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17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration
Now that anyone can learn to code, and probably should, web design and development are becoming more and more personal in both approach and learning curves. There's a plethora of ways to tackle web dev and code, and professional designers and developers are no different. We asked several developers from various online publications what their favorite sources are for design and code inspiration, and the results are as varied as the projects these professionals make themselves. In addition to following various makers on Twitter, these developers cited everything from Reddit to social web apps to coding blogs and general inspiration sites. Check out their responses below, and let us know what your favorites are in the comments. 1. Image: The Great Discontent Tim Wong, senior designer at The Washington Post, pointed to The Great Discontent, a site that features interviews of people in creative fields and presents them with a focus on engaging visuals. 2. Image: Polygon 3. Image:

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12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014 We've all been there — yelling at a computer screen or particular website because the antiquated design prevents you from getting where you want to go. But outdated features on your company's website can do more than annoy — it can cost you potential clients or customers. To figure out what exactly agitates users the most, we asked 12 entrepreneurs which website features small businesses should avoid (or get rid of) at all costs. Here's what they had to say: 1. 39 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you The internet is full of thousands upon thousands of awe-inspiring creative resumes and design portfolios. To enable you to stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can. It's not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients (although they do help) it's the way that they're presented.

How to Organize an Online Book in WordPress (Novel or Non-Fiction) Let’s say you’ve written (or are writing) a book. But instead of publishing it in a traditional way, you decide to “put it online.” By that I don’t mean you make it into a PDF ebook or a digital book. I mean you decide to turn your book into a website. Using WordPress for this project could work well, but WordPress straight out of the box will probably not suit your needs exactly.

100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own) Photoshop actions can be extremely useful timesavers when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over on an image. They're also an excellent way for photographers to quickly and easily pass on their favorite techniques to others. Today we'll be looking at how you can make your own, and showcasing 100 fantastic free Photoshop actions to use straight away! In recent years, DeviantArt has become a huge storehouse for photographers to upload and share Photoshop actions. We sorted through thousands and thousands of these to bring you 100 of our favorite sets, some containing as many as forty or fifty actions in a single download. For beginners, we'll start off with a brief explanation of how to create and install Photoshop actions and then move onto our huge list of actions that are free for you to download and use.

Scenes From World War II Photoshopped Onto Today's Streets - Rebecca J. Rosen A photography project reminds us that soldiers surrendered and prisoners marched on the same streets we walk along every day. January 27, 1945, Auschwitz (Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse) "It is a bit like painting with history," says Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse. She got the idea for her project, "Ghost of History," a few years ago when she found some old negatives at a flea market in Amsterdam, where she lives.

Frequently Asked Questions - 2 Big Feet .com Ordering Products Shipping Product Variations Variable products are a great feature of WooCommerce for offering variations of a product with different prices, stock and more. They can be used for offering variations of a product e.g. a large t-shirt vs a small t-shirt. Each variation can have different properties and prices. Need Help Finding the Perfect Domain Name? Try Panabee Panabee is a simple, useful tool for finding great domain names. In an increasingly crowded Internet — and a crowded general marketplace where one's company name and URL are often one and the same — this seemingly simple task poses more problems for entrepreneurs and SMBs than one might imagine. Some registrars such as GoDaddy will suggest new domain names if the one you want isn't available, but you have to admit, a .biz or .info top-level domain (TLD) isn't the best choice for any business or personal URL. Panabee, on the other hand, will show you quite a few interesting variations around your preferred URL or keyword. Better still, it can show you the URLs of your competitors for that keyword.

50 Photoshop Tutorials For Sky and Space Effects Advertisement Humans have always had an infatuation with the air above us and the space around our planet. With Adobe Photoshop we can create new images or enhance existing photos to include the sky and space as a backdrop. There is virtually no limit to what can be done with some Photoshop skills and a bit of creativity. As you will see from the tutorials featured here, some of the most entertaining and practical Photoshop creations and manipulations deal with the sky and space. Whether you are looking to make adjustments to the sky in the background of a photo or if you want to create an exploding space scene from scratch, Photoshop can meet your needs.

10 Inspiring WordPress Sites with Innovative Design WordPress has emerged as the bloggers platform of choice if you want to get serious about playing in a digital world. It stands out as the most popular website and blogging “content management system” (sometimes known as a CMS) that has thousands of free plugins that make it quick and easy to update and customize. The flipside But there is a flipside to its growing popularity. As more and more online publishers are adopting WordPress as their key blogging platform, a monotony and over-familiarity has crept in. Top 10 WordPress Plugins of the Month — April 2013 Edition Welcome to another edition of the ManageWP Plugins of the Month series! For the most part the plugins I feature in this monthly roundup are manually selected from a dynamic list that filters by various variables (such as average rating and number of downloads). That is what makes the ManageWP Plugins of the Month series unique – it features only new and relatively unknown plugins. However, on occasion I will stumble across a plugin myself that cries out for inclusion. This month I actually have two such plugins, which only serves to lift the overall quality of the selection on offer.

The Essential Guide To Digital Photography [PDF] You may think that picking up a digital camera, turning it on, and taking the photo is all that you need to know about digital photography. Think again, as there is a whole heap more to learn that you might not even realize. MakeUseOf proudly presents this free 59 page guide. 4 Ways to Convert Joomla to WordPress Edit Article Delete Existing ContentInstalling Joomla/Mambo to WordPress Migrator SoftwareAdd Content on the Same ServerTips Edited by ScottBrown1982, Minivan16, Teresa, Zach and 5 others Many Joomla users that started their blog or site are now considering moving to WordPress since it offers more features and support options for basic, intermediate and advanced users. While making the switch is easy if you’re willing to toss out your old posts and information and start over, most businesses absolutely cannot do that. Unfortunately, that makes converting Joomla to WordPress much more difficult.

How To Create An Image Map Using GIMP There are several pieces of design software that can help a designer to create an image map, but many of them are very expensive. I have chosen to learn how to use GIMP because it is free. Follow these simple steps to create your own image map using GIMP. 1.

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