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Hacking. The Hack FAQ: Table of Contents. The Black Book of Hacking. PS3 Hack Revealed, Sign Into PSN Without Updating To The 3.21 PS3 Firmware – SoftSailor. Hacking - Beginning txt. Anatomy of Credit Card Numbers. An Incredible Way to Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks. ONI Home Page. CCIA: copyright wiretaps are Hollywood's "PATRIOT Act" Yesterday's White House wish list of new intellectual property laws focused on things like counterfeit medicines, but it also included proposals to extend wiretaps into copyright cases and to ensure that illegal streaming video is a felony.

CCIA: copyright wiretaps are Hollywood's "PATRIOT Act"

A DC trade group representing companies like AMD, Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft today objected loudly to the plan, saying that legitimate concerns about counterfeiting have been "hijacked to create draconian proposals to alleviate the content industry of the burden of protecting its own interest using its own extensive resources. " And that was just the beginning. Computer & Communications Industry Association chief Ed Black tapped his inner prophet to roll out a barnburner of a response to the White House. Adobe finds critical security hole in Flash Player, wont fix it before next...