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Natural Antibacterials: Get Triclosan and Other Nasty Chemicals Out of Your Home. Let's quash for good the notion that only harsh and harmful chemicals can kill germs and bacteria.

Natural Antibacterials: Get Triclosan and Other Nasty Chemicals Out of Your Home

Scientists fear that antibacterial chemicals such as triclosan actually may encourage drug-resistant stains by selecting bacteria resistant to them and cross-resistant to antibiotics. “After years of overuse and misuse…bacteria have developed antibiotic resistance, which has become a global health crisis,” Tufts University School of Medicine researcher Stuart B. Levy reports in “Antibacterial Household Products: Cause for Concern.”

“The relatively recent increase of surface antibacterial agents or biocides into healthy households may contribute to the resistance problem.” Registered as a pesticide, triclosan has a chemical formulation and molecular structure similar to some of the most toxic chemicals on earth—including dioxins and PCBs.

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7 R's: Amigos do Meio Ambiente - ReambientaR. Repensar | Reduzir | Reutilizar | Reaproveitar | Reciclar | Recusar | Recuperar I – Conceito de Repensar Geralmente agimos na vida automaticamente, sem analisarmos o que estamos fazendo, pois de antemão concluímos que todos fazem a sua parte.

7 R's: Amigos do Meio Ambiente - ReambientaR

Mas é necessário parar para pensar: Realmente precisamos de determinados produtos que compramos ou ganhamos? Compramos produtos duráveis/resistentes, evitando comprar produtos descartáveis?


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