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A u d r e y * k a w a s a k i. Photography. - StumbleUpon. 10 Inspiring Photo Galleries on Street Photography. Awe Inspiring Street Photographs from some of the big names in this genre.

10 Inspiring Photo Galleries on Street Photography

Graphic. Tom Beddard Grows Fractals Into Works of Art. You may not know what fractals are, mathematically speaking, but you know what they look like: tangled, crenelated forms bending and burbling in on themselves into infinity in a geometric, yet weirdly organic way.

Tom Beddard Grows Fractals Into Works of Art

Generating fractal images is more like exploration than design -- and Tom Beddard explores an entire "fractal planet" in the video below. Beddard completed a PhD in laser physics before moving into web development and design. "I'm interested in how equations and formulas can be used to create interesting, unpredictable imagery," he tells Co.Design. Fractals are the quintessential example of this kind of generative art, but exploring their contours can be difficult on a desktop computer because of all the heavy math required to render them visually. Minimalist Posters Of Disney Films. Others. 9li.


Making Good Design Decisions. Inspiration Explosion: The Cure for Creative Block (Advertising, Architecture, Business Card, Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Logo, Photography, Typography, Web Design Inspiration) Art nouveau. War Art by US Soldiers. It is often said that art reflects the experiences of the artist and, if that's the case, I pray that these paintings and drawings are the closest that you ever get to what these artists have seen.

War Art by US Soldiers

Humanism. PubHist - Publications on (Art) History. Burgonet. Armor of Henry II of France. The Killer Mobile Device for Victorian Women. Adrift in a sea of digital apps for every imaginable function, we often feel our needs are met better today than in any previous era.

The Killer Mobile Device for Victorian Women

But consider the chatelaine, a device popularized in the 18th century that attached to the waist of a woman’s dress, bearing tiny useful accessories, from notebooks to knives. In many ways chatelaines provided better access to such objects than we have today: How often have you searched for your keys or cell phone at the bottom of a cavernous bag? Helmet. Armor of Henry II of France. "Junon"

Maria-Luisa (dite Coré) World, 500-1000 A.D. Explore Modern Art. We Are Light-Eaters: The Unearthly Art of James Turrell. GABRIEL DAWE - Installations art pack vol.1. First Drafts: The Bay Lights. A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights. The Luminarie De Cagna is an imposing cathedral-like structure that was recently on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights

The festival was host to almost 30 exhibitions including plenty of 3D projection mapping, fields of luminous flowers, and a glowing phone booth aquarium, however with 55,000 LEDs and towering 28 meters high the Luminarie De Cagna seems to have stolen the show. ( via stijn coppens, sacha vanhecke, sector271) I see the light. Traffic Lights Turn Fog into Colorful Visions. Stunning String Artwork. Wednesday, 28 September 2011 GreenMuze Staff Artwork by Janet Echelman.

Stunning String Artwork

American artist Janet Echelman creates, using simple string sculptures, stunningly beautiful works of art that are designed to respond and interact with the forces of nature such as wind, water and light. Utilizing traditional net-weaving methods and creating colorful manufactured ethereal clouds; the renowned artist recently gave a lecture at TED 2011 on “Taking Imagination Seriously”.


Cartoon. The Freedom Tunnel - New York, NY : New York, NY - Peter - Monday, June 9th, 2008 : goo [previous] :: [next] This is the north entrance to the Freedom Tunnel , on the west side of Manhattan in Harlem.

The Freedom Tunnel - New York, NY :

I could go on and on describing this place, its contents and meaning, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. More reading here, though: Freedom Tunnel. FAILE. WHORANGE. A few years ago i attended an uh-mazing banksy exhibition in downtown los angeles and have been eagerly awaiting the elusive graffiti artist's return. alas, mr. bansky choose instead to set up his latest wares in new york and bristol. on june 13th, banksy's largest exhibition entitled "banksy versus bristol museum" was unveiled at the bristol city museum. it features more than 100 of banksy's works mixed amongst the museum's permanent collection (including a mouse with a backpack tucked inside of a natural history case. someone, please send me a picture!


Check out the mouse here. thanks, matt, more the picture!). This is what happens when you give graffiti artists an abandon warehouse and an unlimited amount of paint.


- StumbleUpon. Drawing. M.C. Escher - Gallery. Painting. The 101 Most Important Painters of all time. Explore the paintings. Painters I Should Have Known About (008) Stanhope Forbes. Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Pieter Bruegel (Brueghel) the Elder (/ˈbrɔɪɡəl/;[1] Dutch: [ˈpitəɾ ˈbɾøːɣəl]; c. 1525 – 9 September 1569) was a Flemish Renaissance painter and printmaker known for his landscapes and peasant scenes (so called genre painting).

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

He is sometimes referred to as the "Peasant Bruegel. " From 1559 he dropped the 'h' from his name and signed his paintings as Bruegel. Life[edit]