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Conflict of interest. The presence of a conflict of interest is independent of the occurrence of impropriety.

Conflict of interest

Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. A widely used definition is: "A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest. "[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public office.

Secondary interest includes not only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement and the wish to do favours for family and friends, but conflict of interest rules usually focus on financial relationships because they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable. Related to the practice of law[edit] During #mediablackout do NOT scoop the wire : EvictionDay. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK.

NYPD on Banks payroll ; Police on Uni's payroll & more

#MyNYPD april2014. Who do you serve? who do you protect? NYPD and NYC City Hall Break Kids Hearts. Occupy Police who do you serve? who do you protect? Captain Raymond Lewis. Busted for just tweeting/ livestream- ing/ videotaping/ arrests. Occupy Atlanta Encamps To Save Cop's Home. By We are Change (wearechange) By We are Change (wearechange) By We are Change (wearechange) Who do you serve? who do you protect? Cop punches Protester in Face at Occupy Wall Street - 3 different angles. NYPD Police Pepper Spray Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Anthony Balogna) ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Update: Alleged Police Brutality Caught In Pepper-Spray Video. PEACEFUL FEMALE PROTESTORS PENNED IN THE STREET AND MACED!- #OccupyWallStreet. Cops Tackle, Mace Wall St. Protesters for No Reason. Wait, the cops are at fault for "incit[ing] people to fuck with them physically"?

Cops Tackle, Mace Wall St. Protesters for No Reason

Give me a break. Your comment, along with a lot of others in this thread, makes the assumption that the police are trying to beat the shit out of people to somehow protect their friends in Wall Street. Having had a few friends in the force, let me clue you in - the police do not give a flying fuck about this cause or any other cause when they're doing protest control. They're not for it, they're not against it, they really just don't give a shit. These guys make middle of the road wages and their pension funds got just as screwed as everyone else's the past four years, so in all likelihood they despise the guys on Wall Street as much as anyone protesting out there. Bologna's Second Assault with Slo-Mo. Anonymous Goes After Cop In Wall Street Pepper-Spray Video. People were understandably upset after watching the YouTube video of several unarmed women being pepper-sprayed during the Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend.

Anonymous Goes After Cop In Wall Street Pepper-Spray Video

Whether or not the pepper-spray was used “judiciously” as the NYPD claimed, or whether it was a show of excessive force by one officer is probably only known by those that were part of the confrontation. But the video was pretty damming, and Anonymous, one of the groups associated with the protests, decided to do what they do best and take vigilante Internet justice into their own hands.

By blowing up a photo of the officer’s badge, someone was able to track down the name and personal information of the Deputy Inspector and document it to the website It already 7,000 views earlier today, and that was before Gawker made the document their front page story. The document contains the names and addresses of not only the officer in question, but his personal relatives as well.

BadCop d0x. Anonymous Leaks Personal Details of Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Wall Street Protesters. Colbert Report 27oct2011 Shockupy Wall Street Fad. NYPD Inspector Who Pepper-Sprayed Protesters Reassigned To Staten Island Command. This Video of NYPD Arresting a Woman at Citibank Certainly Doesn't Look Good. I walked by yesterday and saw a bit of this.

This Video of NYPD Arresting a Woman at Citibank Certainly Doesn't Look Good

That woman was being particularly obnoxious and, while that's not a crime, I think its emblematic of what this movement is quickly on the verge of becoming. Marine veteran rant against NYPD brutality - times square. Marine vs. 30 Cops (Marine Wins) Occupy Wall Street: Interview with U.S. Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas (O Network) Mobiles vs assault rifles -holy shitYouTube. Police brutality at Occupy Portland today. 27 members of Occupy Portland were arrested in the early hours Sunday.

Police brutality at Occupy Portland today

They were severely manhandles by police without provocation, and several report being injured while in police custody. Portland has been practically a poster child of good city/Occupation relations. Mayor Sam Adams has been a supporter; and Oregon Congressment Peter DeFazio and Earl Blumenauer spoke at an Occupation rally yesterday. (See video, next page) When the occupation shut down a main city street it was several days before the police moved in to make arrests, and even then it was only a few die-hards; the rest of the Occupation had already come to an agreement with police to free up the street. US Day of Rage ☮: . @MayorSamAdams @Portland... Facebook is Being Used to Crowd Source Threats and to Target Bahraini Demonstrators and Bloggers. Occupy Portland Arrests at Jamison Square, October 30, 2011. Image gCQQ. Coles v. City of Oakland - Oakland Police Department Crowd Control Policy. Occupy Melbourne. Peaceful, until their rights denied.

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Occupy Melbourne. Peaceful, until their rights denied

From time to time, we may also invite guest bloggers to contribute, in which case this will be made clear. Authors who are part of the RCT Group are qualified to practice law in Victoria, Australia. Any advice applies to Victorian State law as at the date of first publication. The information is a general guide only and is not a substitute for legal advice applicable to a user's own circumstances. Residents of other Australian States or Territories or countries are advised to seek legal advice from a lawyer practising in their own area, as laws may vary from region to region. Recent Authors Christian Farrelly is a solicitor whose professional focus is superannuation.


Days of Action for Public education 9/10nov2011. Berkeley stop beating students Occupy Cal 11/9/11. #OccupyWallSt - Law Student & Journalist Arrested for Civil Disobedience 9/24/11. Occupy Mobile arrests part 2. Scott Olson. Shot by police with rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland. Oakland Cops Hospitalize Another Iraq War Vet with Lacerated Spleen. Denver police brutality: Eyewitness account. OCCUPY WALL STREET vs THE EMPIRE. Occupy UCDavis. Mathematicians Against Police Violence lectures: Geometry, the Majority Vote and the Power of Agenda Control. Shock OWS video: Cops pepper spray peaceful California students. Athens Polytechnic comes to UC Davis. A Greek friend has sent me lots of information on links between the suppression of dissent at UC Davis and similar events in Greece from the days of the military junta to the present.

Athens Polytechnic comes to UC Davis

Here’s a video commemorating the 1973 uprising centred on Athens Polytechnic, which led to the downfall of the military junta the following year[1]. the last title says “The Polytechneio lives on. In struggles today.” Link Among the legacies of the uprising was a university asylum law that restricted the ability of police to enter university campuses. University asylum was abolished a few months ago, as part of a process aimed at suppressing anti-austerity demonstrations. Fortunately, my friend has translated the key recommendations University campuses are unsafe. Among the authors of this report – Chancellor Linda Katehi, UC Davis. Fn1. Cshirky: UC Davis head Katehi also... Occupy Maced: Police pepper spray unarmed youth, tear tents down.

Pepperspraying CUTV_camera- team and more.

From nuissance to terror?

From nuissance to murder? - imminently perilous to life - Occupy the Lens. Occupy Anaheim - Disneyland. Breakdown of hollywood controlled hero imagery. Simular ? ACLU releases "police tape" Pregnant Seattle protester miscarries after being kicked, pepper sprayed. By David EdwardsTuesday, November 22, 2011 9:45 EDT A woman who was pepper sprayed during during a raid on Occupy Seattle last week is blaming police after she miscarried Sunday.

Pregnant Seattle protester miscarries after being kicked, pepper sprayed

Jennifer Fox, 19, told The Stranger that she had been with the Occupy protests since they started in Westlake Park. She said she was homeless and three months pregnant, but felt the need to join activists during their march last Tuesday. “I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in,” Fox recalled. “I was screaming, ‘I am pregnant, I am pregnant. She claimed that police hit her in the stomach twice before pepper spraying her. “Right before I turned, both cops lifted their pepper spray and sprayed me. Pregnant Occupier Alleges Police Brutality Resulted In Miscarriage.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has recently come under attack nationwide, with police actions ranging from camp evictions to seemingly punitive pepper spraying of peaceful protesters.

Pregnant Occupier Alleges Police Brutality Resulted In Miscarriage

Police officers are losing their jobs over their brutal actions against OWS, with the now-infamous "Pepper-spray cop" incident resulting in the suspension of UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza. Occupy Seattle has seen its fair share of action, with the now-viral image of Dorli Rainey, 84, becoming an iconic symbol of the oppression this movement has begun to face. There were other victims, however, at the pepper-spraying that took place on the evening of the 15th of November. One of them is Jennifer Fox, 19, an Occupier who has been with the demonstration since it began operations at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle. Previously homeless, she now sleeps every night at the Occupation, grateful for a safe place to lay her head. "I shouted 'I'm pregnant, I don't want to get hurt, please let me through! ' The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US. Wikipedia commons The U.S. military has some of the most advanced killing equipment in the world that allows it to invade almost wherever it likes at will.

The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US

We produce so much military equipment that inventories of military robots, M-16 assault rifles, helicopters, armored vehicles, and grenade launchers eventually start to pile up and it turns out a lot of these weapons are going straight to American police forces to be used against US citizens. Benjamin Carlson at The Daily reports on a little known endeavor called the "1033 Program" that gave more than $500 million of military gear to U.S. police forces in 2011 alone. 1033 was passed by Congress in 1997 to help law-enforcement fight terrorism and drugs, but despite a 40-year low in violent crime, police are snapping up hardware like never before. While this year's staggering take topped the charts, next year's orders are up 400 percent over the same period. From The Daily: Occupy Seattle Protests - Photo #3.

Seattle Police Attack Pregnant Jennifer Fox Aftermath. Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer's Home From Foreclosure. By Zaid Jilani on November 8, 2011 at 11:30 am "Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer’s Home From Foreclosure" Occupy Atlanta has repeatedly run into hurdles, as it has been evicted from Woodruff Park in Atlanta multiple times by the city’s unsympathetic mayor, Kasim Reed.

Yet the group was invigorated yesterday as it moved to a new location to take action for economic justice. Occupy Atlanta Takes Over Home in Foreclosure. Occupy Wall Street, an offshoot of which has roosted in almost every major U.S. city, generally sets up camp near the center of large metropolitan areas. Now it has occupied the front lawn of a small home in suburban Atlanta. OWS protesters’ demands encompass a number of issues, including income inequality and corporate accountability, ever-increasing student debt, and the lack of jobs. But now, in what appears to be a first, Occupy Atlanta has camped out at a home in an attempt to prevent a foreclosure on the property and to raise awareness about the country’s gloomy housing sector. (MORE: Banks Back Off Unpopular Debit Card Fees) According to the protesters, Tawanna Rorey of Snellville, Ga., is at risk of being evicted from her home after she had trouble paying her mortgage and tried to get a loan modification.

The issue of foreclosures is one of the biggest drags on the stumbling economy. Occupy Atlanta Encamps To Save Cop's Home. 84-year-old #OccupySeattle participant Dorli Rainey, pepper sprayed by #Seattle Police #Nov15. Occupy Seattle Protests - Photo #1. Dorli Rainey, octagenarian pepper-sprayed by police at Occupy Seattle, on "the importance of activism" (video) Occupy Seattle: Octogenarian activist Dorli Rainey on being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police, importance of activism - Countdown with Keith Olbermann. To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years.

Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. We now welcome the on-air and digital presence of Al Jazeera America, a new news network committed to reporting on and investigating real stories affecting the lives of everyday Americans in every corner of the country. Elderly Occupier Pepper Sprayed - The Colbert Report - 2011-16-11. Journalist,Faith Laugier- attacked,assaulted and arrested by NYPD: The Shamar Report. RT inside 'Day of Action': Mass arrests, OWS blame NYPD for brutality. Girl manhandled. The simple image sharer. #ows 11-17-11 police brutality @ pine st. & william st.

The Occupy photo that launched a thousand tweets. Many saw pepper spray as a violent means of suppressing protest, and they were quick to express their disgust: I just can not imagine looking another person in the face and pepper spraying them or beating them with a baton. Sick, sick people. According to a local reporter, the police in Portland plan to review the incident: Fox News Blames Occupiers For Police Violence? #OWS ZUCCOTTI PARK 11-17-11 PROTESTER BEATEN - ARRESTED. The intentional NYPD destruction of media equipment in the Zuccotti Park raid. Motherboard posted an article on November 18th which highlighted the intentional NYPD destruction of media equipment in the night time raid on Zuccotti Park: Isaac Wilder, head of the Free Network FoundationThis is where we find Isaac Wilder, head of the Free Network Foundation, late Thursday morning.

Wilder, who we first met on Day 3 of the occupation, is an integral part of OWS’ Signal Corps, a working group that had been dedicated to providing free Wi-Fi to demonstrators within Zuccotti. During the raid, all of Wilder’s stuff, including the FNF’s Freedom Tower, a thin, maybe nine-foot-tall pole, loaded on all sides with nondescript routers that had been beaming out wireless access since early on in the occupation, was confiscated not long after he and another 200 or so protestors were hauled away after barricading themselves in the middle of the park.

Photo courtesy Isaac Wilder for Motherboard. Governing the Occupy Movement through Crime. Arrested Protesters Say NYPD Officers Cravenly Ate Their Pizzas [Updated] 2 OWS Activists Arrested at Arms Conference. Joshua Anderson: Tactical hypothesis: We sh...

Occupy Tents - Occopy Tent Monsters

Legal counterresponses. October 22nd 2012 Coalition against Police Brutality. Field Networking. Recently I hear from people that have gotten visits from the dutch FBI/BKA equivalent called “Nationale Recherche”. Apparently some of the people that work there are making house calls while investigating – I kid you not – my involvement with the Occupy movement.

As much as I feel I am an authoritative source with regard to my involvement in anything, I have yet to be asked any questions. So I don’t know how serious this is, nor whether this is part of a broader investigation into me, into Occupy or into something else entirely. It’s probably nothing and I know I don’t have to, but I hope you’ll allow me to use this space to clarify some things anyway. If only to preserve precious government resources and to make sure other people don’t have to be bothered answering questions about me anymore. Dear people at the Nationale Recherche, If you Google me, you’ll find that I like to provide internet to people that would otherwise not be able to get online. Thank you. Kettling the Cops. UC Davis Students Welcome "New Customers"


YES MEN "Three Strikes You're In" First seconds Who do you serve ? who do you protect ? Report on CUNY Protest Buries Evidence of Police Violence « A new report on a 2011 CUNY protest that saw more than a dozen arrests leaves core questions unanswered while misrepresenting evidence of police violence. On November 21, 2011, City University of New York students and faculty assembled with others at Baruch College for a public meeting of the CUNY board of trustees. The gathering, which took place six days after police rousted the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park, was large and boisterous, and turned confrontational after police and CUNY security blocked most of those in attendance from the room in which the meeting was taking place. UCDavis Bicycle Barricade.