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The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

Great fonts are essential to great design. But picking great fonts can seem like an impossible dark art for most people. In the article below I’ll explain the basics of choosing great fonts and then give you my favorite combinations that you can use in your own designs. These font pairs are perfect if you are trying to create your next presentation, social media graphic or anything else you’d like to design. Of course, all of these fonts are available for you to use – for free – inside Canva. There’s a science to applying a heading, subheading and body copy to suit the type of content you’re producing and the message or tone of your brand. Think we’ve left some good ones out? The anatomy of typography Before we get started on the list of 30 font pairings, there are two resources you should have on hand. The first is a super helpful infographic showing the important features of typographic anatomy: The Design School List of 30 Font Pairings 01. 02. 03. 04. eBook 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12.

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Font Pairing Like a Pro - Part Two Have you been playing with your font pairings and want to know which ones make harmonious duos? Ensuring your typefaces complement each other is a vital part of design. In a follow-up post to our most popular Canva post ‘Font Pairing like a Pro,’ we give you some more creative and super effective font pairings to use in your designs. To ensure you are familiar with the words used in this guide, we have included a new glossary with some feature terms from within this post. 32 Places People Have Mispronounced Their Entire Life There’s nothing more irritating to a pedant’s ear and nothing more flabbergasting than realizing you’ve been pronouncing the name of so many places wrong, your entire life! Despite the judgment we exhibit toward people who err in enunciating, we all mispronounce a word from time to time, despite our best efforts. Likewise, almost all of us would have pronounced Bangkok as it is but in real it is “Bahng-Gawk”. Well, now it’s time we can really stop mispronouncing the following places. [H/T: Distractify]

Fruit and Vegetable I Spy Game Seek and Find games are great quiet time activity. I use them when I’m getting meals ready, or if we’re going somewhere with a wait, like a restaurant or an appointment. We’re getting ready to go back to school, and thinking about the snacks and lunches that will fuel the school days. Before school starts each year, we like to talk through what to expect at school – and one thing that always comes up is what to eat! Click to download and print –> I Spy Game One way we’ve used this I Spy Game is to talk about healthy snacks, and what types of things the kids would like to bring for their lunches.

20 Free Serif Fonts For Every Designers To Have Every graphic and web designers uses various fonts and typefaces to add certain visual punch to their texts. A specific design theme may require a different font style than the other. With this, having a wide arsenal of quality fonts is important for a designer to have if he wants to deliver a great finish. There are a lot of font styles and typeface designs that designers can use to help them achieve their particular needs for their projects. We are here to give them a helping hand. Similar to our previous post on free Sans Serif fonts, we have also great Serif fonts for you to check out.

60 Quality FREE Fonts You Probably Don't Own, But Should! Everyone loves free fonts, but finding high quality typefaces within the sea of amateur display fonts can be quite a challenge. I’ve been searching the social profiles of designers and typographers directly to find the hidden gems that aren’t featured on the popular free font aggregators. I narrowed 170 fonts down to 60 after weeding out those that were restricted demos of premium fonts, those that required payment in the form of a tweet or email signup, and any that just didn’t pass my quality control test. The result is a collection of the best quality free fonts you probably don’t own, but should! LOMBOK TYPEFACE, LOMBOK FONT PERSONAL LICENSE + SELF-PROMOTION (for individuals) School, research, non-profit organization and self-promotion reserved to one single person. Non-commercial. Install on an unlimited number of the individual’s computer.

10 Kerning Tips to Improve Your Typography What’s your pet peeve? For regular people, pet peeves range from the improper use of their, there, and they’re to loud phone conversations people have in public places. When it comes to designers, they have their own set of pet peeves as well. Some of the biggest and most common are kerning mistakes. Spanish game – Printable cootie-catchers - Spanish Playground In Spanish, this game is a comecocos or a sacapiojos. In English, it is called a cootie-catcher, a chatterbox or a fortune teller. This is an excellent language activity and it can be adapted in lots of different ways to use with Spanish language learners. It involves folding paper to make a toy that fits over your fingers and opens and closes. A friend chooses a series of pictures or words to arrive at the answer to a question. Comecocos is also the Spanish name for the 80s video game Pac-man, so if you want to search for this paper game, search comecocos de papel.

60 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Give Your Designs a Modern Touch It is universally acknowledged that most contemporary designs require a versatile sans serif font. Sans serif fonts as you might already know are the fonts with no projecting lines at the ends. While serif fonts are known to be more traditional, sans serif fonts bring that much needed modernistic touch to the design. In this post, we have compiled together some of best modern sans serif fonts for your latest project or to inspire you for your next assignment. In case, you want to work with a bunch of them together, do check out Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing.

Martin Majoor Type design FF Scala | FontFont Focus In the type specimen FontFont Focus No.1, published by FSI FontShop International in 2000, I wrote about the genesis of FF Scala and FF Scala Sans. Robin Kinross edited the text and Wim Westerveld, my old class mate from the Arnhem School of Arts, designed a beautiful type specimen, the first one in a whole series of FontFont Focus. At the time I wrote the text for this type specimen OpenType wasn’t available yet, so some text phrases in this text refer to Caps fonts or Expert fonts. Since all versions of the FF Scala family have been released as OpenType fonts, all of these features (caps, expert sets &c.) have been integrated in one font. Some passages and images below have been added or changed.

30 Inspirational Chalk Lettering Designs & Wall Murals In this age of digital design I find the old analogue techniques of hand lettering and sign painting extraordinarily impressive. The use of traditional mediums such as chalk require real talent, which is why professional typographers are still being hired to create stunning murals in trendy cafes and restaurants. In today’s design showcase I present 30 inspirational examples of chalk lettering designs by admirable artists who use traditional techniques to create fantastic typography.