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Development. Humanrights. CrowdFlower. MySociety » Welcome to The Auteurs. Building a Scorecard for Open Source [on Simon Phipps, SunMink] In my previous posts, I've drawn an analogy between open source software and organic food, hinting that in both cases the rush to create a working brand lost some of the essence of the vision.

Building a Scorecard for Open Source [on Simon Phipps, SunMink]

I've suggested that having businesses identify "open source" purely on the basis of one "input" - using an OSI-approved license - is no longer adequate, because the success of the open source approach has led so many different companies to want to exploit the name. The need is clear; so many companies want to describe themselves as "open source businesses" that debates about "open-core" and "open source business models" were dominant at Open World Forum. To address this, I'm proposing the Open Source Initiative go beyond the Open Source Definition and the Free Software Definition to devise some sort of a Software Freedom Definition which articulates a holistic vision of software freedom against which businesses can be benchmarked. What would be included in the two? EveryBlock — A news feed for your block.