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Demand shocks. The equilibrium position of national income will change, ceteris paribus, following an economic shock.

Demand shocks

Economic shocks either arise from the demand side or the supply side. Exogenous and endogenous demand side shocks An exogenous demand side shock is one caused by a sudden change in a variable outside the aggregate demand (AD) model, whereas an endogenous shock comes from within the model. For example, a sudden change in investment is an endogenous shock, because investment, 'I', is in the AD equation, whereas a sudden change in the exchange rate is an exogenous shock because exchange rates are not directly included in the AD equation. A number of demand side shocks can directly affect planned spending in the economy. Shocks affecting household or corporate spending, such as changes in unemployment, savings, confidence, wages, and profits.

Financial Accounting. FOCUS PRODUCT SCHEME (FPS)/FOCUS MARKET SCHEME (FMS)/MLFPS. Free Online Economic And Personal Finance Lesson Search. Math in the Middle Institute Partnership. Course Materials For Instructors This website provides access to materials for several courses developed as part of the Math in the Middle Institute Partnership (M2) at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Math in the Middle Institute Partnership

The materials include a description and a complete set of documents needed to offer the course. Applied Mathematical Programming. Applied Mathematical Programming by Bradley, Hax, and Magnanti (Addison-Wesley, 1977)

Applied Mathematical Programming

Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy. Economic policy-makers are said to have two kinds of tools to influence a country's economy: fiscal and monetary.

Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy

Fiscal policy relates to government spending and revenue collection. For example, when demand is low in the economy, the government can step in and increase its spending to stimulate demand. Or it can lower taxes to increase disposable income for people as well as corporations. Monetary policy relates to the supply of money, which is controlled via factors such as interest rates and reserve requirements (CRR) for banks. For example, to control high inflation, policy-makers (usually an independent central bank) can raise interest rates thereby reducing money supply. These methods are applicable in a market economy, but not in a fascist, communist or socialist economy.

The supply-demand model edit Policy Tools Both fiscal and monetary policy can be either expansionary or contractionary. Page title. Mathematics - Statistical Inference. Operation Research & Quantitative Techniques Notes For MBA. FPSB India - Examination. 1.Confidentiality Policy The results of all candidates who remain unsuccessful shall be kept confidential in the custody of FPSB India.

FPSB India - Examination

The results would be uploaded in the individual account of the candidate on Online Certification Management System (OCMS), accessible through the website of FPSB India, once in a fortnight. The intimation to successful candidates in Exam 5: Advanced Financial Planning would be sent by mail requisitioning the candidate to fulfill the criteria of experience and adherence to Financial Planner Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. The documents submitted by the candidates at examination hall, viz. rough sheets, back-up sheets, feedback form, etc. are the property of FPSB India.

They shall not be subject to any public scrutiny. BUS204: Business Statistics. Purpose of Course showclose This course will introduce you to business statistics, or the application of statistics in the workplace.

BUS204: Business Statistics

Statistics is a course in the methods for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. Systems Optimization. Management - Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling. Tax Haven. A tax haven is a nation or like a place where taxes become very low.

Tax Haven

Everyone can deposit in tax havens to avoid paying steep taxes in their homelands. Legality of tax havens is up for debate, but on the other side, lots of Americans continue to deposit with tax havens. Major, tax havens have a double monetary control system which differentiates residents from non-resident as well as foreign currency from the domestic one. This is a possibility for the outsider to build an enterprise in a tax haven for international trading.

The enterprise operations will not be subject to interchange controls until it uses foreign money for outside trading of tax haven. There are a few considerations about tax haven. These usually have money very easily interchangeable or linked to an easily interchangeable currency. Internal Liquidity Ratios - CFA Level 1. GRID-Arendal - Publications - Poverty Times #4. The Indian government forced Coca- Cola out of the country in 1977.

GRID-Arendal - Publications - Poverty Times #4

The company’s return, in October 1993, coincided with the arrival of its arch-rival Pepsi. The United States multinationals now own 90 factories in India: Coca-Cola 52 and Pepsi 38. They describe these as bottling plants; actually they are pumping stations, each of which extracts up to 1.5m litres of water a day from the ground. It takes nine litres of clean water to manufacture a litre of Coke.By Vandana Shiva and translated by Donald Hounam The processes used in manufacturing these soft drinks are inherently damaging. In March 2000 Coca-Cola opened a plant at Plachimada, a village in the Palakkad district of the southern state of Kerala, intended to produce 1.2m bottles of Coca- Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Limca, Thums Up, Kinley Soda and Maaza every day. Coca-Cola then polluted what little water it had not stolen from the community.

Nor does the damage inflicted upon the food chain and the economy stop here. Frequently Asked Questions. Easy Perceptual Maps - Perceptual Maps for Marketing. New Issue Market - Series 6. 4 Common Designations And Certifications In The Financial Services IndustryTalentEgg Career Incubator. The financial services industry needs people with sound financial knowledge to look after clients’ investments, assets, loans and credit.

4 Common Designations And Certifications In The Financial Services IndustryTalentEgg Career Incubator

Many entry-level financial services jobs don’t require you to have a degree in business, finance or commerce, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can obtain additional training and knowledge related to the specific area of finance you’re interested in working in. Don’t miss the latest TalentEgg Challenge! CPP Investment Board is giving you the opportunity to build your resume and prove your skills.Click to learn more. About the Marketing Study Guide - Marketing Study Guide. SAP FICO Module Training Tutorials. Analytics India Magazine. Management Theories.

Share Market Basics - Stock Market Learning for Beginners. Stock Market Basics.