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15 x 70mm Outstanding Waterproof Binoculars Telescope, Australia 15 x 70mm Outstanding Waterproof Binoculars Telescope, Australia About Q: Are the dresses made by your own factory? A: DinoDirect has our own factory with over five years’ experience in making dresses. Q:Is the price on your website real price, why it is much cheaper than market price? A:Dinodirect manage our business with lower overhead than a retail store or a company. We needn't employ many different departments, and needn't pay the much fees for advertising, renting a store, asking other team for alteration etc. We are the one of largest professional wedding factory in China, and our clients can order dresses from our factory directly.
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About Kunming Optical was started in 1998 as an online wholesale distribution center for the binoculars and telescopes made in China. We differentiate ourselves in two ways of thinking: 1) We first find out the most experience staff, let them look for the best binoculars and telescopes manufactured all over the established optical factories in China, and then we choose the binoculars and telescopes models that are the most cost-effective. About Kunming Optical


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CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Amateur Bino Mount Making (ABMM) CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Amateur Bino Mount Making (ABMM) Amateur Binocular Mount Making (ABMM) Preface At Kenny’s request, I have assembled some thoughts from my experience with designing and building homemade binocular mounts. P-mounts and unpowered Binochairs While I have gone thru a lot of trial and error, many of the errors were successful up to a point.
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Bill Greer's Astronomy Site: Binocular Mount Bill Greer's Astronomy Site: Binocular Mount The threaded rod passes through a hole in the cradle that the binoculars mount on. It passes in front of and between the binocular objectives. A hand-nut is used to adjust elevation. Not shown are holes for attaching an "L" bracket (to accomodate smaller binoculars), an altitude scale, an azimuth circle, and a red-dot finder. The mount is balanced (with 25x100 binoculars) at elevations up to 38 degrees.
Catch a Falling Star in Comfort (the Observatory Fits in the Trunk)
ScopeTeknix ScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 mirror binocular mounting ScopeTeknix ScopeTeknix Binoflex ST50 mirror binocular mounting This item is currently out of stock. The Binoflex - overall winner in the BBC Sky at Night magazine binocular mounting review! The most comfortable and precise way to observe the night sky with binoculars - and at a great price of £79.99.
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20.5*10cm iShoot L-shape Flash Bracket IS-L for Softbox (eBay item 270713843541 end time 31-Mar-11 18:45:58 AEDST) : Cameras
Garrett® Signature 20x110/28x110 HD-WP Binoculars ****JavaScript based drop down DHTML menu generated by NavStudio. (OpenCube Inc. -**** Home Page > Astronomy Binoculars Garrett® Signature 20x110/28x110 HD-WP Binoculars
Parallelogram Binocular Mount This article describes the design and construction of a Binocular Mount showing the design considerations. If you would like to have this article available while off-line, then download (88kb) and unzip it into its own directory. This contains the text and all photos and graphics. Parallelogram Binocular Mount
Car Window Clamp & Mounts - Binocular Accessories Car Window Clamp & Mounts - Binocular Accessories Binocular Reviews Home > binocular accessories > car window mount Far more than just a bracket that attaches your optical equipment to a car window, a good window mount or clamp as it is called in some places is versatile enough to be attached to many objects. These include fences, tree branches, hide railings, tubular structures and even tripods, which enables you to use two pieces of equipment like a camera and a pair of binoculars with one tripod. What to look for in a good clamp Look for a clamp that obviously is well constructed and sturdy as there is no point in using any sort of stabilisation device that is not stable! The jaws of the clamp should have a tough rubber surface to help them grip to what ever it is you want, but also so that if you do attached it to your window, it does not mark or scratch it.
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Product Summary Look out into outer space and enjoy the view with these astronomy binoculars. These binoculars come with eyepiece covers to keep the viewing area comfortable, lens covers to prevent scratches on the glass, and a hard case that locks to keep the pair secure while you travel to new viewing locations. The industrial-strength tool has 25x magnification capabilities, so you can view things like craters or planets without carrying around a large telescope. These black binoculars are great for anyone who wants to view the galaxy, and the tripod adapter helps make the view more stable. Comes with individual focus for accurate adjustmentBaK4 prisms offer superior light transmissionFits 1.25 in. threaded astronomical filtersNitrogen-purged and waterproof binoculars Zhumell Tachyon 25x100 Astronomy Binoculars with Locking Aluminum Case - Binoculars at Binoculars Zhumell Tachyon 25x100 Astronomy Binoculars with Locking Aluminum Case - Binoculars at Binoculars
CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Homemade Parallelogram Mount? CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Homemade Parallelogram Mount? Here's a parallelogram binocular mount which makes use of designsalready shown by others but contains a few elements of my own. The principle design considerations included: No counter weights or other dead weight for balancing purposes. Thevirtual counter weight as introduced by Tom Krajci would be used. The device should be stable when positioned and not wander off target
LCD MONITOR/PLASMA TV VESA Desk TOP Mount Bracket (eBay item 370491371452 end time 14-Mar-11 21:00:04 AEDST) : Home Entertainment Skip to main content G'day! Sign in or registereBay Deals G'day, (<a class="gh-a" href="">Sign in</a> to bid or buy)
White Wacki Swivel Bracket Pair : PHOTONAGE Discount Electronics Superstore Costing up to 60% less than inferior imported products. This Australian designed and manufactured bracket has a multitude of uses. Ideal for mounting speakers, strobe lights, security lights, CCTV cameras etc.
*2nd* Explorer 20x80 Binocular | Orion Telescopes Now is the Time to Observe Mars If you've been wondering this lately, you may very well be seeing the red planet Mars. Once it's above the horizon, it's about the brightest, most easily seen object in the sky. Only the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and the star Sirius are brighter.
Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount Submitted: Wednesday, 28th March 2007 by Dennis Simmons Introduction At the Queensland Astrofest in 2003 I stood mesmerised by the sight of a fellow astronomer, gliding effortlessly around the cosmos on his commercial, motorised, binocular chair, replete with GoTo capability. The whole two-eyed, recline-in-comfort, “drive-me-there” observing experience looked simply awesome. At the time, I had with me my Vixen giant binocular (30x125), supported by the very nice Vixen Alt-Az fork mount, all fitted on a home made wooden tripod. Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount
Astronomy Binoculars - Discount Oberwerk, Miyauchi, Fujinon Binoculars Visit our Close-Out Section for great deals on binoculars and accessories. In addition to Oberwerk binoculars, we also carry Fujinon 150mm binoculars (the world's largest) and the Kowa Highlander (the world's finest binocular), as well as Oberwerk and Manfrotto tripods and mounts, and other accessories. Whether your interest is in astronomy, bird watching, long-range observation, or general usage, we have the binocular you need!
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NEW SAXON 20x80r Night Binoculars Astronomy Stars (eBay item 190442643448 end time 09-Mar-11 16:53:04 AEDST) : Cameras
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173cm Monopod with Ballhead securing foot and carry bag (eBay item 230569198057 end time 03-Mar-11 09:02:46 AEDST) : Cameras
Celestron 20x80 SkyMaster Giant Binoculars 71018 FREE S&H 71018. Celestron Binoculars.
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