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What is RAID in Linux, and How to Configure it. We live in a world of inexpensive data storage.

What is RAID in Linux, and How to Configure it

And, that means anyone can use multiple, inexpensive disk drives into arrays to back up their data — hence providing the necessary redundancy they require to keep their data safe. Meet RAID — the process of combining multiple disk drives to create an array of drives. How to Write a Simple Bash Script – Linux Hint. Many consider bash an independent word.

How to Write a Simple Bash Script – Linux Hint

However, very few people know that the term ‘bash’ actually stands for Bourne Again Shell (BASh). Apart from being the default command-line interpreter for the Linux operating system, bash is a full-fledged programming language. Introduction to DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory) This article will examine the basic operation of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), along with how a DRAM chip is organized.

Introduction to DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory)

What Is DRAM? Memory is fundamental in the operation of a computer. When combined with a CPU, the ability to run sets of instructions (programs) and store working data becomes possible. Random-access memory (RAM) is a well-known type of memory and is so-called because of its ability to access any location in memory with roughly the same time delay. Dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, is a specific type of random access memory that allows for higher densities at a lower cost. 4 Clever Ethernet Cable Hacks. Teaching Python and more with open educational resources. If you're looking to teach, tutor, or mentor beginning programmers, you've got your work cut out for you.

Teaching Python and more with open educational resources

Different learning styles, varying levels of knowledge, and a subject area that's a moving target all conspire to see you run ragged as an instructor. Luckily, there is help available—lots of help. It comes in the form of open source textbooks, tools, and even games—all created to make being a teacher (and a learner) easier than ever before.

A bit of context: I completed a master's degree in information and computer science last summer and started teaching my first university class (Python programming) about two weeks later. I'm a self-taught programmer who mostly learned on the job. 5 Must-See Documentaries About Hacking and Hackers. Hacking is one of those subjects that everybody knows about yet few people truly understand.

5 Must-See Documentaries About Hacking and Hackers

Is hacking inherently malicious? Is there a difference between a hacker and a cracker? What about white hat vs. black hat vs. gray hat hackers? Practical Programming for Total Beginners. DIY spot welder. Solid electrode holders - Solid electrode holders Solid electrode holders - Solid electrode holders Spot welder features A fine-spot welder is one of the few equipment where building yourself is cheaper than buying.

DIY spot welder

There are already published a lot of DIY spot welders, this one has some unique features: It can be used in 2 welding applications: opposed and series configuration.The construction is kept very simple.Accurate electrode force adjustment.It has a solid electrode holder, made of a radiator earthing clamp.An Arduino microcontroller is used to set the weld time accurately.Creates a double pulse which improves clamping.The current can be reduced for welding sensitive parts. OSRC Home Page. Printer service manual. Ars Technica System Guide: Bargain Box, April 2014.

Since the early 2000s, the Ars System Guides have been helping DIYers to become system-building tweakmeisters.

Ars Technica System Guide: Bargain Box, April 2014

This series is a resource for building computers to match any combination of budget and purpose. The Bargain Box is the most basic box in the hierarchy of Ars System Guide rigs. It has no intent beyond a minimalist goal—creating a solid, affordable, basic computer. This Is The Room Where The Internet Was Born. Your PasswordCard - 102,886 printed so far! The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking. Final Day of New Year's Sale - Free Flashlight Coupon - Today Only! - shanem21 - Gmail. AntennaWeb - Home. How to Recover Data When Your Hard Drive Goes Belly Up. 6 Tips For Improving Hard Drive Performance. Floating Away with AmForth. 28 Gorgeous Ways To Redesign Your Computer Desktop.

Block I Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC): How to build one in your basement. Fiber Optic Connectors Tutorial, Fiber Termination, Fiber Ferrule Polish Types, Fiber Connector Types. >> More Fiber Optic Technical References and Tutorials Digg this Furl Add to SC fiber optic connector basic structure More than a dozen types of fiber optic connectors have been developed by various manufacturers since 1980s.

Fiber Optic Connectors Tutorial, Fiber Termination, Fiber Ferrule Polish Types, Fiber Connector Types

A SC Connector Sample SC Connector Structure. Modkit. IR Codes ( Checking Your IR Remote and Replacing Your IR LED in the Roboquad: RoboCommunity. Wait!

Checking Your IR Remote and Replacing Your IR LED in the Roboquad: RoboCommunity

Don't throw your batteries away in your remote until you do this check! If this check doesn't work, the problem may be your IR LED. If you didn't see that in your digital camera, then it just might be the IR LED, a transistor, or the CPU. Follow these simple tests, and we'll go from there. 3DPrintMi - Assembly Guide. 4 Astounding Linux Mouse Hacks. Ever since its invention, the mouse has become an extremely useful tool that makes using a computer much easier to learn when coupled with a graphical user interface.

4 Astounding Linux Mouse Hacks

However, some of you may feel like the mouse should be capable of doing more work for you. How to Use Multiple Disks Intelligently: An Introduction to RAID. RAID allows you to combine multiple physical hard drives into a single logical hard drive. This allows you to mirror your data across two hard drives, ensuring you always have your important data stored in multiple places. RAID stands for “redundant array of independent disks,” although there’s a type of RAID that provides no redundancy and only increases performance. RAID Levels RAID isn’t just a single way of combining disks. There are multiple RAID levels that provide different levels of performance and redundancy.

RAID 0: Unlike other RAID levels, RAID 0 provides no redundancy. How to Easily Delete Computer Viruses. Scientific American presents Tech Talker by Quick & Dirty Tips. Scientific American and Quick & Dirty Tips are both Macmillan companies. This is the second part of a series on computer viruses. Electric Clothing. Cicada Mania: Cicada Facts, Photos, Videos, Sounds, 17 Year, Brood II Periodical Cicadas. Bookmarklets. Internet DSL Speedtest.

Internet Broadband Speed Test. Your internet service provider is --. Your ISP has an average rating of 2.2353 based on 17 user rating(s).Read what others have to say or Rate your ISP. **The results shown are for the last 14 days only.** -'s average results - 2 Tests Average results for others in your area - 0 Tests To save and view your individual test results, please register here. More Information About Broadband Internet Broadband Internet, generally known simply as Broadband, is the name given to high speed internet access. - The Global Broadband Speed Test. Smart Parking Meters. Throughout the United States, cities are deploying “smart” electronic fare collection infrastructures. In 2003, San Francisco launched a $35 million pilot program to replace approximately 23,000 mechanical parking meters with electronic units that boasted tamper resistance, payment via smart card, auditing capabilities, and an estimated $30 million annually in fare collection revenue.

Other major cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Diego, have made similar moves.