture for the link you want to share in Flockler. How to use Flockler Bookmarklet? 1) Login to Flockler and click "Bookmarklet" on the top of the page 2) To install bookmarklet, simply drag and drop button to your bookmark toolbar 3) When you find something interesting on the web, click the bookmarklet and curate content to your topic Bookmarklet for Curation with Audience
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Got content? Curate it with these top 20 websites — TechChi A new Austin-based startup, Give As You Get, wants to make it easy for people to support their favorite nonprofit organization while shopping for items online. “We’ve gotten a great response from the community,” said David Sandal, who launched the site late last year. More than 50 organizations have signed up and Give As You Get has raised more than $2,200.
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