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Julian Assange : "La vraie guerre, c'est la guerre de l'information" (The Guardian) La plupart des premiers “cypherpunks” [groupes de personnes intéressées par la cryptographie, l’ensemble des techniques de codage et de décodage de messages] étaient des militants libertariens de Californie.

Julian Assange : "La vraie guerre, c'est la guerre de l'information" (The Guardian)

Je n’étais pas issu de la même tradition, mais nous étions tous unis par notre volonté de protéger les libertés individuelles contre la tyrannie de l’Etat. La cryptographie était notre arme secrète. Les gens ont oublié à quel point cet outil était subversif. A l’époque, la cryptographie était la propriété exclusive des Etats, qui s’en servaient pour conduire leurs guerres. En concevant notre propre logiciel et en le diffusant au maximum, nous avons libéré la cryptographie. La difficulté d'être anarchiste. « … Nous ne présentons pas de manifeste ronflant car nous ne croyons pas aux bibles révélées et immuables.

La difficulté d'être anarchiste.

Nous croyons plus réaliste, plus constructif et aussi… plus anarchiste de mettre perpétuellement au point un bulletin idéologique dans lequel et par lequel se dégageront notre doctrine, nos positions, notre attitude dans la lutte historique présente… ». En rangeant une collection de « NOIR et ROUGE » (il faut bien ranger, parfois, l’Anarchie est d’ailleurs la plus haute expression de l’ordre…) j’ai machinalement feuilleté le premier numéro de nos cahiers et cet extrait de la page-éditorial m’a rappelé que bientôt cinq années se seront écoulées depuis la parution de ces quelques lignes.

Cela donne toujours matière à réflexion.


Theory. An archive of anarchist literature. Anarchosyndicalism by Rudolf Rocker - Chapter 1. [Originally published in 1938 by Martin Secker and Warburg Ltd] Anarchism: Its Aims and Purposes; The Proletariat and the Beginning of the Modern Labour Movement; The Forerunners of Syndicalism; The Objectives of Anarcho-Syndicalism; The Methods of Anarcho-Syndicalism; The Evolution of Anarcho-Syndicalism.

Anarchosyndicalism by Rudolf Rocker - Chapter 1

Anarchism versus economic monopoly and state power; Forerunners of modern Anarchism; William Godwin and his work on Political Justice; P.J. Proudhon and his ideas of political and economic decentralisation; Max Stirner's work, The Ego and Its Own; M. Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges. Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges By Suzanne | February 9, 2012 Another one of our authors, David Graeber, has written a response to Chris Hedges’ controversial article “The Cancer in Occupy.”

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges

This piece was published this morning over at n+1 and is excerpted here; please head over to n+1 to read it in its entirety. Thanks to David for this thoughtful contribution to the important conversation around the tactics and dynamics of the Occupy movement. Keep ‘em coming, folks! Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges David Graeber I am writing this on the premise that you are a well-meaning person who wishes Occupy Wall Street to succeed. I am also an anarchist who has participated in many Black Blocs. I was hardly the only Black Bloc veteran who took part in planning the initial strategy for Occupy Wall Street. Welcome to AK Press. Gray hoodie we are not afraid of ruins medium by phoenixcompost.

NewLibertarianManifesto.pdf. 9/11 and the Imperial Mentality. We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the horrendous atrocities of September 11, 2001, which, it is commonly held, changed the world.

9/11 and the Imperial Mentality

On May 1st, the presumed mastermind of the crime, Osama bin Laden, was assassinated in Pakistan by a team of elite US commandos, Navy SEALs, after he was captured, unarmed and undefended, in Operation Geronimo. A number of analysts have observed that although bin Laden was finally killed, he won some major successes in his war against the U.S. "He repeatedly asserted that the only way to drive the U.S. from the Muslim world and defeat its satraps was by drawing Americans into a series of small but expensive wars that would ultimately bankrupt them," Eric Margolis writes. "'Bleeding the U.S.,' in his words. " The United States, first under George W. That Washington was bent on fulfilling bin Laden’s fervent wishes was evident at once. The First 9/11 Was there an alternative? Unfortunately, it is not a thought experiment. Mondragon Corporation.

Mondragon cooperatives operate in accordance with Statement on the Co-operative Identity maintained by the International Co-operative Alliance.

Mondragon Corporation

History[edit] The determining factor in the creation of the Mondragon system was the arrival in 1941 of a young Catholic priest José María Arizmendiarrieta in Mondragón, a town with a population of 7,000 that had not yet recovered from the Spanish Civil War: poverty, hunger, exile and tension.[2] In 1943, Arizmendiarrieta established a technical college that became a training ground for generations of managers, engineers and skilled labour for local companies, and primarily for the co-operatives.[3] Before creating the first co-operative, Arizmendiarrieta spent a number of years educating young people about a form of humanism based on solidarity and participation, in harmony with Catholic Social Teaching, and the importance of acquiring the necessary technical knowledge. The first 15 years were characterised by enormous dynamism.