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Reddit: Organizing the Sept. 17th Wall Street Occupation. Occupy. A Guide to the Occupy Wall Street API, Or Why the Nerdiest Way to Think About OWS Is So Useful - Alexis Madrigal - Technology. The most fascinating thing about Occupy Wall Street is the way that the protests have spread from Zuccotti Park to real and virtual spaces across the globe.

A Guide to the Occupy Wall Street API, Or Why the Nerdiest Way to Think About OWS Is So Useful - Alexis Madrigal - Technology

Metastatic, the protests have an organizational coherence that's surprising for a movement with few actual leaders and almost no official institutions. Much of that can be traced to how Occupy Wall Street has functioned in catalyzing other protests. Local organizers can choose from the menu of options modeled in Zuccotti, and adapt them for local use. Occupy Wall Street was designed to be mined and recombined, not simply copied. This idea crystallized for me yesterday when Jonathan Glick, a long-time digital journalist, tweeted, "I think #OWS was working better as an API than a destination site anyway.

" API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. What an API does, in essence, is make it easy for the information a service contains to be integrated with the wider Internet. *General* Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual To Changing The World. Chapter One. Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of activists who are having fun is dropkicking a rich, established organization so hard they are making heads spin.

Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual To Changing The World. Chapter One.

Rich and resourceful organizations are used to living by the golden rule — “those with the gold make the rules.” New ways of organizing go beyond just breaking the old rules into downright shredding them — leaving executives in the dust, wondering how that band of poor, ragtag, disorganized activists could possibly have beaten their rich, well-structured organization. On June 7, 2009, the Swedish Pirate Party got 225,915 votes in the European elections, becoming the largest party in the most coveted subthirty demographic. Our campaign budget was fifty thousand euros. Our competitors had spent six million. A swarm organization is a decentralized, collaborative effort of volunteers that looks like a hierarchical, traditional organization from the outside.

That dot-com era was quite special as a manager in the IT field. UN: world protest. Occupyresearch.wikispaces. Occupy Research home Welcome!


This is an open, shared space for distributed research focused around OccupyWallStreet / OccupyTogether. We are sharing ideas, research questions, research methods, tools, datasets, and later working to gather, analyze, discuss, write, code, and otherwise develop the theory and practice of occupy research together. Check out the left hand column for links to different pages (e.g. research questions, interview guides, overview of tools and practices in the camps, etc).

Participate If you'd like to participate, please:1. Events Occupy Research open conference calls will be in a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays at6.00pm EST / 3.00pm PST. Projects. @occupy_research. OccupyWiki. Dave Winer. The OccupyUSA Blog For Monday, With Frequent Updates. Share Here’s another day as #OccupyWallStreet catches fire around the country.

The OccupyUSA Blog For Monday, With Frequent Updates

For yesterday’s blog, click on my name at top. All times ET. E-mail me at: Here’s my new book vs. the death penalty. 11:55 Atlanta, Denver and Boston all facing evictions at this hour. Occupy Wall Street: Protests in California and around the nation. Occupy protestsOn Sept. 17, hundreds of people protested against Wall Street greed in Lower Manhattan and marched up Broadway; about 150 people stayed overnight in Zuccotti Park, a privately owned public space near Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street: Protests in California and around the nation

Since then, while living in the park, the protesters have sponsored rallies and marches on most days — and the movement has thrived. Between 1,000 and 1,500 people have reportedly been arrested in protests across the United States, with the largest numbers in New York, Boston and Chicago. Primer | Timeline Videos Blogs. Occupy. Search results for occupy. Occupy Wall Street : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News. Search for occupy. FOX: Search Results: Occupy.

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Occupy Wall Street

Occupy wall street – Flickr : Rechercher. OccupyTheorists launch The Militant Research Handbook. A collaborative project seeks to redefine the place where activism and academia meet by promoting militant research in, about and with the movements.

OccupyTheorists launch The Militant Research Handbook

[Download PDF] Welcome to The Militant Research Handbook! It’s designed to help you answer the question: what is militant research? Let’s begin by saying that it’s the place where academia and activism meet in the search for new ways of acting that lead to new ways of thinking. The Militant Research Handbook. Welcome to The Militant Research Handbook!

The Militant Research Handbook

It’s designed to help you answer the question: what is militant research? Let’s begin by saying that it’s the place where academia and activism meet in the search for new ways of acting that lead to new ways of thinking. Tidal - Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy. Theory & Event - Introduction. Find using OpenURL Introduction In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Click for larger view Photo by Accra Shepp. News organizations can finally create Google+ pages. Official Google Blog | Search Engine LandGoogle+ has launched brand pages for businesses, finally enabling news organizations and other businesses, institutions or products to engage with people on the social network.

NBC News, Good Morning America, Fox News and The New York Times (“all the news that’s fit to +”) are among those with pages now. Google says any organization will soon be able to create a page, but it’s not clear exactly when the ability will roll out to all users. Cdubs/occupybot - Following... OWSLibrary's books. The OWS Library: What the Protesters are Reading. Taking a step back and examining something as vibrant as the Occupy Wall Street protests is very difficult from a sociological or anthropological standpoint. It is like trying to pick up Jell-O with tweezers. The object of your interest is both amorphous and in a constant state of flux.

This is made more challenging by the absence of concrete objectives in the movement itself.

Pearltrees as collaborative curational mindmapping tool

Timeline. Twitter vs Facebook. Hugo Van Vuuren: Only at the @berkmancenter... Occupy Streams Map. Charlie De Tar on Occupytogether map, Charlie De Tar on Occupytogether map. occupyresearch on USTREAM. Conference. Rap genius: annotating news-tool. ESRI: OWS Map Showing Social Media Relating to the Protests. OccupyStream - Live Revolution. Occupy Together Meetups Everywhere. How Fast Is The Occupy Movement Growing? (MAP) Occupy Apps. Occupyapps [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage.

Quick Links: Apps Currently in Development | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr.

Occucopter = play drones = occupy drones

BBC: Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship. Disconnect. OccupyData. Predictors for next wave social change? Occupy Wall Street Hackathons Want to Build a Better Protest. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. Occupy Wall Street Hackathons Produce Digital Tools and New Activists. Revolution Tools. Mind Maps/Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers. Sukey. Occupy The Web. Questions - How2Occupy. OccupyTheHub - SF. OccupyDesign. Occupy votes. Occupied WSJ - GitHub.

Occupyist. Find out where you are on the Cyberthreat map / Узнай, где сейчас кипит кибервойна. A)Treat it Like aStartup Future of Online Activism. [Editor’s Note: The Stop Online Piracy Act, the House bill that wants to give content holders vast new powers to block web sites in the name of copyright protection, has been delayed despite an extensive lobbying campaign. The reason was widespread online opposition. Hunter Walk, co-creator of #BlackoutSOPA, explains in the article below how his site was able to help rally web users to the cause -- and hit upon the new reality of activism in the process.] At 1pm on Monday January 9th, Greg Hochmuth and I launched #BlackoutSOPA, a site that lets you alter your Twitter profile pic to display SOPA opposition. 15 minutes later the site went down due to more traffic than we expected.

That demand was just the beginning. Over the next 10 days, tens of thousands of people used the tool to reach tens of millions of their followers. Occupy College 2,5 Occupy Technology. Occupy the Internet: Protests Give Rise to DIY Data Networks. “There is a material reality to the internet,” explains Isaac Wilder, 21, on Motherboard TV’s new 30-minute documentary Free the Network. Motherboard TV: Free the Network. Occupy Wall Street & the web. (H)activism. Rushkoff : If you're are an #occupy person,... Popcorn Maker. Educational Mashups Mozilla Popcorn Maker 2014 Tutorial.