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1107.5728v2. Russia Preparing For Potential Removal From International Banking System. Global financial institutions like the World Bank and SWIFT can make or break the economies of entire nations due to their domination of the international banking system.

Russia Preparing For Potential Removal From International Banking System

Russia is making preparations in case they are ever barred from access to these institutions due to geopolitical influence from the West. Whether Russia’s aim in creating and implementing an alternative to SWIFT is based chiefly on protecting its own economy or not, the move further illustrates how the concentration of international power is steadily moving eastward. (Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/Sputnik) MINNEAPOLIS– In 2011, a Swiss study confirmed what many already knew or suspected: bankers run the world. The study, completed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, found that “a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions,” essentially forming a network of global corporate control. “There were threats that we can be disconnected from SWIFT. Print This Story. Switzerland Follows Iceland in Declaring War Against the Banksters. How the Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance and Agriculture.

By Dr.

How the Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance and Agriculture

Mercola. China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency. By Keith Bradsher |New York Times HONG KONG — The Chinese renminbi was anointed as one of the world’s main elite currencies on Monday, a milestone decision by the International Monetary Fund that underscores the country’s rising financial and economic heft.

China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency

The move will help pave the way for broader use of the renminbi in trade and finance, securing China’s standing as a global economic power. Just four other currencies — the dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen — have the I.M.F. designation. Related Article:Greece’s Leader Slams IMF For Intimidating Tactics But the path to the I.M.F. decision, a bumpy process that stretches back years, also introduced new uncertainty into China’s economy and financial system. The Connection Between 9/11, JFK And The Global Collateral Accounts. Source: | Original Post Date: November 9, 2015 – The purpose of this article is to shed light on some topics that have garnered considerable attention over the years and to show the underlying thread that surprisingly connects them all.

The Connection Between 9/11, JFK And The Global Collateral Accounts

With the facts that will be presented, we can move forward with hope and optimism that there are indeed great things happening in our world and that there are those out there continuing to ensure the truth is known. Great times for us are at hand. On November 22nd, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of the most beloved and famous US president’s was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Though there are many theories as to who killed him, to get closer to the truth we must ask why he was killed. In a speech on April 27th, 1961 before the American Newspaper Publishers Association in New York City, Mr. A Little History A short time following Kennedy’s passing, President Soekarno was driven from power by way of a coup. Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media.

First published in July 2015 By Truth and Satire Every single mainstream media has the following narrative for the economic crisis in Greece: the government spent too much money and went broke; the generous banks gave them money, but Greece still can’t pay the bills because it mismanaged the money that was given.

Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media

It sounds quite reasonable, right? Except that it is a big fat lie … not only about Greece, but about other European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland who are all experiencing various degrees of austerity. It was also the same big, fat lie that was used by banks and corporations to exploit many Latin American, Asian and African countries for many decades. Greece did not fail on its own. In summary, the banks wrecked the Greek government, and then deliberately pushed it into unsustainable debt … while revenue-generating public assets were sold off to oligarchs and international corporations.

Now, let’s map the mafia story to international finance in four stages. What Does The Globalist Agenda / New World Order Plan Mean For New Zealanders? [and the rest of the world] A very eloquent and relatively concise video discourse on how and why the title of this piece is so tragically true, followed by a very detailed article for those who wish to read more.

What Does The Globalist Agenda / New World Order Plan Mean For New Zealanders? [and the rest of the world]

This really is a must see / must read piece to be aware of the real history of banking and warmongering over the last 100 years - along with the how and why such nefarious plans were implemented; and to what ends. This exposes the same plan that is being rolled out globally, not just in the United States. Too few of our leaders have tried to stand up to this system of enslavement, usually with lethal results. Untitled. By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars Karen Hudes worked in the World Bank legal department for more than 20 years and held the position of Senior Counsel.


She was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank. Ms. Hudes knows exactly what the global elite are after — total control. They are jockeying financial institutions and transnational corporations into position to dominate the planet. “But the global elite don’t just control these mega-corporations,” writes Michael Snyder. Greece Effectively Defaults To IMF Using SDR Reserves To “Repay” Fund; 1 Month Countdown Begins. (Before It's News) When Monday’s Eurogroup meeting concluded without an agreement between Greece and its creditors, it should have been game over for Athens.

Greece Effectively Defaults To IMF Using SDR Reserves To “Repay” Fund; 1 Month Countdown Begins

With pensioners at their breaking point and with local governments reluctant to comply with a decree mandating a sweep of excess cash reserves, the idea that Greece would somehow be able to scrape together €750 million euros to make a scheduled payment to the IMF today seemed far-fetched at best which is why we asked the following question Monday afternoon: Where, if not from local governments who have been extremely reluctant to comply with Athens’ cash sweep decree, and if not from the IMF which will apparently not be paying itself tomorrow after all, is Greece going to get three quarters of a billion euros in the next 12 hours? We now know the answer to that question. As Bloomberg reports, citing Kathimerini, Greece tapped IMF reserves to pay .. well, to pay the IMF: Reuters has a bit more color: Via El Mundo (Google translated): Et tu, Britain? United Kingdom to join China in the anti-dollar alliance. March 13, 2015Willemstad, Curacao In another awkward blow to the rapidly waning US-dollar hegemony, America and Britain just had their “It’s not you, it’s me” moment.

Et tu, Britain? United Kingdom to join China in the anti-dollar alliance

Late yesterday, the government of the United Kingdom announced that they would be applying to join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank… as a founding member. This is huge. Right now, the United States dominates the global financial system. But after years of endless wars, spying, debt, money printing, bailouts, and insane regulations, the rest of the world has had enough. Robbing Argentina in the US court in Manhattan - fraud of medieval style and proportions. No summons, invalid Notice of Assignment for US Judge Thomas Griesa, and denial of public access to the authentication records in a court that is notorious for fraud in banking matters...

Robbing Argentina in the US court in Manhattan - fraud of medieval style and proportions

Conduct of the US courts over the past decade should be deemed an unannounced regime change in the United States. It is also central to abuse of the people of the United States and failing banking regulation. In the case of NML v Republic of Argentina the US courts reach beyond the territorial US, to rob the people of Argentina through fraud of medieval style and proportions.

OccupyTLV, September 6 - f or the second time in 15 years, the US is causing the collapse of the Argentinian economy, inflicting poverty and misery on millions. [i] In 2001, Argentina showed "a decline without parallel". Internationalists Are Pushing The World Towards Globally Engineered Economic Warfare. Brandon Smith | Activist Post Over a year ago I published an essay entitled ‘The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses’. This essay addressed efforts by the ever malicious Rand Corporation to create a false narrative surrounding the possibility of global collapse. Linchpin Theory, as it was named by it’s originator and Rand Corp. employee, John Casti, is I believe the very future of propaganda. Every engineered crisis needs a clever cover story, and in Linchpin Theory, we are told that all human catastrophe is a mere natural product of the “overcomplexity” within various systems. Yes, there is no accounting of false flag geopolitics or elitist conspiracy, no acknowledgment of deliberately initiated chaos; such things do not exist in the world of “linchpins”.

World Bank ‘Development’ Is Driving—Not Solving—Inequality and Poverty. Martin Kirk | Commondreams | April 9th 2014 The thing about “international development” is that it’s a bit of a murky, catch-all term. It’s got a good feel to it – if you’re involved in international development, you’re more often than not seen as one of the good guys. It’s swirling about in a bucket of meaning alongside “foreign aid” and “disaster relief”.

Western Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun. Source: Paul Craig Roberts The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Begins(image by YouTube) It is now apparent that the "Maiden protests" in Kiev were in actuality a Washington organized coup against the elected democratic government.