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Neckties from Tieroom. Wide range with a tie for every man. 10 of the most creative online contact pages. A good contact page must be accessible, informative and above all creative.

10 of the most creative online contact pages

It can be difficult to make the mix work but these 10 examples have done just that. Featuring cats, clouds, and underground cartoons, you'll find it difficult not to contact these designers! 01. Gorgeous TV It's been a little known fact for the past few years that cats have definitely taken over the internet. 15 Top Website Galleries for Your Design Inspiration. Inspiration We all need inspiration from time to time, and if you have hit a brick wall when trying to conjure up ideas for your next project, it is good to have an arsenal of places you can find a total bombardment of inspiring designs to jump-start your creative juices again.

15 Top Website Galleries for Your Design Inspiration

Website design galleries are just the thing if you need such a boost, and it is always nice if the gallery itself is well presented. Today we are showcasing 15 of the best website galleries where you will find inspiration for any type of design you need. Some are ideal for aimlessly browsing, while others have very concise search criteria that will pinpoint your exact requirements. Website Design Galleries. Karten selbst gestalten & online drucken. 20 gorgeous examples of websites with video backgrounds. Everything about having a background video seems to go against the basic rules of web usability.

It means the page might take longer to load, or the user might become distracted, and surely nobody thinks autoplay music is a good idea. That may all be true, or it may not, I haven’t been able to find any stats to support either side of the argument. Hammerhead. Boosted - Last Mile Vehicle. 11 Sites for Ecommerce Design Inspiration. An online merchant must be part designer — crafting and implementing all the aesthetic elements of a store.

11 Sites for Ecommerce Design Inspiration

Fortunately, struggling creatives can access a variety of online resources to find some essential design inspiration. Here is a list of sites for design inspiration. Sixth Annual Logo Design Competition & Awards Winners. HOW’s Sixth Annual Logo Design Competition and Awards put an incredible number of stunning logo designs in front of judge Dave Gouveia, leading industry professional and designer and co-author of Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers.

Sixth Annual Logo Design Competition & Awards Winners

Gouveia had such a tough time narrowing it down to just ten winning logos in his judging process that we decided to award two honorable mentions this year, in addition to a Reader’s Choice Best of Show chosen by the readers of The Reader’s Choice Best of Show will be featured in an upcoming issue of HOW magazine. Check out the awesome logos below for all the logo design inspiration you’ll need to create your next great logo. Designer/Firm: Ideogram, Birmingham, ALCreative Team: Brian AuthementProject Description:This Brand Identity is for Oxlot 9, an upscale, Southern, seafood restaurant in Covington, Louisiana. 18 brilliantly responsive ecommerce sites. Mobile use of the internet is exploding and it's expected to overtake desktop access by 2014.

18 brilliantly responsive ecommerce sites

The disparate screen sizes and range of devices available is overwhelming, but it’s a challenge online retailers need to address. Put simply, most of their customers will soon be purchasing goods from either a mobile or tablet device. Given the rapid growth of mobile in developing countries such as China, those who are agile may even be able to tap into new and very lucrative markets. Design once, sell everywhere While many larger retailers have introduced native apps to complement their website, this option is not usually feasible for smaller retailers. Enrou. 24 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs to Inspire You - Customer Acquisition and Referral Marketing blog. 24 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs to Inspire You People can be downright judgey sometimes.

24 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs to Inspire You - Customer Acquisition and Referral Marketing blog

In fact, according to Malcolm Gladwell in his bestselling book “Blink”, we’re worse than we initially thought. Turns out, we don’t actually take seven seconds to create a “first impression” of what is before our eyes – we take an incredible two seconds instead. Two seconds. That’s all the time ecommerce store owners have. 27 Inspirational E-commerce Website Designs. Satorisan By David Navarro, Ingamana, The Colornaut & Mamma Soup.

27 Inspirational E-commerce Website Designs

50 Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs. For e-commerce websites the design and layout of the site can have a huge impact on sales because of usability, in addition to just the importance of making a good first impression with new visitors.

50 Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs

A well-designed e-commerce site will provide the user with a much more pleasant experience and will make it easier for them to browse, search, and complete the checkout process. What Makes an E-Commerce Website Design Inspirational? In this post we’ll showcase 50 awesome e-commerce sites to inspire your next design. Hopefully this selection will provide you with some inspiration that can be put to good use in your own work.

Free People. 30 Beautiful and Creative Ecommerce Website Designs. People don’t judge a book by its cover, do they?

30 Beautiful and Creative Ecommerce Website Designs

Of course they do. Whether it’s the presentation of your food at a fancy restaurant or the latest Apple product, humans just seem to love things that are beautifully designed. And the same goes for your website. If you’re not presenting your visitors with an attractive site and packaging your products nicely, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. 10 of my favourite homepage designs. A simple headline, premise and article; here are my favourite homepages of the moment.

10 of my favourite homepage designs

Of course, there are more than ten websites on the internet, so feel free to disagree with me. And for further selections of excellent web design, read our posts on beautifully persuasive ecommerce sites and 20 homepages with video background images. Cancer Research UK This is what the Cancer Research UK website looks like above the fold on my monitor. 20 gorgeous examples of websites with video backgrounds. Everything about having a background video seems to go against the basic rules of web usability.

It means the page might take longer to load, or the user might become distracted, and surely nobody thinks autoplay music is a good idea. 12 bewilderingly bright ecommerce sites for your instant attention. Finally an excuse to wear your sunglasses around the office. Cool Websites — September 2014's Picks. This latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers includes a new creative critique platform, a fun color picker for the real world and more. In November's Top 10 Websites for Designers you'll discover collections of thought-provoking posters, a flawlessly delivered digital story and more.

In October's Top 10 Sites for Designers, check out a showcase of people from all backgrounds in design; a color gradient generator; fun agency site & more. In this month's roundup of websites for designers, you'll find font pairing tools, interesting portfolio sites, a product graveyard and more. This month's roundup of websites for designers features a history of cocktail lettering, a funny interactive film and goofy designer excuses.

This month’s Top 10 Websites for Designers includes design portfolio inspiration, an interesting color resource and websites that offer unique storytelling experiences. North Face Jackets. 44 Corporate Identities und wie Sie mit Photoshop Ihrer Firma ein Gesicht geben. Das Paradies für Hut und Mützen Liebhaber. 16 Great Startups with Stunning Website Designs. A startup company is a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. They are usually looking for both investments and partners to get their ideas off the ground, and the internet has become a breeding ground for such ventures, particularly, but not limited to, mobile apps. There are many, many startups out there, some heading successfully in the right direction, others not so much. Many are destined to failure, few will become huge successes bringing the partners massive returns on their investment.

The whole idea could be looked at as the stock market of the internet these days. Which B2B ecommerce sites are getting it right? Here's 15 of the best... _NSPIREDISE – Premium Parallax Responsive retina ready WP template. Premium Lean Meats & Sports Nutrition. Cardiff Wales Web Design and Development. 11 Beautiful Portfolios to Keep you Inspired. Web Design and Web Development in Portland, Oregon. 11 Impressive Service & App Websites. 12 elegant new responsive websites for design inspiration. Responsive design is still a hot topic, but it's slowly joining the mainstream that has become the mobile-first mantra of innovative companies. Hari's Treasure Webstore. Ihr Bio-Laden für Bio-Obst, Bio-Gemüse und Naturkost - Frequently Asked Questions - 2 Big Feet .com. Ties - Buy Mens Neckties, Bow Ties, Tie Racks & More.

17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration. Now that anyone can learn to code, and probably should, web design and development are becoming more and more personal in both approach and learning curves. There's a plethora of ways to tackle web dev and code, and professional designers and developers are no different. We asked several developers from various online publications what their favorite sources are for design and code inspiration, and the results are as varied as the projects these professionals make themselves. In addition to following various makers on Twitter, these developers cited everything from Reddit to social web apps to coding blogs and general inspiration sites.

Check out their responses below, and let us know what your favorites are in the comments. 1. Image: The Great Discontent Tim Wong, senior designer at The Washington Post, pointed to The Great Discontent, a site that features interviews of people in creative fields and presents them with a focus on engaging visuals. 2. Image: Polygon 3. Image: 39 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you. The internet is full of thousands and thousands of awe-inspiring creative resumes and design portfolios. To stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can. It's not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients (although they do help) it's the way they're presented. You don't have to be a superstar creative director or web designer; a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way. And there are plenty of free online tools, such as Behance, to help you build a portfolio without any coding knowledge.

So, check out these inspiring examples of online design portfolios, both for individual designers and design agencies – to help you angle your own in just the right way… 01. Daniel Spatzek is freelance graphic designer and art director from Austria, and his site does a brilliant job of showing off both his design and web skills. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10 Inspiring WordPress Sites with Innovative Design. WordPress has emerged as the bloggers platform of choice if you want to get serious about playing in a digital world. It stands out as the most popular website and blogging “content management system” (sometimes known as a CMS) that has thousands of free plugins that make it quick and easy to update and customize.

The flipside But there is a flipside to its growing popularity. As more and more online publishers are adopting WordPress as their key blogging platform, a monotony and over-familiarity has crept in. Everything looks identical. Even though WordPress makes available a whole constellation of incredible themes and plugins, not all website owners are willing to make best use of them. It’s not about those websites The following examples are about the websites and blogs that have taken an altogether new route. Here are some WordPress sites with innovative design worth checking out. 1. Leapfrogging the imagination, this one probably fits all the beautiful adjectives you can think of. Bonobos Men's Clothes - Pants, Shirts and Suits. Design Public® – Modern Furniture, Bedding, and Contemporary Design with a Smile. Bonobos Men's Clothes - Pants, Shirts and Suits.

Declaration Clothing. 17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration. The ICONIST. The Spirit of Mountain Sports. ALMFASHION.DE - Dirndl, Lederhosen, Tracht für Burschen und Madl'n. Slim Your Wallet. Whipping Post - Uncommonly Durable Goods. Online Gift Cards and Printable E-gift Cards. McMillers Sweets Emporium - Sweet Shop Lincolnshire - Home.