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Josef Breitenbach photographe, Biographie Josef Breitenbach, oeuvres Breitenbach. Josef Breitenbach, autoportrait, vers 1932-33© The Josef Breitenbach Trust New York Le photographe allemand Josef Breitenbach naît à Munich en 1896.

Josef Breitenbach photographe, Biographie Josef Breitenbach, oeuvres Breitenbach

Il décède à New York en 1984. Josef Breitenbach milite très tôt dans les cercles pacifistes du parti social-démocrate. Il s’éloigne de l’action politique mais n’en maintient pas moins les liens forgés avec les milieux contestataires de la gauche et de la bohème munichoise dont il retrouve certaines figures dans l’exil. Passionné de photographie depuis l’adolescence, Josef Breitenbach ouvre son premier studio à la fin 1931 et devient rapidement à Munich le portraitiste attitré des personnalités de la scène et du cabaret. Inquiété pour ses antécédents politiques, il fuit l’Allemagne nazie pour Paris en septembre 1933. Film and Video Umbrella - The Forest. …finding a little fairytale everyday. Home2 — STUART REDLER. Being and Becoming — Virgilio. Plastic Room - Philippe Lopparelli. D’Arthur à Zanzibar - Philippe Lopparelli. A Japanese Photographer Traces How Cities Are Built and Destroyed. Sometime in the nineteen-eighties, riding the monorail into Tokyo, Naoya Hatakeyama had an epiphany about limestone—namely, that it was everywhere, except in the vast holes where it used to be.

A Japanese Photographer Traces How Cities Are Built and Destroyed

Blast after blast, truckload by truckload, humanity had embarked on an elaborate limestone-relocation project, otherwise known as “construction.” João Castilho > Vacant Plot. Elliott Erwitt's Pittsburgh. “Everything was grand, heroic.

Elliott Erwitt's Pittsburgh

Everything seemed to be gigantic in Pittsburgh—the people, the history. Sinuousness. Power. Substance. Meaningfulness.” — Pittsburgh-born poet Jack Gilbert, in a 2005 Paris Review interview. ED VALFRE'S DREAMLAND. The Compassionate Eye. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Grapes of Wrath.

The Compassionate Eye

One man made a singular impact on this American classic, photographer Horace Bristol, who took author John Steinbeck to the migrant labor camps where he documented the desperation of the Depression. Ayako Takaishi - Photographie. Center for Creative Photography. Aaron Siskind has been called an abstract photographer and, indeed, many of his photographs feature subjects that are not easily identifiable.

Center for Creative Photography

His photography, however, is not purely abstract. Rather, Siskind photographed recognizable places and things in ways that created a new means of communicating ideas, feelings, and perspectives on life and history. His innovation earned him a major place in the history of photography. Siskind studied literature at the City University of New York and intended to become a poet. Saul Leiter: Early Black And White. Saul Leiter believed that the history of art is the history of color.

Saul Leiter: Early Black And White

But the history of photography is largely the history of black and white. Saul Leiter - Artists - Howard Greenberg Gallery. Saul Leiter (1923-2013) was born in Pittsburgh, the son of an internationally renowned Talmudic scholar.

Saul Leiter - Artists - Howard Greenberg Gallery

Leiter's interest in art began in his late teens, and though he was encouraged to become a Rabbi like his father, he left theology school and moved to New York to pursue painting at age 23. In New York, he befriended the Abstract Expressionist painter Richard Pousette-Dart, who was experimenting with photography. His friendship with Pousette-Dart and soon after, with W. Eugene Smith, expanded his interest in photography. Leiter's earliest black and white photographs show an extraordinary affinity for the medium.

Georges shiras

Photographer: Nadezhda Boyanova Atanasova. Dear users.

photographer: Nadezhda Boyanova Atanasova

We are making changes to the site, which may affect the functionality of it and some of it work, but we assure you that all bugs will be fix and the site will be resuscitated. Thank you for your patience. the best photos only Monetize Your Site photo: Photo N:2612173 | photographer: Nadezhda Boyanova Atanasova >> click here to display photo in original size << David Falco Photography - Lapiaz (vidéo) Márcio Lima – ARCAPRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS. Márcio Lima – Salvador, BA Co-fundador da ARCAPRESS FOTÓGRAFOS – ASSOCIADOS Email:


Cheyenne Randall: Inking Icons. © Cheyenne Randall Marlon Brando.

Cheyenne Randall: Inking Icons

Johnny Cash. Elvis Presley. These men were undoubtedly badass. The only thing that would have made them more so? That’s the revelation that Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall had while bedridden with a dislocated kneecap several years ago. Exhibition: ‘The world is beautiful: photographs from the collection’ at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Exhibition dates: 4th December 2015 – 10th April 2016 Despite a focus on the camera’s relationship to the beauty and pure form of the modern world – “the attraction and charm of the surface” – these photographs are more than just being skin deep. In their very straightforwardness the photographs propose a “rigorous sensitivity to form revealed patterns of beauty and order in the natural and man-made alike.” But more than the portrayal of something we would not see if it were not for the eye of the photographer, the lens of the camera, the speed of the film, the sensitivity of the paper, the design of the architect, the genetics of nature … is the mystery of life itself.


Bona Mangangu Photography. « La mélancolie est le plus légitime de tous les tons poétiques. » Edgar Allan Poe. Photographie art visuel. Leiter, Saul : Photography, History. Michael Kenna. La Fotografía de Helen Froloe. Hullaballoo Collective.