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Mobile. Jobs. WAR. Interesting. Course. Photography. Information. Computers. Cognition. Hydroponics. Fresh hacks every day. Does your dog or cat wake you up every morning, demanding to be fed?

Fresh hacks every day

Maybe you feed Sparky in the evenings instead. But doesn’t that limit your spontaneity? It sure limited [Jorge]’s after-work plans. He has two dogs that eat the same type of food, but in different quantities. This was a big factor in the design and execution of his dual pet food dispenser. [Jorge] started by modeling his requirements in 3D. The dispenser is designed around a PIC18F2420. If you want to dispense single doses of food on a timer, check out this automatic cat feeder made from scavenged parts. Continue reading “Dual Pet Food Dispenser is Doubly Convenient” The ESP8266 is an incredible piece of hardware; it’s a WiFi module controllable over a serial port, it’s five freaking dollars, and if that’s not enough, there’s a microcontroller on board.

The most common version of the ESP, the -01 version, only has a 2×4 row of pins for serial, power, configuration, and two lines of GPIO. RF24Network for Wireless Sensor Networking. RF24Network is a network layer for Nordic nRF24L01+ radios running on Arduino-compatible hardware.

RF24Network for Wireless Sensor Networking

It’s goal is to have an alternative to Xbee radios for communication between Arduino units. It provides a host address space and message routing for up to 6,000 nodes. The layer forms the background of a capable and scalable Wireless Sensor Network system. At the same time, it makes communication between even two nodes very simple. Today, I managed to get 17 nodes running on a single network. Hardware The fastest way to get RF24Network-compatible hardware is to build the Getting Started board, or the ProtoShield board as explained in other posts, attached to commercially-available Arduino. Ultimately, I wanted something smaller, cheaper and more power-efficient, so I built a Low Power Wireless Sensor Node.

The Ham Whisperer: Ham Courses. Here is a compilation of all the course lessons done so far.

The Ham Whisperer: Ham Courses

If you have trouble with one of the questions on the quizes or practice exams, take note of which section from the question pool your question is associated with and find the lesson below. If you ever have any questions, please leave them in the comments box. Thanks! Scrambled SentencesJumbled-Sentence Exercises. Paragraph Formation - Verbal Ability Questions and Answers. TALK, SPEAK, TELL - What's the difference? Better (Free) Graphical IDE Than Arduino...? OK, here's an example I'm currently using on the desktop side of things.

Better (Free) Graphical IDE Than Arduino...?

Let's say I want to transmit data from the host to the micro, arranged in packets. Let's say I have the following defined data structures in C: Code: typedef struct _SPositionData { double latitude; double longitude; double height; } SPositionData; Free Song Based Lesson Plans. Project & Electronics. National RF Products. GarageLab (arduino, electronics, robotics, hacking) - #42. What does a lake of molten aluminum have to do with renewable energy in Germany? Germany is a renewable energy powerhouse.

What does a lake of molten aluminum have to do with renewable energy in Germany?

In the past years, they've been breaking all kinds of records, and while others are now bigger drivers of clean energy adoption (China, U.S.), the country still has a huge installed base of wind and solar power. The challenge is now to better integrate these intermittent sources of power with the rest of the grid. Intermittent doesn't mean entirely unpredictable (it's possible to have fairly sophisticated wind and solar radiation forecasts a few hours in advance), but it does mean that they can't be controlled directly at will.

That's where molten lakes of aluminum, among other things, come in... Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0 Smelting aluminum takes a lot of electricity. IT.


‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is immensely popular, with 14 million downloads in just two days.

‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default

The price of the free upgrade may just be your privacy, though, as changing Windows 10’s intrusive default settings is difficult. Technology journalists and bloggers are singing Windows 10’s praises, often using the words such as “amazing,”“glorious” and “fantastic.” The operating system has been described as faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any previous version of Windows. Windows 10 Might Be Free, but Your Privacy Is Priceless. By Mick Meaney / Although free, Windows 10 comes packed with some concerning new ‘features’.

Windows 10 Might Be Free, but Your Privacy Is Priceless

As Windows 10 is launched and downloaded across the globe by early adopters eager to experience the new operating system, a word of caution is needed. Microsoft, who are no stranger to privacy issues, have installed some worrying new features as default on Windows 10. You may recall that in 2013 it was revealed that Microsoft worked closely with the National Security Agency (NSA) to allow them to access encrypted messages in Outlook and Hotmail.

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