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How To Spruce Up Your Facebook Page In Less Than 15 Minutes. Let’s say your nonprofit has an event next week, and you expect lots of people to visit your Facebook Page.

How To Spruce Up Your Facebook Page In Less Than 15 Minutes

You expect that lots of people will visit your Facebook page because: People will search for information about your organisation after hearing about your event. Your Facebook page will often show up in Google and Facebook search results.You are using a variety of marketing channels to drive traffic to your Facebook Page, such is an email newsletters or Facebook Ads.People will visit your Facebook Page (or at least view your harbor card) because a friend liked, commented on, or shared a post from your Page. But regardless of how people discover your Page, you want to make a great first impression. This way they’ll be more likely to engage with your posts or like your page. How To Spruce Up Your Facebook Page In Less Than 15 Minutes If you’re like most nonprofit marketing professionals, you already have way too much on your plate. 1. 2. No doubt your upcoming event will generate buzz. Kristine McNerney sur Twitter : ""I am Iron Man." #SocialMedia advice from superheroes: via @See3 #nptech.

Advice for Do-Gooders » Blog Archive » Social Media Advice from Superheroes. Some of the best advice I've ever gotten has come from masked avengers, caped crusaders, and friendly neighborhood supermutants.

Advice for Do-Gooders » Blog Archive » Social Media Advice from Superheroes

Turns out this advice applies pretty nicely to our work as digital do-gooders as well. Wrapping Up NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference with Radian6. Posted on March 17, 2014 by Trish Forant NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) took place March 13 through the 15th.

Wrapping Up NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference with Radian6

The signature three-day gathering brought together nonprofit professionals from around the world to collaborate, innovate, and maximize effectiveness. With a wide mix of social events, seminars, trainings, and resources, the 2014 conference had social media abuzz with conversations using the hashtag #14ntc. Using Salesforce Radian6 we took a look at the conversations happening around the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference for those three days, and here’s what we found: There were over 18k conversations across the social web about the conference! 50 Shades of Social Media. Let’s be real—as social media folks, we’d like to think the work we do is pretty sexy.

50 Shades of Social Media

We deliver campaigns, host Twitter chats, and appear as the talking heads on Google+ Hangouts, all while managing a debate on why nonprofits can (or should) use Whisper. Forget Anastasia Steele’s dream to work for a literary agency—we’ve got Tumblr. It’s in these moments that we forget about that one time the Red Cross got slizzered or when National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph was revealed as the snarky voice behind @NatSecWonk. Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley. 2013 NTC: How 2 Nonprofits Utilize Social-Media Data, Part 1. Ever since social media took off, fundraisers have been trying to decipher exactly what that means for donors and their fundraising, as well as how to go about utilizing the channel.

2013 NTC: How 2 Nonprofits Utilize Social-Media Data, Part 1

Now with social media firmly entrenched in the social consciousness, there are mounds and mounds of social-media data fundraisers can explore to build deeper connections with donors and take advantage of social media. At NTEN's 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference Thursday, four fundraising professionals discussed social data and what nonprofits should do with it, including how the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and CARE. / Twitter. MyNTC 2013 - Event Details. WASHINGTON, DC SCHOLARSHIP. AddThis Launches Improved Pinterest Sharing Support and Additional Pinterest Growth Insights. AddThis, provider of the largest social and interest graph on the open web, today launches a new, easier way to share to Pinterest via its sharing tool and toolbar.

AddThis Launches Improved Pinterest Sharing Support and Additional Pinterest Growth Insights

The new functionality improves upon AddThis’ existing sharing and engagement plugins to more seamlessly provide social referral traffic to Pinterest and, therefore, more traffic to publishers’ own sites. Additionally, the AddThis platform has generated new insights on Pinterest usage across the web. AddThis’ new Pinterest sharing experience includes both additional user options and support for publishers, which has shown an additional 20 percent growth in shares in a test before launch.

The new experience improves the experience for users, allowing them to select the right image and pull in associated content. For publishers, using any Pinterest button previously required additional configuration, but the new AddThis experience requires only one simple code snippet requiring no additional configuration. The Rise of Social TV « Socialisms. Social TV – Enhancing the Experience This year will see a lot of experimentation with bridging the television and social experience.

The Rise of Social TV « Socialisms

With more people actively watching while Tweeting, posting and checking in, the dual-screen environment offers greater connection for fans beyond the one-dimensional experience of traditional viewing. And, with the reported declines in monthly TV viewing, getting the people who are watching to pay more attention won’t hurt TV’s chances of weathering the increased pull of online video and other distractions. The Evolution of a Medium Networks and cable television have been the target of speculation for the past several years as an area where innovation would be the only way to sustain their relevance.

Online Community Manager Job, Timbuk2 Designs Inc. - MetzJobs: Social Customer Jobs. Director, Social Media We Fight Cancer: Care That Never Quits® Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA®) delivers an extraordinary patient experience we call Patient... more ~~ CONSUMER’S MEDICAL RESOURCE Consumer’s Medical Resource, Inc.® (CMR), a recognized leader in consumer healthcare consulting, delivering comprehensive decision support programs... more Our client is seeking a Digital Marketing/Social Media Consultant in Saint Louis, MO.Responsibilities: This person will play a key role in ensuring employees have an active... more Our client is seeking a Social Media Strategy Manager in Plano, Texas (TX).

Online Community Manager Job, Timbuk2 Designs Inc. - MetzJobs: Social Customer Jobs

Overall Purpose: As Community Manager, you will play a vital role in defining the goals and strategy... more. Buffer - Be Awesome on Social Media. Community. Today, we’re pumped to be a part of Twitter’s new “Enhanced Profile Pages” (EPP), a new feature Twitter is launching today with a select handful of partners, including Dell.


Key features of Twitter’s *new* Enhanced Profile Pages: “Pinned Tweet”: Ability to choose what tweet appears at the top of your timeline. (think sticky tweet - great way to feature content!) Expandable Media: If the pinned Tweet contains a photo or video, it will auto-expand [as shown below]... rich, in-line media really adds punch to your Twitter profile, andMore branding: via banner @ top of page. Exclusive partners like Dell will have early access to upcoming product enhancements, features, custom Twitter-produced events and marketing programs. 5 Small Busineses Who Do Facebook and Twitter Right.

A Social Media Reality Check - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop. Fear of Missing Out If you work in Communications, escaping the latest hype around social media can be tough.

A Social Media Reality Check - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop

You may even find yourself obsessing about it and have a condition called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because you are not posting or monitoring the chat on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The U.S. 7 Ways to Rescue Your Business Blog From the Blahs.


LinkedIn. Social media reactions to bin laden’s death. I’ve got a full work plate this morning, and my own set of feelings to process about the news of Osama bin Laden’s death (more on that will likely appear on my Tumblr later tonight), but wanted to get down a couple noteworthy bullets. If I have time, I’ll return and flesh these out into a coherent piece. We all know that social media get the word out at lightning speed–but what struck me most about this news was not the speed of information, but the immediacy of community development. People are using Twitter and Facebook to work out what are, for many, complicated emotions. Relief, joy, anger, sadness are all appearing at once. This is in stark contrast to what we often see in traditional media soundbites (particularly video media), where broad strokes are painted when it comes to emotional content–i.e., those people are cheering, those people over there are not.

I’m also struck by the speed with humor was employed as a tactic to process the news. Blippy loses one of its biggest fans. Blippy, the site that lets users automatically share their credit card purchases, has lost much of its steam. lets users share their credit card purchases onlineThe site has been stagnating, loses one of its big advocatesCo-founder says the site is changing directions, declines to elaborate (CNN) -- At the end of 2010, I wrote a story about Louis Gray, a Silicon Valley blogger who is comfortable sharing pretty much everything about his life on the Internet.

Gray had become one of the tech world's most public advocates for a site called Blippy, which lets people automatically post all of their credit card transactions online. He put everything on there -- even his wife's rental of a breast milk pump ($109.25 per month). Too bad for Blippy, because Gray recently abandoned the site. How Digital Tech Can Help You Become a More Socially Responsible Consumer. Simon Mainwaring is the founder of We First, a social branding consultancy that helps companies, non-profits and consumer groups build a better world through social technology.

He is the author of a new book, We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World. Are you committed to building a better world? Would you like to see corporations take greater responsibility to implement sustainable business practices, protect the environment and contribute to a more just and equitable society? YouTube & Newseum Pay Tribute to Fallen Journalists. YouTube has teamed up with the Newseum in Washington, D.C., to create a video memorial for men and women who lost their lives pursuing the news.

The organizations launched a memorial YouTube channel on Monday that is intended to be a virtual version of the Newseum's Journalists Memorial, a two-story structure of glass panels etched with the names of 2,007 fallen journalists. New names are added to the physical memorial every year, and the preliminary list for 2011 already includes 19 journalists who have died in 11 countries. "We live in a world that feels smaller every day," wrote Steve Grove, of YouTube News and Politics. "As we become accustomed to nearly ubiquitous coverage of the news and events unfolding around the world, it’s easy to forget the price that is sometimes paid to obtain quality, accurate reporting on important stories—particularly in areas of conflict or in cases of government repression of the media. " Is Reddit Eclipsing Digg in Traffic?

Digg's precipitous plummet has left Reddit with a bigger-than-ever piece of the Internet pie, according to stats from three major traffic-tracking organizations. In fact, according to two of these sources, Reddit is already the larger web property in terms of page views and visits. For the first time ever Thursday, Alexa showed Digg's reach being eclipsed by Reddit. According to the online ranking service, Reddit is now the 117th most popular site on the web, while Digg has fallen to 138th. To quote a famous animated bird, "I'm think I'm going to have a heart attack and die of not-surprise.

" HOW TO: Use Google Analytics. Whether you built a personal site from the ground up or oversee digital strategy for a huge corporation, many of us are managing a web presence these days. A Perfect Match: A Social Media Love Story - STAN11. 16 Causes of Conflict in an Online Community. Social Media Headhunter. 60% of Social Media Messages are Links to Published Content [Data] It's an inbound marketing no-brainer: the best way to get your prospects to find and learn about your company, its products, and its services is by publishing content. And the latest data shared by eMarketer only confirms it... Case Study: How Aveda Avoided a Social Promotion Backlash. SF Online Community MeetUp - Guest Speaker Randy Paynter, at 525 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA - Meetups on Plancast.

The Influence of Foursquare. Twitter and Facebook Know Where You’ve Been Online? Do Not Like. A Social Network For Neighbors — Former Googlers Launch Yatown. Socialmedia-listening.wikispaces. The New Community Manager Profile. Originally posted on The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter. Is Social Media too Engaging for Its Own Good? BlogPulse. How Google Is Secretly Building Its Facebook Killer. Comical results with @newtgingrich SEO strategy (IMG) Bad MySpace Detective Work Results In Overturned Murder Conviction - Kashmir Hill - The Not-So Private Parts. Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites. 62% of CMOs Believe Social Marketing Will “Eventually” Produce ROI. Guest Post by Sen. Al Franken: Protecting Your Privacy.

YouTube founders buy Facebook, Twitter analytics firm Tap11. WhoSay Helps Celebrities Control Social Media Images. Quora. Quora Change Means Ad Placement Down the Road? Either Way, the Q&A Model is Shifting. Combining SEO Marketing and Social Media. Ways To Design » Quora Greenlights Self-Promotion. Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely. Twitter Begins Sending @ Replies to Users - Not All of Which Are SFW.

Ten Rules for Health Care Organizations Interested in Using Social Media. Disqus Raises A $10 Million Round And Closes In On 500 Million Monthly Uniques. Participation is no longer an option. The Top 5 Reasons Why Brands Need to Focus on Earned Media. Salesforce Closes $326M Acquisition Of Social Media Monitoring Company Radian6. Jack Dorsey Shares Some Big, Square Numbers: 341,688 Readers Shipped, $137M Total Flow. Disqus Brings @Mentions To Comment Threads.


Conferences. Top 10 Tidbits from The Thank You Economy. Facebook.