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City of the lion and monks-civilian areas by yangqi917 - Yang Qi. White bone cave by yangqi917 - Yang Qi. Old samurai by yangqi917 - Yang Qi.

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Akavir Mod - Documents. Llénnöcöcönnèll, the Anachronisle - Elder Scrolls Lore. Towards a Dragon'd Sea: Cathnoquey - Elder Scrolls Lore. Towards a Dragon’d Sea: Cathnoquey Of all the Imperial Provinces described herein, Cathnoquey is the newest to join its ranks.

Towards a Dragon'd Sea: Cathnoquey - Elder Scrolls Lore

Cyrodiil. Author: Imperial Geographical Society.


The Tsaesci Creation Myth And we ate it to become it. Author: Michael Kirkbride There was the Striking, and the Egg was split into twelve worlds, one for each serpent who had a name, and the names of the serpents were alive and coiled into themselves and became more eggs, for names are self-maters, and the Naming went and went.

The Tsaesci Creation Myth And we ate it to become it

According to the calculations, the random sequence learned very cunningly that fragmentation reserved itself to the left eye. Variation realms were the evidence needed. Tsaesci Creation Myth- An Attempted Deciphering : teslore. The Story of Lysirius. In ancient times, there lived a hero named Lyrisius.

The Story of Lysirius

He fought agains the Akaviri slavetraders and single-handedly slew hundreds. Despite his valor, Lyrisius' army was routed and scattered to the four winds. Lyrisius fled into the moors to escape the Akaviri chariots. Far from the lands of men, Lyrisius entered the blasted lands. At the heart of this forsaken landscape, he met the wyrm. The wyrm intended to devour Lyrisius when the hero offered to be its slave and manservant. Are there any confirmed physical depictions of any Akaviri races in any of the Elder Scrolls games? : teslore. Tsaesci (Humanoid) Tang Mo.

Well, I have my own ideas about the Tsaesci and actually would love discussing them with a few more people. As to the Kamal, that's the real reason I have no picture for them right now, I simply have zero idea what they could possibly look like. – amraretoshak
Thanks, I'll work on that and get back to you, I may work on a tang mo and Taesci race too if i can figure this one out. I have an idea for the kamal but the lore doesn't say much about them. – ramenators
Well, I didn't draw these (wish I was skilled enough to, but alas I am not) and honestly I don't think I would include the Akaviri Race in what I'm working on solely because of a personal theory I'm developing as I'm tearing through Lore to try to piece all of this together. Secondly, I'd suggest puting the Blades Smithing in Advanced Armours, or (if you are really feeling up to it) just making a model of each material's version of Akavirian Armour and a Katana (and possibly some other weapons). – amraretoshak
I love your drawings, do you plan on making (or finding i dont even know if you drew this or if you found it) an Akaviri sketch? im thinking about making a race mod with the Akaviri as a playable race that knew blades smithing when you learned Dwarven smithing (because both races are lost, dead, or very rare) – ramenators

Monkey king - avatar01 by yangqi917 - Yang Qi. Ka Po'Tun. Akaviri Diary. Day Three It is with a heavy heart and a trembling hand that I pen this latest entry.

Akaviri Diary

It has been several days since I have seen anyone else on the road from our garrison at Grey Ridge. The road is lonely and treacherous. I am rationing my supplies to prepare for a tough path ahead. As long as Reman Cyrodiil's army hasn't located our headquarters at Pale Pass, the journey should be fairly uneventful. Day Seven It has been two days, and I have finally arrived at Dragonclaw Rock. Day Eight After winding my way westward, I have come within sight of The Sentinel: a huge statue placed there by some unknown artist many years ago.

Day Nine I am using much of my remaining strength writing this. Guide to Akavir. Author: Adanorcil, Raptormeat "We are a rare generation in Tamriel, when few of us have seen any denizen of Akavir.

Guide to Akavir

I suspect that we're lucky in that. " - Carlovac Townway. Report: Disaster at Ionith. Report of the Imperial Commission on the Disaster at Ionith by Lord Pottreid, Chairman Part I: Preparations The Emperor's plans for the invasion of Akavir were laid in the 270s, when he began the conquest of the small island kingdoms that lie between Tamriel and Akavir.

Report: Disaster at Ionith

With the fall of Black Harbor in Esroniet in 282, Uriel V was already looking ahead to the ultimate prize. Mysterious Akavir. Akavir means "Dragon Land".

Mysterious Akavir

Tamriel means "Dawn's Beauty. " Atmora means "Elder Wood". Only the Redguards know what Yokuda ever meant. Akavir is the kingdom of the beasts. No Men or Mer live in Akavir, though Men once did. History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition. 2920, Last Year of the First Era. Frostfall Book Ten of 2920, The Last Year of the First Era by Carlovac Townway 10 Frostfall, 2920 Phrygias, High Rock The creature before them blinked, senseless, its eyes glazed, mouth opening and closing as if relearning its function.

2920, Last Year of the First Era

A thin glob of saliva burbled down between its fangs, and hung suspended. Turala had never seen anything of its kind before, reptilian and massive, perched on its hind legs like a man. "My child," she crowed. It took Turala a moment to recall whether she was thinking anything at all.