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Champagne And Raspberry Cupcakes - Quick and Easy Recipes From Stylist Magazine. January is bleak enough withouth thinking about diets and detoxes, so we asked Cuckoo’s Bakery in Edinburgh to give us their delicious, spirit-lifting recipe for Champagne and raspberry cupcakes!

Champagne And Raspberry Cupcakes - Quick and Easy Recipes From Stylist Magazine

Makes 12 Cupcakes Ingredients: 160g unsalted butter160g caster sugar170g plain flour2 ½ teaspoonsbaking powder3large eggs, room temperature3 tablespoonsof champagne125g unsalted butter at room temperature275g icing sugar4 tablespoons of champagne8 tablespoons of raspberry jam4 tablespoons of champagne Directions: 33 cupcake recipies. Flower Cupcakes. Cannella Vita: peach ginger muffins. If you look carefully, you can see peaches rolling around in the back of most of my recent photos.

Cannella Vita: peach ginger muffins

These peaches led to this, this, this, and two peachy banana breads. These peaches also led to these cute little peach ginger muffins... and we still have a bunch rolling around on the counter. These soft, fragrant muffins have the most amazing ginger streusel that packs a delicious crunch into every bite. The sharp, spicy ginger contrasts so nicely against the sweet, plump peach chunks.

What makes these muffins even more delectable is the addition of brown butter. These are perfect for breakfasts, snacks, and (my favorite) eating standing up over the oven. With love, Erica Preheat the oven to 375F. The barmy baker: Getting High with Hi-Hat Cupcakes. I believe it was a year or two ago, before I started my little blog, that I first heard of Hi-hat Cupcakes.

the barmy baker: Getting High with Hi-Hat Cupcakes

I then found a recipe for them on Martha Stewart's site. I then searched a bit more and found quite a few people had terrible issues with the recipe on that site (which doesn't surprise me, as the recipes there tend to be hit and miss) and had worked out their own way of making them from trial and error. I set the idea to make them aside and it got buried in my ever churning thought process. Warm muesli muffins recipe. I Am Now In The Muffin Loop. I am so sick.

I Am Now In The Muffin Loop

Of myself. Do you know what I mean? I'm just fed up TO HERE with me. I feel boring, uninspired, whiny, ridiculous, apathetic, and just TOTALLY BLEH. I feel like white bread looks. Is it a stage or something? I was just going to write "I can't seem to get hooked into anything lately! " You know, I didn't have any real idea of what this ramble was going to be about but it actually came full circle for me, considering the recipe I'm going to toss out here. Let me just ask you this: have you ever had a muffin melt in your mouth? French Breakfast Muffins I never knew a muffin could be so exciting.

Mini Rainier Cherry Cheesecakes. Dear Andrea, Remember when you were eleven years old and you made a collage of the life you dreamed to lead as a grown up?

Mini Rainier Cherry Cheesecakes

The one with the knee socks, plaid skirt, collared shirt, and sweater vest- the outfit idea you snagged from Cher’s wardrobe in Clueless? Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes. In all my years on the internet, I’ve received three unforgettable emails. Each were typed by my mother. I picture her sitting at the keyboard, perfectly positioned to type as though she were being tested for proficiency. Either full caps or none at all. Her nose turned slightly up at the computer because she can’t quite see the 24” monitor. And truth be told, neither can I at 25 years old. These electronic notes are the joy of my existence.

The first email appeared in my inbox the day my mother discovered the internet. Truly perfect. The second best email was one that I’d like to have chiseled into stone. Love, articulated. And then there was the third email. Just so you know, she looks fabulous with bangs. The genius of email is the terseness. But back to the email itself. And I don’t question her. I baked the cinnamon rolls. These are not light, they are not classically healthy, they can’t even be considered simple. Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes Let’s get started, shall we?