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Impressão 3D e Prototipagem. PYLOS /// Be3D 3D printers. BetAbram. Impressão 3D e Prototipagem. News - Catch up on all our news and funding announcements. March 16, 2015 Harnesses light + oxygen to grow commercial quality parts at game-changing speeds Partners with Sequoia and Silver Lake and raises $40 million Carbon3D today emerged from stealth on the main stage of the TED conference with an innovative approach to polymer-based 3D printing that promises to advance the industry beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing.

News - Catch up on all our news and funding announcements

The new Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP) harnesses light and oxygen to continuously grow objects from a pool of resin instead of printing them layer-by-layer. Discover and Print 3D Objects. Metamáquina - Impressora 3D. MovtecH Tecnologia - Router CNC de Alta Precisão. Formlabs - High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer. Solidoodle 3D printing stores set to bring 'upscale fashion shopping' to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Solidoodle 3 is an $800 3D printer that you can stand on, we go hands (and feet) on (video) Companies will go to fascinating lengths to demonstrate their belief in a product, but there was still something refreshing in watching Solidoodle founder Sam Cervantes climbed atop his company's latest creation, beaming. After all, the announcement of a $500 printer back in April left us wondering what sorts of corners the company would have to cut to offer a product at a fraction the cost of what Cervantes' former employer, MakerBot, has brought to the market. Asked whether Solidoodle had to make any compromises to hit such an impressive price point, the one-time aerospace engineer stood by his product's build quality. And then he stood on it. Announced in November and due out next month, the company's latest product doesn't quite hit that price point. Solidoodle had to drive cost up a fair amount to double the last generation's build platform to 512 cubic inches.

That said, the thing still works as advertised -- well, once you get it all set up, that is. Comments. BotObjects - ProDesk3D, The First Full Colour 3D Desktop Printer. Impression 3D. Impression 3D. RepRap Central DIY 3D Printer. RepRap Forums. RepRapDiscount Online Shop. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. Pioneers in 3D Printed Designs. Shapeways - Make & Share Your Products with 3D Printing. The MakerBot Replicator 2 - Unboxing. Junior Veloso's DIY High-Res 3D printer. Home MakerBot. RoBo3D Printer - Home. Portabee 3D Printer, Portable & Cheap 3D Printing.

Portabee/SKP-files at master · romscraj/Portabee. Romscraj/printkbot-EXPERIMENTAL. The fast, easy to build, affordable 3D printer - 3D printing for everyone! 3d printing machines. 2013 – time for the New Industrial Revolution? You would have to be living under a stone to have missed the rise of the “maker movement”, especially in the last 12-months.

2013 – time for the New Industrial Revolution?

In 2012 the Raspberry Pi arrived in the UK, a basic computer motherboard designed to teach children how to build a PC. Chris Anderson, ex editor-in-chief of WIRED, published a book called Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, a eulogy to the growing movement of people making their own stuff. Universities globally are opening Fab Labs – fabrication or “fabulous” laboratories – where students and paying punters can design, test and make. Articles about the maker movement popped up everywhere last year and a group of young people in the US made a semi-automatic gun with a 3D printer. Two industrial phenomena, the maker movement and the mass personalisation of products will receive a lot more scrutiny in 2013. The maker movement is not new but it is getting big. Mr Gachigh alludes to a range of products but specifically he talks about pharmaceuticals. Afinia H-Series 3D Printer, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. K8200 - The new 3D-Printer in town.

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K8200 - The new 3D-Printer in town

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