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80+ Best jQuery Map plugin with Demo examples. Interactive 3D Mall Map with CSS & SVG Today we’d like to share a little 3D experiment with you.

80+ Best jQuery Map plugin with Demo examples

The idea is to show a mall map with all its floors in perspective. Additionally, we have a search in a sidebar that allows to filter mall spaces. Once a floor is selected, we show some pins as indicators for the different stores/spaces. When clicking on a pin, we show some more details of that space. Vizicities : 3D City and Data Visualisation Platform ViziCities is a 3D city and data visualisation platform, powered by WebGL.

ViziCities aims to combine data visualisation with a 3D representation of a city to provide a better understanding what’s going on. Mapbox.js : JavaScript Mapping libraries MapBox.js is now version 1.0 and we are joining forces with Leaflet, one of the most established and robust open source mapping libraries. Geojson : Simple Editor for Map Data.


Time. Map. Material. Module Bundler. William Sakai. Fr.photobox. Advantages of using Atomic Design at Open Social. Read time: 4 minutes.

Advantages of using Atomic Design at Open Social

Interesting for (UX) designers and front-end developers. In this blog I will talk about the benefits of using Atomic Design for Open Social. What is Atomic Design? The terminology Atomic Design is an analogy from biochemistry. It’s all about “Atoms”, “Molecules” and “Organisms”. Atoms The first step is building atoms. Molecules “Molecules are a group of atoms that are put together”. Organisms For example an Activity Stream item on Open Social is a group of individual items that are put together to make sense. Templates With this step we’re leaving the biochemistry analogy. A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts. Pairing fonts can be a challenge.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts

Selecting two or more fonts which work well is one thing - selecting two which work together to achieve your typographic aims may have you reaching for the aspirin. Let's see if we can alleviate any headaches. This guide will help you get started with font pairing for the web. Luckily, typography has been around a lo-oong time. Typographic rules and conventions have had plenty of opportunity to establish themselves and there are loads of resources to help you out. Here's a quick breakdown of what we'll cover in this guide: Your AimHow Many Fonts Should I Use? The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing.

Great fonts are essential to great design. But picking great fonts can seem like an impossible dark art for most people. In the article below I’ll explain the basics of choosing great fonts and then give you my favorite combinations that you can use in your own designs. These font pairs are perfect if you are trying to create your next presentation, social media graphic or anything else you’d like to design. Of course, all of these fonts are available for you to use – for free – inside Canva.

There’s a science to applying a heading, subheading and body copy to suit the type of content you’re producing and the message or tone of your brand. Think we’ve left some good ones out? The anatomy of typography Before we get started on the list of 30 font pairings, there are two resources you should have on hand. 18F Front End Guide. The purpose of the CSS coding styleguide is to create consistent CSS or preprocessor CSS code across 18F.

18F Front End Guide

The styleguide should be treated as a guide — rules can be modified according to project needs. The styleguide provides a method of linting Sass code to ensure it conforms to the rules in the styleguide. This linting tool will go through all Sass code and issue warnings wherever the code differs from the styleguide.

Mobile Design

Arts. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Cet article concerne le concept culturel. Pour le concept philosophique, voir Art. Pour les pages d'homonymes voir ART Hommage aux arts - Allégorie de couple électorale du palatinae comme patrons qui représente un double portrait de Johann Wilhelm et sa femme. Les arts représentent une forme de l'expression humaine, généralement influencée par la culture et entraînée par une impulsion créatrice humaine. Des peintures rupestres préhistoriques à nos films modernes, l'art permet de raconter des histoires mais aussi de transmettre la relation de l'humanité avec son environnement.


Tools. Style Guide. Accessibility. Accessibility in Web development means enabling as many people as possible to use Web sites, even when those people's abilities are limited in some way.


Here we provide information on developing content to be accessible. "Accessibility is most often used to describe facilities or amenities to assist people with disabilities, as in 'wheelchair accessible'. This can extend to Braille signage, wheelchair ramps, audio signals at pedestrian crossings, walkway contours, website design, and so on. " [1] "The Web is fundamentally designed to work for all people, whatever their hardware, software, language, culture, location, or physical or mental ability. When the Web meets this goal, it is accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability.

" [2] ^ Wikipedia entry for Accessibility ^ W3C - Accessibility Join the Accessibility community Document Tags and Contributors Last updated by:usernoe, Thanks!