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Psychoactive Herbs

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Govt's Own Data Finally Admits Magic Mushrooms & LSD Can Stifle Opioid Addiction. Before the War on Drugs cast its shadow across humanity, a collective mind expansion was being achieved in part thanks cannabis and psychedelics.

Govt's Own Data Finally Admits Magic Mushrooms & LSD Can Stifle Opioid Addiction

For decades the military-corporatist state has suppressed the human right to ingest “illicit” substances – while profiting from this prohibition – but the pursuit of knowledge has a way of thriving despite fascism. While research on the medicinal uses of cannabis has increased at a tremendous pace, therapeutic research into psychedelics has also garnered more interest in recent years.

In 2014, advanced cancer patients “experienced immediate and dramatic reductions in anxiety and depression, improvements that were sustained for at least six months” with a single dose of psilocybin (the “magic mushroom” active ingredient). Psilocybin is successfully treating patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Addiction, too, can be treated with psychedelics. From the study: Erowid Psychoactive Chemical Vaults. Wild Asparagus Root (Asparagus cochinchinensis) 65 Year-Old Cancer Patient Takes Magic Mushrooms - It Changes Her Life Forever. By Cassius Methyl | We Are Anonymous In August, a 65 year-old woman named Estalyn Walcoff had a life changing experience with Psilocin, the active chemical in psychedelic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms’, the Psilocybe Family of mushrooms.

65 Year-Old Cancer Patient Takes Magic Mushrooms - It Changes Her Life Forever

Estalyn volunteered to participate in a study of how psilocybin (which turns to Psilocin in the liver) affects the brain in cancer patients with anxiety and depression. She had severe anxiety from her diagnosis with an unspecified aggressive form of cancer five years ago until her experience with this drug changed her forever, successfully easing her anxiety about cancer. Related Article: ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term Estalyn took a seat in a comfortable room, and she was handed a pill by a few researchers. Initially, she felt feelings of intense anxiety and panic.

[Watch] 61-Year-Old Mother Tries Shrooms For The First Time, Allows Son To Film It. The day after the experience, the mother of two felt like she had shed “a lot of lies about her life.”

[Watch] 61-Year-Old Mother Tries Shrooms For The First Time, Allows Son To Film It

Did you know? While a large percent of first-world citizens are wary of hallucinogenic substances, John Hopkins University has been testing the effect of psilocybin in the context of a cognitive behavioral therapy treatment program. The most noted trial, which took place in 2014, resulted in 80% of long-term smokers remaining abstinent from the habit for six months after taking “magic mushrooms.” 3 Powerful Ancient Herbs to Raise Consciousness and Expand Awareness.

Justin Faerman, ContributorWaking Times Everything that we put into our bodies has some effect on our consciousness and the functioning of our mind, from the air we breathe to the foods we eat to the liquids that we drink and everything in between.

3 Powerful Ancient Herbs to Raise Consciousness and Expand Awareness

Even common foods like fruits, grains and vegetables have powerful effects on consciousness and the energies of the body and mind although few are sensitive enough to notice as it requires a deeper relationship and connection with oneself. But with that being said there is a special class of herbs and foods that are generally stronger and more pronounced in their effects and have long-recorded histories as powerful influencers of consciousness, awareness and our physical and mental state.

These herbs and foods are frequently classified as medicinal and, if they are strong enough, psychedelic in the great herbal and ancient medical traditions of the East and West. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness And Super-Charge Your Dreams. Source: | Original Post Date: February 1, 2015 – Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level.

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness And Super-Charge Your Dreams

Plants are our food, our medicine, and are also catalysts for the expansion of our consciousness. Throughout our daily lives we are more likely to coast by using our automated behaviors and modes to experience our reality, but at night those boundaries are broken down and our spirits fly. These 7 plant allies can stimulate our consciousness to expand, opening us to alternate experiences of reality and new ways of perceiving our selves and our surroundings. 1- Xhosa Dream Root – Vivid and Prophetic Dreams. 5 Powerful Psychedelics That Reorganize the Brain and Elevate Consciousness. Psychedelic Honey Exists, But Only This Bee Produces It... Deep in the caves of the Himalaya Mountains, a special species of bee exists which produces hallucinogenic honey.

Psychedelic Honey Exists, But Only This Bee Produces It...

When people seek solitude, simplicity and ‘enlightenment’ they often venture to a cave – metaphorically or literally – to shun the influence of the world and go within. The mountains in Nepal are a popular destination to those who desire to glean wisdom from humble silence. In the same area, however, there is another teacher who, locals say, can be quite powerful… How To Use These 10 Herbs That Improve Psychic Ability.

Did you know that simply by burning, carrying or ingesting certain herbs that they can help you boost your psychic abilities?

How To Use These 10 Herbs That Improve Psychic Ability

There are many people, myself included who use herbs to improve their psychic ability and get awesome results simply by using herbs. 10 Herbs That Improve Psychic Ability. 8 Mystical Herbs and Legal Psychedelics For Lucid Dreaming. 8 Mystical Herbs and Legal Psychedelics For Lucid Dreaming. Amazon. Alter Your Dreams with These 5 Legal Herbs. Erowid. Microdosing: A New, Low-Key Way to Use Psychedelics. Photo Credit: agsandrew / At the fifth annual Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in New York City in October 2011, pioneering psychedelic researcher Dr.

Microdosing: A New, Low-Key Way to Use Psychedelics

The Club Drug Emerging As a Popular Antidepressant. Since it was introduced as an anesthetic in the 1970s, ketamine has occupied an uncertain pharmacological status.

The Club Drug Emerging As a Popular Antidepressant

It’s been used as both a Vietnam-era battlefield painkiller and an illicit party drug, better known as Special K. But recent findings in studies around the world have some researchers wondering whether it might be the silver bullet for depression that Prozac and its sidekicks never turned out to be. By now, the limitations of the SSRIs are widely known. Only 27 percent of depressed patients using SSRIs achieve remission of symptoms within 12 weeks, according to NIMH’s landmark STAR*D study.

Hyoscyamus - Homeopathy. Hyoscyamus niger Henbane (scientific name Hyoscyamus Niger) is also known as common, black and hairy henbane, stinking nightshade, stinking roger, cassilata and hog's-bean.

Hyoscyamus - Homeopathy

Greek physician Dioscorides was the first individual to recommend the use of the henbane plant as a painkiller as well as a medication to induce sleep way back in the first century. Over the years, it was found that henbane is basically a toxic plant which his harmful for humans, but safe for consumption by pigs - hence, it is also known as hog's-bean. Later, homeopathy practitioners found that the plant possessed certain remedial properties and a medication prepared from it could be used effectively to treat emotional disorders - both mental as well as physical disorders.

The homeopathic medicine prepared from this plant is known as Hyoscyamus. The plant henbane derived its scientific name from the Greek terms ‘hys' denoting pig and ‘kyamos' meaning bean. Parts used Uses Behavioral disorders. Henriette's Herbal Homepage. Hyoscyamus niger. Hyoscyamus niger (commonly known as henbane),[1] also known as stinking nightshade or black henbane, is a plant of the family Solanaceae[1] that originated in Eurasia,[1] though it is now globally distributed. Toxicity and historical usage[edit] Recently evidence for its earlier use in the Scottish Neolithic has been debated.[6]).

The name henbane dates at least to AD 1265. The origins of the word are unclear, but "hen" probably originally meant death rather than referring to chickens.[7] Hyoscyamine, scopolamine, and other tropane alkaloids have been found in the foliage and seeds of the plant.[1] Common effects of henbane ingestion in humans include hallucinations,[1] dilated pupils, restlessness, and flushed skin. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams. Terms and Conditions Welcome to (the "Website"). By using the Website, and the products and services of EWAO Limited ("EWAO") to view, upload, download, transmit or publish content (“Content”) available on or through the Website (referred to collectively as the "Services") you irrevocably agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and the EWAO’s Privacy Policy (collectively the "Terms").

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