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Moon Astrology Articles - Mooncircles. From the MoonCircles Archive: Quick Guide to Moon Phases by Dana Gerhardt We can slice the Moon’s cycle into as many phases as we want.

Moon Astrology Articles - Mooncircles

Arabian, Indian, and Chinese astrologers divided the Moon’s orbit into 28 or 27 “mansions.” They noticed how each day of the lunar month had its own unique and recurring qualities. Read the full article »» Learn Astrology - Astrology Articles -The Eight-Phase Lunar Cycle. Thousands of years of observation have shown that lunar rhythms affect us all, collectively and personally, instinctually and unconsciously.

Learn Astrology - Astrology Articles -The Eight-Phase Lunar Cycle

From the earliest simple etchings of moon phases on sticks, humanity has found ways to identify measure and predict the timing of events based on the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Modern calendars, the tools we use for synchronizing our activities with the rest of the world, continue to be calculated using a soli-lunar formula. Although lunar phases are known to dictate the movement of tides; the growth of plants; and the breeding habits of domesticated animals, fish, and game; we have become so out of touch with nature that few of us even notice the moon unless it’s dramatically full. Much less are we able to recognize its cycle or phase by its appearance and location in the sky. This has been true in astrological circles, as well, where the moon’s cycle is generally considered too fast and thus too short term to offer meaningful information.

Lunar Phases in Natal Chart. On this Page: Lunar Phases: Overview Lunar Phases in the Natal Chart: Interpretations Lunar Phases: Overview The two most fundamental energies in our birth chart are the Sun and the Moon.

Lunar Phases in Natal Chart

While the Sun is the most yang, projective, giving us our sense of individual self and purpose, the Moon is the most yin, receptive, providing us with the application of our purpose. The Sun is the light and life of our system. Each night a different amount of light is given off by the Moon according to its changing relationship with the Sun. One way to describe these phases is to use the analogy of the plant. The Out of Bounds Moon. Akali astrologie - Lune vide de course Calendrier. La Lune est "Vide de Course" lorsqu'elle ne forme plus aucun aspect majeur avant de changer de signe.

Akali astrologie - Lune vide de course Calendrier

Voici les calendriers des périodes de Lune Vide de Course (Void of Course ou VOC) pour les mois à venir. En noir figure la date du dernier aspect majeur formé entre la Lune et une autre planète : c'est le début de la période Vide de Course. Hayward Earthquake: Moon and Planetary Declinations, Moon Speed. Richard Nolle has pointed out on his website that the year's 3d SuperMoon is coming up on April 18.

Hayward Earthquake: Moon and Planetary Declinations, Moon Speed

This is in Cardinal Signs along with a bunch of earthquakey types of planets in the 12th House and that's sort of scary. This is earthquake season in Northern California so it's nail biting time. Read Nolle's predictions and explanations so that I don't have to butcher them. Wouldn't it be great though if the Milpitas Sewage Treatment Plant just sort of exploded for once and for all?

I mean the turds are all just floating around loose in the water pipes anyway. No. Besides, I've found other stuff having to do with the Moon and Earthquakes that I'm going to totally slaughter. I've been noticing a couple of odd things about the charts of Earthquakes. The Moon will be traveling fast during Richard Nolle's "time window for disaster occuredness" 3 days before and after the SuperMoon.

I know that often a Cancer Moon is equated with earthquakes, however, especially with tsunamis. Free Online Lunar Parallax Position Calculator! File:Lunar libration with phase2.gif. Libration. The phase and libration of the Moon for 2013 at hourly intervals, with music, titles and supplemental graphics.


Simulated views of the Moon over one month, demonstrating librations in latitude and longitude In astronomy, libration is an oscillating motion of orbiting bodies relative to each other, notably including the motion of the Moon relative to Earth, or of Trojan asteroids relative to planets. Jung et le symbolisme de la lune, par René Daval (1) Mon ami et collègue de l'université de Reims, René Daval, est un philosophe aux compétences multiples.

Jung et le symbolisme de la lune, par René Daval (1)

Sa très vaste culture, dans de nombreux domaines - c'est autant un spécialiste de Wittgenstein que de Maître Eckhart, de Hume que de Freud - se nourrit d'une curiosité inlassable. Et comme tous les hommes de cette sorte, il est d'une modestie parfaite. C'est une joie de publier ici son premier "billet" consacré au symbolisme de la lune chez Jung. Un des intérêts majeurs de l’œuvre de C.G.Jung réside, me semble-t-il, dans son approche psychologique du symbolisme, comme on le reconnaît souvent, mais plus encore dans la capacité dont il a su faire preuve d’intégrer le symbole dans l’analyse des cas individuels et dans le traitement des difficultés psychologiques rencontrées par des personnes qui, le plus souvent ignoraient tout du sens psychologique des symboles qui apparaissaient dans leurs rêves, leurs expériences mystiques ou artistiques.

Lune. Définition, traduction, prononciation, anagramme et synonyme sur le dictionnaire libre Wiktionnaire.


Français[modifier | modifier le wikicode] Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikicode] Du latin luna. Astronomie, lune. Angle A sous lequel est vu le diamètre D de la Lune par un observateur sur la Terre.

astronomie, lune

Phases de la lune 2013 & 2014. Calendrier lunaire 2013. Lune. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Les phases de la lune - Animation pédagogique flash interactive pour découvrir pourquoi la lune change d'aspect.