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Digital Camera Guides - Learn How to Use Your Camera. Ser fotógrafo es fácil... Sí, claro (VIDEO) - Muchos dicen que la profesión del fotógrafo es de las más hermosas y sencillas del mundo, que sólo hace falta tener un poco de criterio y conocimiento técnico para tener resultados geniales pero el que no lo ha vivido, no tiene la más mínima idea de lo más difícil de ser fotógrafo.

Ser fotógrafo es fácil... Sí, claro (VIDEO) -

Los que vivimos de esto, sabemos que hace falta un poco más que conocimiento técnico y buen gusto para tener éxito o al menos para pagar la renta. El fotógrafo vive una vida de aventura y esto aplica para todas las especialidades. Consejos Para Hacer Buenas Fotos. EXposed; The Art & Science of Light. Challenge your whole perspective on light!

EXposed; The Art & Science of Light

Why did the EXposed Video Course win the PPA HOTONE award? Because it’s changing how we work by the fundamental secrets of great light and exposure. Even if you’re a veteran, EXposed will make you see in a new way. Seim is renown for award winning images and presentation and EXposed is a course that drills deep to the nuts and bolts of light.

Portraits – landscape – digital – film, even video! Course Option #1. Download, $99 SALE Just $49. All 14 Downloadable Video Chapters. Course Option #2. DL + Disk Set, $119 SALE Just $69. All 14 Downloadable Video Chapters. 2 Disk complete DVD Set. Aquí hay otros 7 trucos de fotografía que harán de ti la envidia de tus amigos. Descargar prueba de Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 gratis. La Tierra vista desde el cielo Videos, documentales y peliculas en Asamblea de Majaras. Descubre cual es tu ojo dominante - Tips de Fotografía.


Home. The Serene Beauty of a Blooming Flower, in Gorgeous Time-Lapse Footage. Canon T3i Review: Full Review - Menus. Canon EOS Rebel T3i Modes and Menus The Mode dial on the right side of the Canon T3i's top panel lets you select various exposure modes, and most options are the same as on the earlier Rebel T2i model, although the order has been changed slightly, and the Full Auto mode replaced with a new Scene Intelligent Auto mode.

Canon T3i Review: Full Review - Menus

Canon divides the dial into "Creative" and "Basic" zones. The Creative zone includes settings for Program Auto-Exposure, Shutter Priority AE (Tv), Aperture Priority AE (Av), full Manual exposure, and Automatic Depth-of-Field AE. The Basic range includes the Scene Intelligent Auto, Flash Off, and Creative Auto modes, plus the five Scene modes in what Canon refers to as the "Image" zone Finally, there's one Mode dial position that's not considered part of either the Basic or Creative zones: the Movie mode. Here's a description of each of the shooting modes: Program AE: This is the first mode in the Creative Zone of the Mode dial. 7 exercises that will make you a better photographer. The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is as valid for photography as any other activity, so we’ve put together a collection of exercises that will help you become a better photographer. 1.

Spot meter Modern metering systems have great general-purpose modes, often called Evaluative, Matrix or Multi-area, which do a great job of accessing a scene and setting good ‘average’ exposure settings in many situations. However, they’re not 100% foolproof and very dark or very light scenes, or backlighting can trick them into over or under exposure. They’re also not psychic and don’t know what you’re seeing in your head when you take a shot. DON’T MISS: Discover how Canon’s irista platform can simplify your photo management Switching to spot metering puts you in control of where the camera meters from and helps you develop a much better understanding of the tonal range in a scene. ¿Cómo Iluminar Tus Retratos? Descubre Los 5 Modos Más Utilizados. Learn Photography Online. La Caja Mágica - Revista multimedia de fotografía.

A Photographic Exploration Of The Oldest Living Things In The World. For nearly a decade, photographer Rachel Sussman has been traveling the globe in search of the world's oldest living things. From the Mojave Desert to the Australian Outback to Greenland's icy expanses, she captures portraits of life forms so relentless they've managed to survive eons of planetary change. An 80,000-year-old colony of aspen trees in Utah and a 43,600-year-old self-propagating shrub in Tasmania rank amongst Sussman's unlikely subjects, just two of the many plants, fungi and invertebrates catalogued by her lens.

Gathered together in a book published this Spring, and aptly titled "The Oldest Living Things in the World," the collection of age-old organisms serves as a stunning visual history of Earth's extreme inhabitants. The collision of art and science is hardly just a visual feast of the past, it's also a reminder of what the future might leave behind, as climate change and human endeavors threaten the existence of these millennia-old characters. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 35 Amazing Examples Of Long Exposure Photography. How to take photos of the stars - part 1.

Note: this is part 1 of the tutorial.

How to take photos of the stars - part 1

Click here to read part 2. You can also proceed to part 3 by clicking here. So I'm finally writing what I promised a few days ago - a tutorial on taking photos of the starry skies. I won't describe professional astrophotography technique as we won't use telescope of any sort. I decided to break this tutorial into a few parts, today is the first one. Photos of the starry sky typically fall into one of the two categories: stars where the stars and the galaxy are sharp, star trails where the the apparent motion of the stars is captured.

Equipment. Yupiii.. ¡Ya eres Lector VIP! ¿Qué tipo de lente de la cámara debes utilizar para fotografiar una acción? Fotografiar una acción consiste en capturar sujetos en rápidos movimientos, tales como en deportes y otras actividades que se hacen orientadas al movimiento.

¿Qué tipo de lente de la cámara debes utilizar para fotografiar una acción?

El reto de capturar un objeto muy móvil es cómo conseguir el mejor momento para enmarcarlo y exponerlo. Diviertete! Camara Digital SLR. Canon EOS Rebel T3i Tutorial en Español.