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Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset. TEDxTalks's Channel. Musician Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, returns to his high school to talk about growing up and his career path in the music industry.

TEDxTalks's Channel

Born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi in Cleveland, Kid Cudi began rapping while attending Shaker Heights High School and later Solon High School. In 2004, Kid Cudi moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue his rap career. He released his first mixtape, “A Kid Named Cudi,” in 2008. The mixtape earned Kanye West’s attention, leading him to sign Cudi to his GOOD Music imprint. Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology. Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide. David Bolinsky animates a cell. Ancient Egyptian Meditation Music Brought To You By Sharri Plaza.