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How to add a Pop up message in Google Docs. Welcome to G Suite - Docs Challenge. Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features. On Monday I featured ten overlooked Google Slides features.

Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features

Like Google Slides, Google Docs has a lot of features that new users often don't notice. Some these are features that even experienced Google Docs users overlook. Some of these features will save you time, some will give you more formatting flexibility, and others will improve the way that you share your documents. 1. Word Art Just like in Google Slides, you can insert Word Art into Google Documents. 2. 3. 4. Restricting printing is a great option to use when you just want someone to look at your document for a final review but you don't want them to print it. 5. 7. 8. 9. 8 Ways to Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings. On the 8th day of Tech-Mas my true love gave to me… 8 Docs Drawings.

Note: This post is part of my "12 Days of Tech-Mas" series for 2017. You can see all of the posts for each day as they get released in the main post here: "12 Days of Tech-Mas 2017". "You can't do that in Google Docs! " If you have ever made that claim, then you know the frustration of loving all the awesome things you can do in Docs, but still bumping up against limitations. Sometimes we can extend the capabilities of Docs by installing add-ons or extensions. That tool ... That's right. In this blog post we are going to take a look at eight things you can do with Drawings inside of Docs. See below for details, directions, and examples for each, as well as recorded video tutorials demonstrating how each works.Resources. How to Embed a YouTube Video in Google Docs and slides 2017 (update tutorial) Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features.

GAFE - Stylish tillägg för att byta färg bakom doc. An Excellent New Feature for Google Docs. July 1, 2014 A few days ago Google released a few interesting updates to its Drive applications.

An Excellent New Feature for Google Docs

One important update that I want to share with you today is called "Suggested Edits". This new feature is great for collaborative work on Google Docs. Before, when you share a Google document with your collaborators and grant them the editing rights they can edit anything in it. But with "Suggested Edits" you, as the owner of the document, can control this editing process by allowing collaborators to make only suggestions which you can either accept or reject. How to Make Copies of Google Documents Shared With You As "View Only" Have you ever come across a Google Document or Google Presentation on the web that you wanted to have a copy of for yourself but discovered that it was shared as "view only?

How to Make Copies of Google Documents Shared With You As "View Only"

" Most of the Google Documents and Presentations that I share on this blog are marked "view only. " Even if the document or presentation is marked "view only" you can still create a copy for yourself. The directions below show you how (the directions apply to Documents, Presentations, and Sheets). Step 1: The Google Documents! Denna text skriver jag för att jag får rätt mycket frågor om Google Apps for Education och hur man ska göra för att kunna få till stånd avtal om att nyttja det verktyget.

The Google Documents!

I denna bloggpost samlar jag alla viktiga dokument på ett ställe. Jag har jobbat med skolans digitalisering rätt många år nu. Det har varit mycket intressant och givande. Ofta har jag fått vara med om spännande upplevelser. Ibland har det varit turbulent när jag har behövt buffla igenom olika saker gentemot ex IT-avdelningar. När jag jobbade som biträdande rektor i Stockholm var min skola med och testade ett antal olika Lärplattformar (LMS). Det fick mig att tänka till en del kring våra digitala hjälpmedel i skolan. En sådan sak har varit Google Apps for Education (GAFE). How I reverse-engineered Google Docs to play back any document's keystrokes « James Somers ( If you’ve ever typed anything into a Google Doc, you can now play it back as if it were a movie — like traveling through time to look over your own shoulder as you write.

How I reverse-engineered Google Docs to play back any document's keystrokes « James Somers (

This is possible because every document written in Google Docs since about May 2010 has a revision history that tracks every change, by every user, with timestamps accurate to the microsecond; these histories are available to anyone with “Edit” permissions; and I have written a piece of software that can find, decode, and rebuild the history for any given document. See that little gizmo above? It’s like a video player, but made especially for writing. This one’s from an Atlantic article I began work on nearly four years ago, on the day after Christmas in 2010. The article was about the first (and only) time I got to fly a small airplane.

What’s neat about this is that I didn’t have to use any special software while I was writing to make this “video” possible. A map of changes to a document over time. To what end?