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Cinq applications pour améliorer son anglais. Un smartphone peut devenir un allié précieux pour réviser l’épreuve de langue vivante du bac ou encore préparer un concours ou un séjour à l’étranger.

Cinq applications pour améliorer son anglais

Voici cinq applis testées pour vous. LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Gabrielle Ramain Profiter d’un trajet en transports en commun ou d’une file d’attente pour peaufiner son anglais : à l’approche du bac 2017, des oraux de nombreux concours et des départs en vacances, voici cinq applications accessibles gratuitement recommandées par des professeurs d’anglais et testées par Le Monde Campus. Donald Trump campaign aides repeatedly spoke with Russian officials in run-up to election. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies found that members of Donald Trump’s campaign and other associates had repeated contact with Russian officials in the run-up to the election.

Donald Trump campaign aides repeatedly spoke with Russian officials in run-up to election

Four current and former US officials told the New York Times that they had intercepted phone records and phone calls and had found evidence of the repeated communications last year, around the same time they discovered that Russia had carried out a "campaign of influence" upon the election, posting fake news to sabotage Hillary Clinton's candidacy. The officials did not conclude there was evidence of the Trump team colluding with the Russians to execute this campaign, but intelligence agencies had been worried by so much communication at a time when the future President was praising Vladimir Putin's leadership skills.

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