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Cordwood - Mortar Options (green building forum at permies) Cordwood mortar choices - Greenville Green Building. A previous article, Best wood for cordwood building, discussed how to choose from the types of wood available for cordwood.

Cordwood mortar choices - Greenville Green Building

The next decision is what to use as mortar to hold the wood together in the walls. The mortar choice will be different from that used for conventional brick walls since it makes up so much of the wall's content, filling in the spaces between wood pieces, approximately forty percent of the wall surface area. It must be strong enough to stand up to shrinkage and expansion of the wood, and to provide more insulative power. The Romans used something similar to the latest lime putty mortar (LPM), where type S hydrated lime is soaked for a few days, then mixed in with mason's sand, 3 parts sand to 1 part LPM.

See Rob Roy's article on Lime Putty Mortar in the Continental Cordwood Conference Collected Papers for 2005 available from Earthwood. Adding soaked sawdust, perlite or vermiculite to mortar keeps it wet longer and slows the cure to prevent cracking. The Beauty of Cordwood Building. A few years ago, we had a “most beautiful chicken coop” contest.

The Beauty of Cordwood Building

The winner? A cordwood chicken coop. Cordwood construction is sometimes also called “stackwood construction.” Earthwood Building School - Cordwood Masonry since 1981. Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary] Cordwood Building. All Things Cordwood. ALL THINGS CORDWOOD No one knows for sure who the first cordwood builders were, but it is speculated that at some point in time, someone figured out they could stay warm and dry in a pile of cordwood that had the gaps between the wood filled with mud or some other material.

All Things Cordwood

Or, maybe pre-man as depicted in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey weren't really throwing bones but rather pieces of cordwood. Who knows? If you are looking for information and photographs related to cordwood, you've come to the right place. Here's a photo album devoted to cordwood construction. Meet the Masons - Here's your chance to see how others have built their cordwood homes; complete with photographs and narratives by the builders who built them. Cordicles - What do you get when you cross cordwood with magazine articles -- Cordicles!

Days of Stovewood Past - The term "stovewood" was frequently used in the 1800's and early 1900's to describe barns and homes made from cordwood and mortar. Cordwood Masonry. With the beginning of the true third millennium – Y2K wasn’t the real thing – I can’t help but reflect on the origins of my favorite building method, cordwood masonry, which anecdotal evidence places at around the year 1,000-the beginning of the 2nd Millennium.

Cordwood Masonry

Another anecdote, the source of which I have unfortunately lost, tells of a 3,000-year-old clay tablet found on Crete with instructions on how to build a cordwood wall.... That Roundhouse. Discussion Forum. This was our summer project..

Discussion Forum

A 16x25 cobwood barn. We plan on putting a small rocket-stove greenhouse in front. The warm attached greenhouse, plus the critters' body heat will hopefully keep the barn at a comfortable temperature for chickens, goats and an occasional calf or sick animal. The goal was to build the structure with the leftover cordwood from our house for as dirt cheap as possible. So far we haven't spent more than $500-$600 on it. We excavated the site by hand and dug a trench, about a foot or two deep and a couple feet wide for gravel and drain tile.

We wrapped the sandbag foundation with plastic erosion control netting and plastered with a cement/lime/sand mix. The cob mix was clay, sand, dried and shredded horse manure, chopped straw and some dairy products to improve stickiness and workability. The rafters are Aspen logs cut on our land. The logs were bolted to 2x4 scabs, which were in turn screwed to a couple rounds of cordwood. Slabwood headers over openings..