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A Trip Around Our Solar System - Alan Taylor - In Focus. Robotic probes launched by NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and others are gathering information for us right now all across the solar system.

A Trip Around Our Solar System - Alan Taylor - In Focus

We currently have spacecraft in orbit around the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Saturn; several others on their way to smaller bodies; and a few on their way out of the solar system entirely. On Mars, a rover called Spirit has just been officially left for dead, after two years of radio silence from it -- but its twin, Opportunity, continues on its mission, now more than 2,500 days beyond its originally planned 90-days. With all these eyes in the sky, I'd like to take the opportunity to put together a photo album of our Solar system -- a set of family portraits, of sorts -- as seen by our astronauts and mechanical emissaries. [38 photos] HSF Space Shuttle Gallery.

What an Astronaut's Camera Sees. Mars Exploration Program. International Space Station and Discovery - STS-133. Any use of one of these images other than strictly private must be subject to prior authorization from FEBRUARY 28 : an astronaut in spacewalk in 3D video This is the first image ever taken from the ground, of an astronaut in extravehicular activity (EVA1).

International Space Station and Discovery - STS-133

Planetary Names: Planet and Satellite Names and Discoverers. MESSENGER Web Site. Discovery timelapse 110307 ladanyi.