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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers. THEY'RE HERE: SUGAR PAPER PLANNERS AT TARGET – Sugar Paper. WordPress Themes Loved By Over 317k Customers. Design - TerraneaLife. 7 tips for creating the perfect seaside wedding - TerraneaLife. Thanks to a plethora of waterfront hotels, resorts and idyllic venues dotting the California coastline, there’s no better time to consider a coastal-style wedding.

7 tips for creating the perfect seaside wedding - TerraneaLife

For insight and inspiration, we reached out to Marin, California–based wedding planner Julie Nunn (a Palos Verdes native), founder of I Do! And Julie Nunn Event Design, along with Christina Canalez, associate director of catering at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, to discuss seven sure-fire tips and trends for the late summer/early fall bride and groom. 1. What Are "Digital Badges"? Have you heard about Digital Badges?

What Are "Digital Badges"?

Concordia University Online is offering students a new opportunity to grow, learn, and live out their personal calling. Personalized premium leather cover for moleskine notebooks - Engravegoods. Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code. Mohan Srivastava, a geological statistician living in Toronto, was working in his office in June 2003, waiting for some files to download onto his computer, when he discovered a couple of old lottery tickets buried under some paper on his desk.

Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code

The tickets were cheap scratchers—a gag gift from his squash partner—and Srivastava found himself wondering if any of them were winners. He fished a coin out of a drawer and began scratching off the latex coating. “The first was a loser, and I felt pretty smug,” Srivastava says. “I thought, ‘This is exactly why I never play these dumb games.'” The second ticket was a tic-tac-toe game. Delighted, he decided to take a lunchtime walk to the gas station to cash in his ticket. Maud Vantours US. As You Like #3 // fall 2015 IDN Vol 22 n°1 / 2015 Du Côté de chez vous #65 // spring 2015 AD Germany #159 // may 2015 AD #125 // Septembre 2014.

Maud Vantours US


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Answers. Fry's Coupons. If you shop at King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Smith’s or Ralph’s, you’re familiar with Kroger.

Fry's Coupons

You may even love them because there are so many ways to save. The Kroger Company family of stores is made up of over 24 brands and is one of the largest general retailers in the country—second only to Walmart. Kroger may have many names, but you can save the same way at nearly all of them. This is an obvious one. Create an account with your local Kroger store and load digital manufacturer coupons from your store’s site to your account so you don’t have to clip paper coupons. When you’re checking out at the store, swipe or scan your loyalty card, and all your loaded manufacturer coupons will apply to your total. Tip: Ensure your account information—especially your address—is up to date. On Fridays, Kroger stores offer a digital free-item coupon that can be added to your loyalty card and redeemed within two weeks. PopBoardz. Silver Nail Polish Appliques, Nail Strips, Nail Color - Incoco.


Web Fonts. Font Awesome Icons. Products – tagged "FuckJerry" – Fuckjerry. Elegant Themes Blog. Understanding the WordPress File and Directory Structure While it’s entirely possible to interact with your WordPress website only through the dashboard, understanding how your install is structured, and which files perform which functions, is crucial in order to attain a higher degree of control over your site.

Elegant Themes Blog

At the very least, this understanding will enable... View Full Post Divi Mobile Menu Hack: Collapsing Nested Menu Items – Divi Nation Short Do you have 30 seconds to improve your Divi mobile menu? View Full Post Add Facebook Like Reactions to Your WordPress Website. Someone just uploaded their complete collection of Kmart in-store background music. Attention, Kmart shoppers: here's one for the oddity file.

Someone just uploaded their complete collection of Kmart in-store background music

Mark Davis worked behind the Service Desk at the Naperville, IL Kmart in the late '80s and early '90s. Every month, corporate office issued a cassette to be played over the store speaker system — canned elevator-type music with advertisements seeded every few tracks. Around 1991, the muzak was replaced with mainstream hits, and the following year, new tapes began arriving weekly. The cassettes were supposed to be thrown away, but Davis dutifully slipped each tape into his apron pocket to save for posterity. A Lifestyle Blog for Creative Ideas.

Note from 12847 N 113th Ave in Youngtown. Field and Sky. Kelly Parker Home Collective - Boutique Real Estate & Interior Design Firm in Chicago, Illinois. Search for Luxury, Modern and Eco-Friendly Homes & Condos with realtor Kelly Parker. Sex therapy in San Francisco. CONTACT. How to Wear 90s Beauty Trends. Corporate history - Mercedes-Benz. It’s very unique, very Verrado. Browse our homebuilders and floor plans today.

It’s very unique, very Verrado.

Get started on building your dream home in Verrado! When you call Verrado home, you call the West Valley (with all its opportunities), and metro Phoenix (with all its art, culture, dining, and entertainment), home as well. Just twenty five miles from Downtown Phoenix, you’ll find a charming new housing development unlike any other. There’s something about Verrado that brings people together. A warm, welcoming ambience with authentic small-town appeal. Verrado is a picturesque new home development set against the White Tank Mountains in beautiful Buckeye, Arizona. Anny Design - Work. Coucou Icons. 8 Tools to identify fonts used in apps and websites - Super Dev Resources. In my earlier post I had written in-depth about how you can use WhatFontis tool to identify fonts from an app image.

8 Tools to identify fonts used in apps and websites - Super Dev Resources

This time I have brought a list of tools that you can use to identify fonts used in apps as well as websites. How to easily find a font used in any app - Super Dev Resources. While checking out an app (Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS or Android), have you ever admired the font it uses?

How to easily find a font used in any app - Super Dev Resources

Ever wondered what’s the name of that awesome font? Maybe you could use it in your own app, that is if you knew! Choosing a font that makes content reading easier and also blends well with other design elements of an app plays an important role in creating a visual impact on users.