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RDNS Reflections. D-Day to Victory: SceneIndex/5. The History of English in Ten Minutes - OpenLearn - Open University - StumbleUpon. Teachers TV video collection - Primary History - Lesson Starters - The Victorians. Skip to main content Jobs TES the largest network of teachers in the world My TES Teachers TV: Primary lesson starters - The Victorians Use this collection of Primary History resources when teaching your class about The Victorians.

Teachers TV video collection - Primary History - Lesson Starters - The Victorians

The videos are presented in easy to use short clips, and can be used as starting points for discussion and further work. Victorian life The Victorians Five lesson starters each using dramatic reconstruction to explore different aspects of life in Victorian Britain. Victorian street: Ironbridge Children visit an authentic reconstruction of a Victorian town, in this short video made for use in primary history.

The Victorians - The workhouse A lesson starter clip introducing the concept of the Victorian workhouse and conditions inside. Victorian schools Victorian school: Ironbridge A group of children receive a lesson from a Victorian teacher. The Victorians - The school room A lesson starter clip dramatising four children’s experience of a Victorian-era school lesson.

World War II

Holocaust Resources for Teachers. Britain through Time: An excellent resource for #historyteacher. Clarksons Box Creator Museum Box : Editor. DocsTeach. History - British History in depth: British History Timeline. California Gold Rush - A fun poem for kids.

The California gold rush took place in the days of the wild west, when thousands of people flocked to the area convinced that they would find gold and make their fortunes.

California Gold Rush - A fun poem for kids

This poem was written in 2009 by Paul Perro. It tells the story of the gold rush in a fun and exciting way, from the perspectives of the two people at the beginning of the story, James Marshall and John Sutter. After you have finished enjoying the poem, please scroll down a little further to find out more facts about the gold rush. The California Gold RushA poem for kids James worked on a farm in the WestHe dreamed of being rich.One day he found something shinyJust lying in a ditch. “It’s gold!” “Don’t tell anyone” said Sutter“About what you have found.If people hear there's gold aboutThey’ll come from miles around.

They’ll come to search the areaAnd trample on my farm.They’ll trample on my vegetablesAnd do my livestock harm.” Facts about the Gold Rush The gold rush begain in 1849. Back to US History. Share Photos, Videos, Text, Music and Documents Easily. Chrisleach78/gunpowdertweetingplot... Pick a year, click refresh, and TRAVEL THROUGH TIME. Primary History - Home - primaryhistory. Directors: Jon Nichol, John Fines, Jacqui Dean and Ray Verrier The Nuffield Primary History principle is that everything published has been taught by teachers or the team.

Primary History - Home - primaryhistory

Lessons take the form of a narrative based on work with children. Many lessons were produced by teachers on professional development courses. Resources include notes on teaching approaches exemplified by over a hundred lessons and short lessons. There is also advice on leading history in primary schools. Pupils study a few well-chosen authentic materials in depth. Questions challenge pupils to tackle real issues and important questions – to speculate, debate, and make connections. Gunpowder plot – year 2 discussion about how to deal with King James. Teaching Primary History published by a commercial publisher was very influential, especially in initial teacher training. All the resources continue to be freely available to all on the Historical Association website, and work continues via the Primary History journal.

Historypin. Webexhibits.