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A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights

A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights
The Luminarie De Cagna is an imposing cathedral-like structure that was recently on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. The festival was host to almost 30 exhibitions including plenty of 3D projection mapping, fields of luminous flowers, and a glowing phone booth aquarium, however with 55,000 LEDs and towering 28 meters high the Luminarie De Cagna seems to have stolen the show. ( via stijn coppens, sacha vanhecke, sector271)

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Materialism Damages Mirror Neuron Activity People with an upper socioeconomic status or background tend to be less engaged in conversations.In a Berkeley study where two participants were filmed while having a conversation, the participants of the higher socioeconomic status or background displayed more disengagement behaviors, such as fiddling with things, not making eye contact or doodling.People of a lower socioeconomic status or background were more likely to make eye contact, smile and nod or otherwise engage in the conversation. The disparity was so great that even objective viewers later could guess participants’ socioeconomic background by their body language. The relevant point about religion is its practical value to the brain and genetics. Stripped of dogma, all religions share a basic premise of living a life in accordance with certain basic principles, with the aim of reaching a higher and far more rewarding level of existence.

Posters by Kazumasa Nagai Here is a collection of posters by graphic artist Kazumasa Nagai from the 1960s and 1970s. Kōrakuen Jumbo Pool, 1973 Growth - Life Science Library, 1966 Toshiba IC, 1967 The Mind - Life Science Library, 1965 Treehouses for All Occasions There's something about a treehouse that appeals to all of us. Maybe it's the view, or getting close to nature, or reliving childhood memories. There are many ways to enjoy treehouses, no matter what age you are. A Treehouse Protest

Knight Armor Hoodie Ok.. for those of you with the ‘forever alone’ and you will be the target of bullies… Let me explain something to you… while geeky guys do not generally get super models… they do get artsy and smart girls which overall, are far superior than getting someone who’s only attractiveness is their looks. Looks fade and frankly, as a girl, if I saw a guy in this I’d totally chat him up because that is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. That guy doesn’t look odd, he looks epic. You WISH you had one to attract a hot geeky girl but you don’t. All you can do is sit there wishing you came up with something so cool.

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions Growing up can be a challenge, especially in the teenage years. Some people use writing or art as a creative outlet for all the emotions they keep inside. Sebastian Eriksson is an 18-year-old up-and-coming surrealist artist living in Sweden. Not only is his artwork amazing, it's extremely thought-provoking as he adds descriptions of how his pieces relate to his life. For instance, in the piece above, he states: "This is another paradox that I've been working on for a couple of days. It describes a person with psychological problems such as schizophrenia, insanity, depression or other mental problems.

Multitasking: the Opposite of the Buddha Brain One of the most pronounced mental attributes of those with talent is the ability to concentrate. The spiritual geniuses of the past emphasised the value of cultivating this ability, which we now know exercises various parts of the brain, increasing neuron activity and the building of new connections, which results in learning. Rick Hanson, in his book The Buddha’s Brain points out that the roots of mystical experience must also lie within the brain. The appearance of books such as this illustrate the encouraging trend of seeing unusual states of mind as having a biological basis, thus rendering them open to scientific investigation. The concentration on divinity can take the everyday form of icons which the religious associate with a divine or higher form of intelligence. Or, it can take the form of intense meditation, the ability for which must be built up gradually.

Clever Illustrations to Brighten Up Your Day The Daily Grind While we're always on the hunt for mind-blowing, massively creative art, we're just as happy when we come across clever illustrations that can just brighten up our day. Threadless just released one of Jaco Haasbroek's funny works, called The Daily Grind, as a featured t-shirt on their website (see above). The Capetown, South Africa-based illustrator sure has a sweet and silly sense of humor. Walstrom House by John Lautner October 13th, 2011 John Lautner was a California based architect that built very inspiring public buildings and private residences. The Walstrom house was constructed in 1969 into the side of a hill in the Santa Monica mountains just outside of Los Angeles. My main interest in this home is of course the use of wood, but also the asymmetrical structure. Photos by Jon Buono

Lego domino row building machine Way back in 1985, I built my original domino row building machine out of Lego. I thought it would be neat to have some video of it to post on YouTube, but of course, the original machine was long disassembled. So this gave me reason to pull out the old Lego again and build a new domino row building machine on a visit to my parents at chrismas 2009. The set hadn't been played with since building the Lego marble machine in 1996! Big Doodle Big sharpie doodle! Big Doodle - sharpie on mat board - 40" x 32" Artwork © Lawrence Yang 2009 my blog | my site | purchase inquiries Buddhist Feminism (Part 3) When the Hindu Tantric tradition began to seep into Buddhism, with its complicated sexual yogas and meditation, it had a radical effect on certain Buddhists’ attitude toward women. The earthiness and sensuality attributed to women, which the sexist side of Buddhism saw as their spiritual weakness, became a spiritual power in Tantric Buddhism. The female yogi, “yogini”, who channels her sexual energy into meditation in the midst of the sex act was seen as one of the most important teachers a Tantric monk could have (an idea reflected in Herman Hesse’s novel SIDDHARTHA). For instance, the Tantric master Marpa, and his wife, shared a “long and highly fruitful relationship” with the consort-guruess Da-me-ma, and the Tantrist Savari was taught by two sisters, Logi and Guni, who, As Tantric consorts, helped him to important breakthroughs on his path. The PrajnaParamita (Perfect Wisdom) must be adored everywhere by those who strive for liberation.

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