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Cordwood Buildings

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Cordwood - Mortar Options (green building forum at permies) The Beauty of Cordwood Building. A few years ago, we had a “most beautiful chicken coop” contest.

The Beauty of Cordwood Building

The winner? A cordwood chicken coop. Cordwood construction is sometimes also called “stackwood construction.” Earthwood Building School - Cordwood Masonry since 1981. Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary] Cordwood Building. All Things Cordwood. Cordwood Masonry. With the beginning of the true third millennium – Y2K wasn’t the real thing – I can’t help but reflect on the origins of my favorite building method, cordwood masonry, which anecdotal evidence places at around the year 1,000-the beginning of the 2nd Millennium.

Cordwood Masonry

Another anecdote, the source of which I have unfortunately lost, tells of a 3,000-year-old clay tablet found on Crete with instructions on how to build a cordwood wall.... That Roundhouse.