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MediaArtTube DYNAMIC PROJECT ARCHIVE and Tool for Research and Education. Cross-pollination of disciplines, theories, practises, techniques, ideas and concepts on the platform of technology produced by Technēcists. MediaArtTube displays internationally recognized works and experiments on technology-based art and creative technology. MediaArtTube also hosts virtual exhibitions in the form of featured playlists. KEYWORDS: art&design, contemporary art, digital art, affective art, interface art interface design, interactive media art, technology-based art, time-based art electronic art, creative technology, robot art, hybrid art, bio art, biofeedback art, tangible interface, responsive environment, affective environment, virtual reality, data visualisation, interactive visualisation, embodied interaction, cognitive-based concept MediaArtTube's Channel MediaArtTube's Channel
Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. They are also used extensively as tools by computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians to ease the process of developing and communicating conceptual information. They can present a rich amount of information without intimidating you. Or sometimes they intimidate you, but make the digesting of the information much more bearable.

InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices

InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices
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