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Case Studies & Testimonials. Know Thy Enemy – Squeezing into Busy Marketplaces. One of the main challenges facing businesses is getting new products noticed. You may have a great new product that you know customers will love and want to buy. However you have to get their attention first and this is not always easy in busy marketplaces. The important thing to remember though is that marketplaces are in constant flux. Just because some companies dominant your target marketplace now does not mean they always will do. Product placement is a constant battle and one that you can win with the right tools and weapons at your disposal. Know Thy Enemy One of the most important steps to take when designing new products is to research targeted marketplaces.

Look for a good balance when it comes to competitive landscapes.Too many competitors could make it more difficult for you to break through. . · Examine ways you can stand apart. . · In order to attract attention you may have to think of a completely different way of doing things. Cracking the Niche Market. Lead Management Software Versus CRMLeadManagement. Kutcher’s TCA Speech Applied to Small Business - Rabid Office Monkey. Sponsor message Almost two years ago, my sister and I started our own small business.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy and that it would be a lot of hard work. We’ve had to learn new stuff that we didn’t have any previous knowledge of in our past work experiences (like Accounting – UGH!). When you’re working for someone else you don’t have a true understanding of what it takes to keep a business up and running. Recently, Ashton Kutcher gave an inspiring speech at the Teen Choice Awards. “Opportunity Looks A Lot Like Hard Work” If you’re a small business owner, then you know all too well what hard work looks like! Sometimes small businesses can’t pay a lot, but they provide opportunities. “Being Sexy” Kutcher stated, “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being really generous.

“Build a Life” Small business owners build their lives in order to achieve their goals. Honestly, it’s not easy running a small business. Small Businesses – 5 Tasks You Should Outsource. All business tasks are not done by only the small business owner; outsourcing is generally used. Outsourcing helps owners complete tasks that they may not be very good at.

Properly outsourcing tasks also gives small business owners time to focus on other things, such as selling products. Bookkeeping When small businesses manage their operations, bookkeeping is required, but it is a task they struggle with. Knowing how your business did by the 15th of each month is required; this information can help you make adjustments based on activities that occurred the previous month. Updated information about your business finances can be provided when general account information is outsourced to a seasoned bookkeeper. A professional bookkeeper works faster when compared to someone without the proper skills, and the results will be accurate. Payroll A business should not do its own payroll. Social Media Marketing Administrative Support Many small businesses need more help. Marketing and Advertising.

Execution Gives Meaning To Your Words – Sales eXchange 210. Reasons to Use a Shredder. The advent of computers was supposed to grant us paperless life decades ago. But we are still swamped in the stuff. And in fact, modern technology means that paper has a huge value to a new type of criminal, the identity thief. Any document that contains personal details could prove a conduit into your online financial life. Now, even quite harmless facts, like the name of a pet, could be the answer to a secret question that could open up your accounts to attack.

Here are just some good reasons why you should use a paper shredder: 1 – The law. If you’re an employer or have customers who give you any sort of personal details, you have a legal duty to keep those details safe. 2 – Confidentiality. Good old fashioned client and customer confidentiality is best protected with effectively shredded documents. 3 – Convenience and Cost A big central shredder in an office means everyone knows where to send their documents. 4 – Saving the Planet 5 – Lots of Chopping 6 – Your Personal Security Author. How to Throw a Company Party Everyone Will Want to Attend. Although there are a variety of strategies a business can implement in order to make its operations run more smoothly, developing a positive relationship with the staff can be one of the most effective. And while there are a plethora of ways business leaders and CEOs can build this type of relationship with their staff, throwing company parties can be particularly efficacious.

This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that they allow employees to interact outside the work setting. Being able to engage other employees away from the office can alleviate the anxiety and tension that result from the pressure to perform. If you are trying to plan a party which company employees will want to attend, consider implementing these tips and tricks: 1. In your desire to see your employees bond at company parties, you might try imposing repercussions on those who don’t want to partake in the festivities to ensure that everyone will not attend. 2. 3. About the Author. Why Small Businesses Fail: The Top Ten Reasons. Businesses will fail for any one or more of the following reasons: Running out of Cash: lack of liquidityBasic Management Controls are missingOwner suffers a Loss of Focus, Passion & CommitmentNot enough of the right type of Sales to the right type of CustomersProduct/Service fails to meet Client needs and expectationsFailure to Control Costs & OverheadsFailure to Adapt and Implement Necessary Changes for Growth & ImprovementNo Succession Plan or Exit Strategy developed or agreed.The Owner lacks Balance in his/her Life: an unbalanced owner?

Owners Fail to Develop a Business Plan or Implement the Plan Developed. Any and all of the above matters are critical to the success of a business. As a Business Owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are all addressed. The progress, development and growth of your Business is limited by the area of your greatest weakness, the area that will ultimately cause the failure of your business, unless it is addressed in time. About the Author. Online Marketing Needs? Hire Jackson Marketing Services! Incentive Spurs EffortLeadManagement. How to Shine on Camera for Your Business Video. Unless the budget for your business marketing video is particularly big, it is likely you will have to do the presenting yourself. This can be a daunting prospect for anyone who is inexperienced at presenting themselves in front of camera. Being nervous is normal. It is a human trait which is often heightened when an individual is placed in front of a camera.

If you are tasked with promoting your company’s products and services via an online marketing video, we’ve got some tips which will keep the nerves at bay and make you come across as a seasoned pro. The 5 Ps We’ve all heard of them: prior preparation prevents poor performance. The script Whatever you’re working from, make sure it is engaging. Warm up You’re not gearing up to play football, granted, but warming up for video presentation is just as important. Body language Nerves can always creep through, but positive body language is a great way to keep them at bay. Breathe! What Small Companies Can Gain From Knowledge Management System. This is an excellent time to be a small business. Cloud computing and the development of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model have leveled the playing field, and today small businesses have access to the same software applications that in the past only the big companies could afford.

With this new power to compete, one of the areas small businesses should consider is knowledge management. Today’s economy is based on knowledge—not just information, but what we can do with that information. Developing a knowledge management strategy and investing in knowledge management system software can help small businesses stay competitive in today’s business environment.

Ensure knowledge is distributed across departments and employees In large companies with many employees, people tend to have specialized roles. Compensate for employee turnover In the United States, people change jobs between 10 and 15 times, averaging only four years in a position. Make the most of human capital About the Author. Cool Infographic -- Social Media Spec Guide. Lead Management Software - As part of the Service, VanillaSoft will provide you with use of the Service, including a browser interface and data encryption, transmission, access and storage. Your registration for, or use of, the Service shall be deemed to be your agreement to abide by this Agreement including any materials available on the VanillaSoft website incorporated by reference herein, including but not limited to VanillaSoft's privacy and security policies. For reference, a Definitions section is included at the end of this Agreement. The Service is offered in several vertical market specific editions: In addition, we offer a 30-day free Trial of each of our editions with no further obligation. 1.

VanillaSoft's privacy and security policies may be viewed at 2. VanillaSoft hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide right to use the Service, solely for your own internal business purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Employee Retention through Corporate Training. When it comes to staff development, plenty of business owners worry that they’ll spend money on a number of courses, taking their workers away from their daily responsibilities, only to have them leave for a new company with the enhanced skills and knowledge they have learnt.

This is far from the case however, and staff will actually be more likely to stay with your company if you put them through the right sort of training. Reinforce Your Staff Value By investing time and effort into employee education, you’ll show your workers that they are actually important to the business. Without these sorts of programs, your staff will be sitting there conducting their day-to-day tasks without any sort of feedback from the higher-ups. This can decrease morale and create apathy within the business. Combating this is merely a matter of finding a relevant course and then enrolling your staff in it. Boost Self Confidence This will all come together to create one very satisfied employee.

About the Author. Do You Have the Right Sales Managers? By Dan Perry The first half of the year just ended. Sales Manager dashboards have been updated. The numbers could be better. The end result: Making the number for the full year is in jeopardy. “How can I get current SMs to perform and get them involved?” Download the Sales Manager Execution Guide. Provide you 10 Sales Manager actions you must take immediately to save the year Test your Sales Managers to determine if they are involved with making the number Tell you if you need to upgrade your manager Get the Guide here. Turning your Sales Managers Now Let’s face the facts. The Sales Manager Execution Guide allows you to establish the non-negotiable activities needed immediately. Establish Big Deal Strategy Reviews. Awarded Top Tech Blog., a site owned and operated by Stacy Jackson and Alanna Jackson of Jackson Marketing Services, has won a Top Tech Blog Award today from Broadview Network. As a Top Tech Blog, Broadview Networks will be featuring our site alongside some of the best blogs in the online technology, business innovation, and entrepreneurship community. Broadview Networks’ goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, to help their clients and partners glean the best technology and business advice on the web. is a site focused on issues facing entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, marketers, and others involved in small business. Our aim is to create a community of small business subject-matter experts and practitioners sharing news, tips, and advice. The site launched earlier this year, and has been growing quickly thanks to the participation from its regular content contributors and guest bloggers. Blogging Help! Wins Top Tech Blog Award from Broadview Networks. is very pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a Top Tech Blog by Broadview Networks. As a Top Tech Blog, Broadview Networks will be featuring our site alongside some of the best blogs in the online technology, business innovation, and entrepreneurship community.

Broadview Networks’ goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, to help their clients and partners glean the best technology and business advice on the web. As a site focused on issues facing entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, marketers, and others involved in small business, we are very excited to receive this recognition. Our aim is to create a community of small business subject-matter experts and practitioners sharing news, tips, and advice. We welcome guest blog posts that support the goals of this site and provide news, insights, and tips to our audience. The Costly Confusion between Sales and Marketing. It is common for business owners to have their sales staff make cold calls to isolate qualified prospects.

The sales staff spends most of their day calling from directories or business lists, finding leads on the Internet or getting creative in finding suspects to call. I say suspects because these are not prospects. Let’s define a prospect as an interested party with the ability to buy. So the sales staff is relegated to finding a needle in a haystack. But this is a lead generation task which is a marketing function. You can accomplish two or three times the sales result when you strictly differentiate these functions.

You must feed your sales staff with prospects and not make them feed themselves. Prospect lead generation can be done effectively in many ways, including the following: The leads from these above methods are then delivered to a sales professional to further qualify and pursue. If you currently have your sales staff do lead generation activities, they are likely burnt out. The power of simplicity. How to Avoid Lead Genocide. Several days ago, I came across a great blog post by Jill Konrath. If you’re not familiar with Jill’s work, she is a well-respected sales consultant/trainer and the author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. In her post, Jill describes an experience with a provider of CRM software.

You can read Jill’s post to get the full flavor of the experience, but I’ll provide an abbreviated version. Jill received an e-mail from the CRM provider offering an ebook on the social sales revolution. Jill registered to obtain the ebook because she was interested in the topic. She had zero interest in acquiring a new CRM solution. Just a few minutes after downloading the ebook, Jill received an e-mail from the CRM provider suggesting a “brief 10 minute call” to answer questions and “explain how our different products and services could bring value. . .” Exactly 34 minutes after this message, Jill received a second e-mail. Practices like this are the epitome of bad marketing. Cyber Crimes: Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks. Organizational Change in Today’s Small Businesses. Lead Generation Case Study.pdf. Mobile Technology at Trade Shows: Best Tech for Increasing Lead Capture.

Increased Monitoring Is Needed for Dropbox Usage. How To Make Your Website Better In 4 Easy Steps. Project Management for Small Business. [Video] 4 Tips to Avoid Pure Price Competition. Infographic: The 3 Hour Working Day. Lead Management Tool Integration Steps To ConsiderLeadManagement. New and Improved: 5 Things That Every Business Needs Today. Inbound Marketing: Lead Management Tool Integration Steps to Consider. Why Some Business Leaders Refuse to Change. How to Pick the Right Members for Your Team? 10 Workplace Problems Where Mediation Can Work. What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care? Social Media Marketing Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics. Five Social Media Stats To Consider. Helping Your Small Business Launch: Six Tips to Get You Off the Ground.

Tampa Bay Social Media Marketing. Serve Locally, Reach Globally. Making Your Business Event More Environmentally Friendly. Summer Jobs - Infographic. Intuit Small Business Big Game. The opportunity of a lifetime. The power of simplicity. 12-Step Sales Strategy. Insurance Lead Management – Prepare for Increasing Demands. Cost of a VoIP Phone System. Social Media and Your Brand. How Do You Know if Your Boss is a BossHole? Link Building & Off-Site SEO. How to Design an Engaging Business Calendar. Maximize Your Time and Money: Six Tips to Help Your Business Run More Efficiently. The Perks of Using Employees to Spur Innovation for Your Business.

The LinkedIn Marketing Tools You’re Not Using. A Beginners Guide to Starting Your Own Business. Top Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Business Printing. Google Hangouts as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy. The Need for Better Customer Service. How to Become a Lean and Mean Lead-Generating The Secret to Forming Your Best Team. Why You Should Stop Ignoring Google+

How IT Consultancy Could Help Your Business. The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely. Download the Branding through Social Media Guide. Direct Mail Marketing Combinations that Actually Work. A Personal Touch: How to Make Your Business Stand Out. Five Ways 3D Printing Will Change Business in the Future. Top Five Tips to Enjoy Effective Brochure Printing Service at Affordable Price. Top Tech Tools for a Tiny Business. Why You Need to Choose an Accredited Employee Background Screening Company.

Seven Creative Ways You Can Promote Your Brand. Finding Business Success In 2013. Disclosure Guidelines In a Nutshell. $100 AdWords Credit for New PPC Clients! Infographic - The Lazy Geek's Guide to Outsourcing Everything. The Benefits of Lead Blogging for Business Tips. How To Make The Best Use Of A Small Office. Five Companies That Are Changing the Way We Do Business. How Can Small Business Owners Get the Biggest Bang for Their Advertising Bucks?

What Are The Best Books For Making a Business Plan. Sharing Curated Content With Your Readers. 5 Reasons You Need a Business Blog. Outdoor Advertising for Small Businesses. How to Use iOS Apps to Manage Your Business’ Social Network Presence On-the-Go. Travelling Overseas: The Small Business Guide. Passing the Baton Without Missing a Step - Sales Enablement, Part 3 | LeadManagement.comLeadManagement. Does Your Company Attract the Talent You Want.

Free CRM & Lead Management Software for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe from Intruders. Professional Branding Tips for the Job Hunter. 5 Tips to Boost Business and Workers’ Performance. Sales Lessons from my DadLeadManagement. How to Invoice Faster and More Efficiently. Disclosure Best Practices for Bloggers – What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You. 5 Tips When Choosing Legal Counsel for Your Business. Managing Big Data.