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TipHero. DIY: How to Make Your Own Living Wall. 10 Reno Projects Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do. 10 Reno Projects Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do. 10 Reno Projects Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do. 9 Easy DIY Projects From HGTV Canada Stars That'll Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget. Easy DIY Hoop Christmas Wreath - Sincerely, Sara D. When do you start thinking about Christmas decor?

Easy DIY Hoop Christmas Wreath - Sincerely, Sara D.

Once the weather cools off, I start listening to Christmas music and begin thinking about holiday decor! Today I am sharing a REALLY simple DIY Christmas wreath tutorial that does not require much time (or money) but looks beautiful on your door or above your mantel! I am loving all the simple hoop wreaths used in decor, so I partnered with Hobby Lobby and created this holiday version. Cynthia Zamaria. Twist this Winter Wreath in No Time. This Tiny Toronto Rental is a Masterclass in DIY Design. 15 Classic Holiday Decor Ideas That Never Go out of Style.

15 Holiday Wreaths You Can Make or Buy for Under $75. These Christmas-At-Home Trends Will Still Give You All the Holiday Feels. Mail (17) Thrift Store Table Lamp Makeover. DIY Natural Simmering Potpourri - SIMPLE DECORATING TIPS. (54) DIY Dollar Tree Wall Lamp. (54) Dollar Tree wall lamp diy / night light ideas / spotlight / glam home decor lamp diy / box wall lamp. DIY GLAM LIGHTED WALL SCONCE. (54) DIY Dollar Tree Wall Lamp. (54) DOLLAR TREE DIY ORGANIZATION HACKS. (54) DOLLAR TREE ORGANIZATION HACKS. Cozy Harvest Home Decor Compilation with INDEX! (54) Creative Ways to Organize Your Kitchen! (54) DOLLAR TREE ORGANIZATION HACKS. (54) 37 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS. (39) Laundry Room Makeover 2020. (39) DIY Small Bathroom Makeover. Untitled. If you collect art like me, then you know custom framing is on par with unicorn blood for pricing.


But what else can you do when the thing you want to frame is a funky size? Mats can only get you so far, since it looks weird if the mat is really wide on one side and skinny on the other. Enter... JOHN. With a solution. He even forgoes power tools this time, just to show you this can be done with minimal tools & cheap supplies. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one of my favorite activities in the whole wide world: watching John build stuff. We've done this for a lot of the frames in our house, which John will show you in the video. I hope you guys find this useful! And as always, if you have any questions, hit us up in the comments! Untitled. I'm pretty pumped about this one, you guys.


Not only am I about to show you how to make large-scale wall stencils on the cheap, I'm *also* going to show you the completed Sherlock accent wall we just finished for our friends Chris & Christie. And you guys, it looks goooooooood - if I do say so myself. First, to remind you what it looks like, here's a photo of the Sherlock set via Sherlockology: That iconic black-and-white wallpaper is flocked, which is why the interior of the damask pattern looks almost solid black from most angles.

Untitled. I've wanted to make a fancy wand display for ages now, so our friend Dana's birthday was the perfect excuse.


Dana is a wand maker (you can see some of his work here) and the biggest Harry Potter fan I know. His house is decorated in a Hogwarts/Gryffindor theme year-round, with floating candles on timers, a big wooden four-poster bed, and more magical details than I can count. Untitled. It's been ages since John and I made a home improvement video, but here comes the one that was most requested last year during our renovation blitz: drywall repair.


::Dun Dun DUNNNNN:: ::blood-curdling scream:: My friend Corey had a household intercom system he wanted removed, and that meant 5 big holes to patch. Untitled. Remember last week when I said we were going to keep all our new craft videos super short and sweet?


Yeah... about that.... This next one is half an hour. Untitled. I've been photographing conventions for about seven years now, and while I still love everything about it, I've been itching to bump up my game.


Every con I get home, download my pics, and grouse about how terrible they are. Blurry faces, bad lighting, photobombing Deadpools - there's always SOMETHING, and it takes a lot of work in Lightroom to salvage most of my shots. I've known for some time that using flash was the answer, but figuring out HOW was another story.

John and I've chatted with lots of pros over the years, but most have heavy equipment or tripods and umbrellas to lug around. We were especially awed by one guy who set up two big flash strips in the shape of an L, because his photos had a completely blacked-out background, without the use of a backdrop. Untitled. A few months back John and I were antiquing at a steampunk fair - as one does - and under a vendor tent in a field we stumbled across a pair of the most staggeringly gaudy antique lamps: Imagine this, times two.


Thing was, apparently they came from an abandoned mansion in Detroit, and we kind of loved them. John more than me, so over the afternoon he kept dragging me back to that tent to look them over. Untitled. Peeps, I have a problem.


A problem of shining, shimmering splendor. I love cheap jewelry. And by "cheap" I mean everything from the kids' section at Claire's to handmade Etsy finds to steampunk bits I put together myself. I love it all, and despite my occasional attempts at purging, I mostly hoard it all. I am the Smaug of sparklies. Untitled. Here's the recipe I'm most excited to share with you guys from our Harry Potter Christmas party: our very own twist on Treacle Tarts!


Of course I realize it's tantamount to blasphemy to mess with such a traditional favorite, but hear me out, purists! First, some pretty pictures: Oooh. Ahhh. Untitled. Two years ago my DIY floating candles for our Harry Potter tree got a lot of attention online, so you might recognize these: Those are battery-operated candles, though, so if you need to make LOTS of them - say, more than 10 or 20 - then the battery cost alone starts to add up.

(They each take 2 AAs) Untitled. Sometimes even John and I forget how much cheaper and easier it can be to just make stuff yourself. Case in point: we went to a local craft shop to get two custom mats for some art for the steampunk room. Since we wanted an antique look, we picked fabric-covered mats, which we were told would take over a week to make, and cost over $60. Now, $30 each may not sound TOO bad... but that's more than we spent on the art being framed! And all for a one-inch decorative border? Untitled. You guys know how much I hate posting projects before they're finished, but our Harry Potter tree is really coming along, and I want to show you all the fun stuff we're making! First, a lights-out shot: OoooOOOooo. Again, keep in mind the tree itself is still a work-in-progess, k?

Untitled. I've been wanting to play with Modern Masters' Metal Effects paints for ages now, so last month John surprised me with a whole box of goodies from our local scenic supply shop. These brush-on paints contain real metal flakes, so when you spray them with the brand's special "aging solution" the paints oxidize, giving you a beautiful, real patina. The three finishes I have to try are copper, iron, and bronze. Untitled. I know a lot of you are eager to see my results with Modern Masters' copper patina paints, so let's get right to it! First, I bought this seahorse statue at Home Goods for about $20, with the sole purpose of turning it copper: Next, two coats of the Modern Masters copper paint After allowing the two coats to cure overnight, I brushed on a third coat of copper, and then quickly spritzed the whole thing with the same blue aging solution I used on my bronze fairy.

(You need to apply the solution while the paint is still wet.) Fun Fact: The aging solution is a mix of acids which cause the copper particles in the paint to oxidize, giving you a truly authentic patina. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. I recently decided to switch most of my office frames from black to white, for a cleaner, brighter look. Untitled. Remember that old radio cabinet John and I purchased way back when? Well, we finally dragged it out of the garage about two weeks ago, and have been working on both restoring and steampunking it out ever since.

Here's what it looked like, fresh from the antique mall: Tonks and Lily approve. Or disapprove. Or don't give a flying rip.Really, it's hard to tell. The cabinet was in amazing shape, considering it's 81 years old: Pretty carving on the face and columns. As you can see, the only real damage was to the speaker grill, where a few pieces of the lattice design were broken off. The radio itself was long gone, with the guts and knobs removed: Untitled. I know some of you still have snow on the ground, but for us Floridians summer is already kicking into high gear. : New Renovation Video: Trim Painting Tips! John and I are nearing the finish line on the big house renovation (woot woot!) , so here comes our most requested tutorial yet: how to paint base molding next to carpet. Yes, it CAN be done! Without getting paint all over the carpet, even. There are a few ways of tackling this, and the best one depends on the type/length of your carpet.

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