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Cows & cows & cows. Amazing Stuff! » The World: Now and then. New York The development of New York city in four easy pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

Amazing Stuff! » The World: Now and then

Notice the significant jump in the height of the buildings by 1932? Most of this had only occurred within the couple of years before the second photo was taken: 1930-31 saw construction of five New York skyscrapers that are still among the top ten tallest today, among them the monumental Empire State Building (see the list here). September 11th 2001 lies glaringly between the last two photos. The (unknown) creator of this particular montage has penned-in the 1 World Trade Center building (a.k.a. Via A Blog about History Large version here. San Francisco In 1906, San Francisco experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in history. The photo below was taken just over a month after the event, making the San Francisco earthquake one of the first natural disasters to be recorded on film (see the photo in all its amazing detail here). Via StrangeCosmos and Digital Sky Aerial Photography. Dubai. Lu8px.jpg (JPEG-bild, 600x1672 pixlar) A message to EA Games.

Internet Husband: When You Marry An Web Addict. Oh, internet, why are you so fun and addictive (accurately portrayed by this comic)?

Internet Husband: When You Marry An Web Addict

Internet Husband — also known as Redditor’s Wife — shows us what happens when you marry someone a little too immersed in the glory of the interwebs. And so we present to you the troubling demise of the Internet Husband meme: Pillbox - prototype pill identification system. DE E NAJS. I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song) Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows. Indian Masala Chai Tea Recipe - Made Just Right. Masala Chai Tea is one of the most popular beverages in all of India.

Indian Masala Chai Tea Recipe - Made Just Right

The exact recipes for chai tea vary by region and can be made with various different spices, though this recipe combines some of the most popular into one delicious hot drink… or you can even serve it over ice for a refreshing iced chai “latte”! Ingredients: 2 cups of water 1 cup Earth Balance® Original Soymilk 2 teaspoons black tea leaves (good choices: Assam, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling) 1 cardamom pod 1 clove 1/2 inch piece of ginger 1/4 inch piece of cinnamon stick Sugar to taste In a sauce pot, combine the Earth Balance® Soymilk, water and spices, bring to a boil. When it begins to boil, add the tea leaves and keep on a rolling boil for 2 minutes or till the tea leaves are brewed and the tea has a dark golden color.

Add sugar to taste. We love this combo of floral tea with warm spices, perfect for the onset of fall! What is your favorite type of tea? Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) Related Posts. 9CsLR.png (PNG-bild, 744x567 pixlar) Kaffe ökar energiförbrukning och förbättrar hälsan. För ett tag sedan fick jag en förfrågan av en kille som kallar sig Cerberus om att skriva en text om kaffe.

Kaffe ökar energiförbrukning och förbättrar hälsan

Jag är själv en storkonsument av kaffe, jag är både intresserad av det och älskar att dricka det. Jag känner igen Cerberus från forumet Kolozzeum och han är en trevlig medlem så självklart ska jag försöka uppfylla hans önskan om en kaffetext. Texten kommer i vanlig ordning inte kunna inkludera varje aspekt. Jag kommer inte behandla några träningsrelaterade effekter, inga miljödiskussioner och jag kommer inte gå in på varenda hälsoaspekt som någonsin diskuterats gällande kaffekonsumtion. Möjligtvis i en senare del i så fall.

I den här texten ämnar jag att begränsa mig till kaffekonsumtionen i förhållande till de metabola sjukdomarna primärt samt kaffets effekt på energiförbrukning. Historia och bakgrundsinfo Här gör jag det lätt för mig. Kaffekonsumtion och sjukdomsprevention Filterkaffe och inte kokkaffe. Online Media Converter – Convert Files, Convert Images, Convert Audio, Convert Video and Convert Archives for free.