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How to Dispose of Your Old Business Equipment. Image Source: Flickr As you continue to upgrade your office equipment, one of the considerations that is often overlooked is what to do with the equipment that you will no longer be using.

How to Dispose of Your Old Business Equipment

Of course, speak with your accountant about how the equipment is treated from an asset standpoint before you make any decision. After you have figured out what you can either sell or recycle, consider one of the these options to dispose of your old business equipment. Bring in an Auction House / Consolidator If you have a lot of equipment to get rid of, it might make sense to ask an auction house or consolidator to come out to your site and take a look at the equipment, especially if you have high-end items. Try an Electronics Recycling Company Recyclers like STS Electronics Recycling accept almost any type of business equipment that you no longer need.

Look at a Charity Go Online to Sell It For many years, sites like Ebay have allowed businesses and individuals to sell their used items online. Ways To Improve Your Businesses Curb Appeal. Whether you are a small locally owned business or on your way to being a huge conglomerate, the way your business looks from the outside plays a huge factor into what customers think of you.

Ways To Improve Your Businesses Curb Appeal

After all, if your business looks dreary or uninviting, then customers won’t be likely to come in and shop at your store. Therefore, it’s important that the curb appeal of your business looks great and welcoming. Keeping Your Business Protected: Best Preventative Plans for Your Business. Any disturbance can quickly become a disaster if you are not prepared.

Keeping Your Business Protected: Best Preventative Plans for Your Business

As a responsible professional, be aware of the dangers that affect you and your business. Work hard if you want to keep the operations going. Know which preventative plans are suitable for your particular company. Power Outage Plan. Workplace Productivity: 5 Things That Could Be Affect The Efficiency Of Your Employees. Employers always want as much productivity as possible out of their employees.

Workplace Productivity: 5 Things That Could Be Affect The Efficiency Of Your Employees

Employees need to be put in the best situations to succeed and remain productive. The relationship between the employer and the employees has a huge effect on the amount of production that takes place. Consider these five factors that affect productivity in the workplace. 1. 5 Things Small Businesses Should Do Better With Data. Imagine you're waiting at the checkout in a store.

5 Things Small Businesses Should Do Better With Data

The customers in front of you represent a lot of things: sales, maybe a mild annoyance for you if the line is long, and finally, a heck of a lot of information. That last piece of the puzzle--customer data--can be the most important, but it's also underappreciated. Although big online companies track just about everything their customers do, smaller brick-and-mortar ventures are often far behind the curve. I talked recently with Angus Davis, founder of Swipely, a Rhode Island company that's trying to take advantage of that opportunity. Swipely offers payment processing for small businesses, with a focus on collecting and analyzing customer data so its users can improve their operations and marketing. Swipely, however, is a success story. "The idea is that the payment network moves money but doesn't glean data well," Davis said. 1. 2.

Building True Customer Loyalty, One Customer At A Time. Don't Let Your Business Be Held Hostage by a Nightmare Client. Why do small business owners find it so difficult to let that nightmare client go?

Don't Let Your Business Be Held Hostage by a Nightmare Client

There could be myriad reasons -- the loss of revenue, but also the perceived loss of prestige, power and stability. A small business owner might feel the need to stick it out with the bad client because of a flawed mindset. He or she may think, “It will get better.” It doesn’t. Four Industries That Shouldn’t Skimp on Business Insurance. Image Source: Flickr While no business should ever consider opening its doors without insurance in place, there are some industries that stand out when it comes to liability and health risks.

Four Industries That Shouldn’t Skimp on Business Insurance

For these companies, it is essential to not only understand some of the most important features of a Business Owners Policy (BOP), but to also have more comprehensive insurance in place to protect the company, its assets, and employees. 1. Protecting Your Assets: Tips to Starting a Business Right. As a business owner, you have to limit risk by protecting your assets.

Protecting Your Assets: Tips to Starting a Business Right

There are a number of simple things you can do to make sure that your business runs smoothly if you come across any threats to your business. Take the proactive step and do what you can now to protect your business and start on the right foot. Get an Excellent Attorney You should find an excellent attorney when you start your business as there are many times when you will need good legal counsel. Four Tips for Preparing Your Commercial Building for Summer. If you have a commercial property, the changing of the seasons requires certain actions to ensure that you are prepared for the weather changes of summer.

Four Tips for Preparing Your Commercial Building for Summer

These measures can prevent unnecessary problems for tenants and businesses that can cost them, and you, more money. These four tips will help you be ready for whatever the summer months bring. Grounds Maintenance The winter weather may have blown significant amounts of debris onto your outdoor areas. What to Outsource When Money is Tight.

When you are an entrepreneur, things can get a little overwhelming.

What to Outsource When Money is Tight

There are a lot of things to do and never enough time in the day to do them all. When you are new in business, it can be tough to delegate. It’s difficult for some seasoned business professionals to relinquish control of any part of their business, too. However, we all come to a point when we realize that we simply can do everything — some delegation or outsourcing is required to take the business to the next level. The big question is: what responsibilities or tasks am I willing to outsource, especially if cash is tight? Five Software Tricks to Incorporate in Your Office. Owning and running a business is stressful. Numerous software programs exist that are supposed to make life easier for you as a business owner, but all the choices can be overwhelming.

Every new app or program promises to improve efficiency, employee productivity and even cut costs. We’ve written a list of software tricks to get you started and hopefully cut through the confusion. 1. Payroll Services. Entrepreneur Interests: What Every New Business Owner Needs. In a society inspired by innovators like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs are often looked upon as being the pinnacle of success. While many business are founded on the goal of achieving this dream, most of them still fail.

In fact, more than 80% of businesses fail in just the first couple years. This article will explain how an aspiring entrepreneur can avoid some of the common pitfalls that lead to business failure, and acquire the resources needed to achieve true success. Plan Your Business When starting a business, the first step should not be filing papers of organization with the state. Five of the Most Common Logistical Issues Small Businesses Face. Logistics is a system that connects businesses, manufacturers and customers. It is the process of sorting, tracking and transporting items from one place to another. The work is more complicated than the average business owner may think.

So, know about five common logistical problems that affect small businesses. 1. Today in Small Business: Credit Cards for Small Businesses. Dashboard A daily roundup of small-business developments. What’s affecting me, my clients and other small-business owners today. Finance • Many small businesses are left in the lurch when local banks collapse. • Here are one site’s picks for best credit cards for small businesses. How to Increase Productivity by Mapping out Your Priorities. Productivity can be tricky to measure. Most equate productivity with completing priorities in a specific time frame, which often varies depending on the tasks at hand.

Maximizing productivity requires planning and organization with one’s personality and work traits in mind. Some prefer to organize their list of priorities by very specific micro-managed tasks, while others opt for a broader big-picture approach. Regardless of how specific your listing of tasks is, using mind-mapping and diagrams can help in planning and organizing your priorities, resulting in increased productivity. Consider the ideas below to increase your productivity using mind-mapping and diagrams: Visualize in the Form of Images. 5 Ways eForms Can Benefit Your Business. Business Starting to Grow? Four Potential Hazards to Be Aware Of. Running and managing your own business is a great path to financial freedom and the ability to create and run your own schedule at any time. 5 Ways to Use CRM to Enable Your Small Business. We’ve all been there – you’re trying to get all your ducks in a row (and keep them there!) 10 Habits of Successful Customer Service Representatives.

Individuals who do well at serving others. What are, though, the habits that successful customer service representatives have in common that make them the best at what they do? Business How Tos: Six Ways to Collect Customer Reviews. Testimonials are a key part of showing evidence that other customers love your product so that prospective customers believe they will too. What Your Company Should be looking for in an HR Firm. Some companies outsource their human resources (HR) tasks. Why Your Business Should Consider a Lawyer on Retainer. Image courtesy of suphakit73 / While being in the position in which you have to keep in close contact with an attorney is one that may feel like something out of a crime movie, it can be easy for a business owner to find himself in this position. When it comes to legalities within your company, it is crucial that you have a quick defense in the event that the unexpected occurs. Jury Duty Shouldn’t Shut Down Your Business.

It’s not every day that we run headlong into the Bill of Rights when we’re just going about the normal duties of running a business. But for many small business owners, that’s exactly what happens when they receive the dreaded jury duty summons in the mail. And that's exactly what I had to face earlier this month. Company Crackdown: Five Ways Your Business Can Expand This Year. Almost every business owner dreams of expanding in order to increase profits and reach new audiences. In many cases, an expansion is inevitable for certain businesses. Is Your Business Properly Embracing Technology? Taking Care of Your Customers: Six Ways to Go Above and Beyond in Customer Service. No business can thrive if it doesn’t have a great customer service department. From cell phone to cable companies, the biggest complaint that the average customer has is that they received poor service when they had a question or a concern. The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship.

7 Ways Mobile Apps Can Positively Effect Your Business. Five Tips For Running A Small Home Business. Designed To Impress: Office Design Ideas to Wow Your Clients. Want To Streamline The Office? 5 Surefire Tips For Improving Performance. Business Savings Advice - 6 Quick Tips To Save Your Company More Cash. The Advantages of Rugged Computing. Four New Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs. Four New Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs. Accepting Accreditation: Tips To Becoming Accredited. Six Emergencies Your Business Probably Isn't Prepared For And What You Can Do. How to Find Rental Office Space that Works for Your Business. Creating an Environment of Workplace Equality. How To Make Your Billing Easier For Your Business. 5 Tips for a Better Presentation. Why The Customer Is Not Always Right.

Serious Ways to Expand Your Local Business. 5 Great Tips To Improve Employee Workspace. How to Secure Your Business After a Break-In. A New Business Checklist. Business Logistics: Five Tips for Moving Large Amounts of Cargo. How to Make Your Office More Visually Appealing. 4 Ways to Help Your Employees Bond. Tips For Finding The Best Insurance For Your Business. Netflix's Major HR Innovation: Treating Humans Like People. Make Your Business More Attractive to Potential Employees By Making These Changes. Virtual Offices as Business Model. How to Implement a Chore Chart in Your Office. Five Things your Business Needs that Can Easily be Outsourced. Whom Should You Hire at a Startup? (Attitude Over Aptitude) Signs Your Business Is Ready For A New Office Space. 5 Tips To Prevent Office Romances From Turning Into Lawsuits. Best Ways to Restore Your Business After a Natural Disaster. The 5 Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them.

The Top Reasons Companies Outsource IT Management. Has Your Company Outgrown Your Office? Protect Your Website - Ten Things Hackers Look for in a Potential Target. 4 Businesses That Are Leaning Towards Web Based Innovations for Support. A Concise History Of Six Sigma. 5 Of The Most Common Causes Of Fire In The Workplace. How to Tell if a Lead Is Worth Your Time. Covering the Cost of Training Your Staff. Business is Good: How to Keep Up with Demand. Find Your Blog Voice. Rabid Office Monkey - Top 20 Posts From Our First Year. Five things To Plan Before You Move Your Business. 8 Ways to Damage Your Online Reputation. How To Make A Safer Work Environment For Your Employees.

Elance: How To Get Better Applicants For Your Job Postings And Eliminate Wasted Time. AdWords Quality Score – Impact Ad Position & CPC. Become a PPC Keyword Spy. Online Branding Worksheet. Six Ways to Avoid a Situation where a Client’s Personal Information is Stolen. Tidal Change: Five Major Overhauls If your Business is Floundering. How To Find Great Investments For Your Business. How to Build a Virtual Workspace. Business Relocation: 5 Times That May Be Right To Move Your Business. Business Relocation: 5 Times That May Be Right To Move Your Business.

How to Get the Financing You Need for Your Business in 2014. 5 Reasons Why HR is Important for Your Startup. 6 Ways to Impress With Your Next Presentation. Best Practices for Chargeback Prevention. 5 Advantages of Using Virtual Offices. Enable Collaboration and Relationships. How to Reward an Employee Without Giving Them a Raise. 5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Small Business.

Simplify Your Business: 5 Surefire Ways to Improve Supply Chain Processes. Six Ways For Business Owners To Make A Good Impression On Clients. How To Use Sales Metrics To Improve Your Win Ratio. 2014 Sales Challenges & Opportunities. Do I Qualify for a Short-term Loan? Is Substance Abuse Lowering Your Office's Productivity Level? What to Look For in Serviced Offices.